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Sabbath 30/4/37/120

Dear Friends,

The facts regarding Vegetarians and Vegans as a result of studies conducted in the US show that meat eaters and vegetarians and vegans have the same rate of longevity and mortality.

Vegans and vegetarians tested in the US and in Europe show that not only do they have the same chances of dying as do meat eaters but more recent findings show that meat eaters have the likelihood of living longer than vegans and vegetarians. More importantly vegans and vegetarians have twice the likelihood of dying from degenerative brain disease and neurological diseases than meat eaters.

They also have almost twice the likelihood of suffering from hip fractures.

They have severe risk factors that increase their likelihood of dying. Their results were improved over 70% with great decreases in cancer rates.

Changing their diets to the Mediterranean Diet showed that it decreased death risk by highly significant factors. The US Control group had 77% more death rates than the Mediterranean group. They had exactly the same cholesterol levels at 239. But their levels of fats differed and are explained in the video.

The US diet was so bad that the ethics committee had to intervene and suspend the tests on the US Control groups because they were dying in unacceptable numbers.

Get rid of all processed oils and replace them with coconut and olive oil and grape seed oils. This man suggests using Canola oil as a second best alternative and we disagree because of the tests conducted in Australia on the causes of eye disease by these types of oils.

Once again the Bible guides on the food laws are proven correct. See the paper The Food Laws (No. 015).

Omega 3 fats are good for you and block the enzymes that cause inflammation. The Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratios have been consumed in a 1 to 1 ratio. 100 years ago we began producing cooking oils from Omega 6 based oils such as cotton seed and other vegetable oils. Thus our industrialised cooking oils used in place of coconut and olive and grape oils has increased the human death rates in people that follow the US diet and also in vegans and vegetarians who are now getting far more Omega 6 oils than meat and fish eaters.

Thus the only real solution is to eat more Omega 3s and the only way is for the vegetarians to consume far more flax seed at the rate of one to two tablespoons of ground flax seed every day. The ground flax seed can also be used in the baking that uses eggs. Flax oil cannot be baked but the ground seed can be. The simple solution is to increase the consumption of fish and also eat meat and that will allow people to reduce the incidence of brain disease and other neurological disease.

What is beyond dispute is that vegetarianism and veganism confers no benefit on its adherents. It appears that vegans more even than vegetarians contain blood levels of homosytene levels above 14 are prone to heart attacks and Alzheimers and other brain diseases. Vegetarian/Vegan B12 levels are low and they suffer brain disease as a result. Folate levels are higher in meat eaters also and thus they are advantaged.

Also SDA claims that B12 can come from soil levels are untrue. This vegetarian is at last telling the truth.


Wade Cox

Coordinator General