Sabbath 23/8/37/120

Dear Friends

This message is to the people suffering from the devastation and diseases of the world.  Africa is in severe distress because of the outbreak of Ebola and Marburg viruses.  The haemorrhagic viruses are very serious.  The authorities this week in Uganda declared it free of Marburg virus.  The authorities there are now aware that the Ebola and Marburg viruses are caused by contact with infected people or animals.

These nations in Africa are experiencing these viruses because they are not obeying God’s laws.  If Africa obeys the food laws they will not directly get the diseases. These food laws are directly spelled out in the Bible in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.  They have been examined in detail in the paper The Food Laws (No. 015)

The Muslims do not keep the food laws either and they have disregarded the Koran and the Scriptural food laws and they eat unclean food and they are unable to control these viruses.  All those coming to CCG from Islam are to be re-educated into the food laws, and the health regulations of the Bible.

If all peoples obey the quarantine laws and the laws relating to the disposal of the dead they will not pass on the viruses.  Also if they maintain good personal hygiene they will not pass the viruses on.

All people have an obligation under the Sixth Commandment not just to Not Kill but also the responsibility to make alive is incumbent on all people.

The blatant barbarism seen now in Islam among the sects is escalating such that none of them could be regarded as ethically and morally sound.

CCG is to study the obligations incumbent on mankind under the Second Great Commandment and the Fifth and Sixth Commandments in the papers The Second Great Commandment (No. 257); Law and the Fifth Commandment (No. 258) and Law and the Sixth Commandment (No. 259).

The ministry are requested to ensure that these topics are covered in each of the congregations.

The following Sabbath will be the New Moon of Chislev and I will deal with the coming crises in the New Moon Message. This week a convoy of 32 tanks and large scale troop convoys entered Ukraine from Russia and NATO has expressed serious concern over the entry.  Also Iran has announced it is to enter Iraq in support of the Shia militia against the IS Jihadists there.  This is the follow on from the escalation we said would occur from May this year and the war is now escalating as we said it would.

Pray for the welfare and safety of our people.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General