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Dear Friends,


This week the Leader of the Opposition wrote to me regarding the removal of the carbon tax instituted under the ALP and his pledge to continue to reinstate the tax.  Aside from being totally contrary to the will of the Australian people, the position rests on a complete fraud and that is that Global Warming is man-made.


I have included his letter to me which appears to be a general issue letter and my reply to him.


I also raised the problem of the ABC refusal to address the truth of the problem and their following of the BBC in producing biased misinformation regarding Global Warming and then calling anyone who denies that Global Warming is man-made a Climate Change sceptic.


There is no doubt Global Warming is occurring once again but is only man- made because of human behaviour in the sense that the temperature levels will be increased by God to such levels that man will curse God because of the heat that will come upon them during the vials of the wrath of God to occur over the next two decades.


These emails are as follows.


From: Wade Cox

Sent: Tuesday, 15 July 2014 11:38 AM

To: 'Bill Shorten'

Subject: RE: For all our kids


For the personal attention of Bill Shorten and the Shadow Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Science, etc.


Dear Bill,


I am a trained philosopher from the ANU and UNE in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and in Religious Studies and History.  I also have a graduate diploma in Public Law from the ANU.


I am a recognised authority on the History of Religions and of Nations generally.  I have written many works on the Genetic Origin of the Nations.


I first wrote on Global Warming in 1997.  In those days no one had a clue and it was allegedly going to take 1000 years to get where we are now.


I then wrote a follow up article after the NWO hype and propaganda about man-made Global Warming.


I showed that Global Warming is cyclical in nature and occurs every 1000 years or so and lasts for around 500 years and then collapses back into a mini Ice Age.


The last one was the Medieval Warm Period.  In that time part of my clan under Eric the Red left Thule (now Iceland) and settled Greenland in 996.   His son Leif Ericson explored the east Coast of Canada and what is now the US. Greenland at that time was Ice Free in Summer and was farmed.  We thought that the Eskimos had wiped out the family when it became cold in the modern Ice Age from 1450 onwards. However, when I had my DNA tested I found out that matches were in fact still among the European admixture of the Greenland Eskimos. Thus the Eskimos did not wipe them out, they simply joined the Eskimos when it became colder. I am an R1b Norse Celt.  In the Ancient Celt Cox means “the Red” as well as having another meaning.


It was well known that the Medieval Warm Period was hotter than now and we are only just catching up to it now.  These so-called scientists know all about the period and the scientist John Overpeck told them that if they wished to push man-made Global Warming they would have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.  They obliged by declaring it to be a localised event, which is a blatant lie.


I identified and named the Roman Warm Period which occurred from the beginning of the Second Century BCE until approx 400 CE.  During that time we grew grapes all over Britain as is well known.  The Romans left Britain ca 410 CE as it became colder and centred back on Rome until defeated by the Goths.  By 475 it has become so cold that the ancient Sun cult came into phase again and began to be worshipped in Syria within Christianity and became known as Christmas when the infant was paraded by the mother goddess from the cave on 25 December after the Solstice. I wrote on this issue at the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) at which was written at the request of an Australian editor.


In the Roman Warm Period the West Antarctic Basin melted and was Ice Free in summer.  We know this for a fact as we still have the maps which were lodged in the library at Alexandria in the second century BCE.  The map shows the Atlantic Ocean in its correct latitudinal and longitudinal relationships, a thing which we were not able to properly replicate until three centuries ago.  It shows the West Antarctic Basin with all its islands correctly mapped which we were not able to replicate until we put satellites in orbit.


When the Muslims burnt the library in the Seventh Century the maps were taken to Baghdad and placed in the Caliphate.  When the Caliphate was transferred to Istanbul the maps were sent there and in 1513 a copy was made for Admiral or Piri Reis of the Turkish Navy.  A copy exists and it was copied by Professor Cyrus Gordon and published in his work “Before Columbus” (Touchstone 1972) which dealt with transatlantic activity before the so-called discovery of America by Columbus, who simply followed these old maps.


I have provided a copy of the map at the paper 218b above.  You will note the increased water capacity in the rivers and lakes in Africa and Spain at the time.


I will be only too pleased to come to APH and brief you all on this matter as it is an issue of the utmost importance to the decision making of the parliament. 


What you and these Green types have done is to class everyone that disagrees that Global Warming is man-made into a group you all classify as Climate Change sceptics.  To do that is just another part of the fraud and dishonest evaluation of the problem.


Have no doubt that Climate Change is occurring. I was one of the first to tell you about it. However, it has nothing to do with human activity causing it.  Human activity is reprehensible and there seems little doubt that God will deal with that human activity and will increase temperatures far above what they were in the previous periods as Scripture tells us.  The only thing that humans can do is to repent and obey God’s laws but they will not do that for another 13 years.  The temptation is to dismiss what I am saying and continue with these man-made Global Warming fraudsters in the NWO and link yourselves to an argument that will see you utterly discredited.  Your staff may simply dismiss me as a “religious nutter” or the like. I hope you get to read this.


I was disgusted with the linking of the ALP with the Greens by Gillard and the adoption of this fraudulent pseudo-science. The ABC leftists and NWO advocates within the ABC also went along with it and refused to publish anything that criticised the pseudo-science. In short it was one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the human race in modern times, along with the GFC, which I also warned you all about but you refused to listen to that also.  The articles are all on the web site in the date order they were all issued. The BBC was recently exposed for the same bias by respected journalists there.  I wrote to the ABC but they have not as yet replied.


I ask you to step back and make yourselves aware of the facts of the matter.  I will travel there at no cost to you or the public purse and brief you all on the facts, which you seem to need as a matter of urgency.  If you have no wish to understand and publish the truth then that is your affair but you will simply make fools of yourselves in the long term.


Our kids need an educated leadership not one guided by fraud and pseudo science. I intend to deal with that problem.





Wade Cox

Coordinator General

Christian Churches of God



From: Bill Shorten

Sent: Monday, 14 July 2014 6:00 PM
To: Wade

Subject: For all our kids


Wade --

Today I spoke in the Australian Parliament on the need for real action on climate change – watch it here.

There is no doubt that our earth is warming and our seas rising – or that humankind is the cause. 

And if we do not act, the consequences will be severe.

Governments of the world, both progressive and conservative, are making their choice clear.

Today, 39 national and 23 sub-national jurisdictions have implemented or are on track to implement carbon pricing instruments, including emissions trading schemes.

But the Abbott Government’s staggering display of blustering arrogance and craven incompetence in the Senate has made one thing abundantly clear.

Only one political party in Australia has a serious, substantial and credible climate change policy – the Australian Labor Party.

Labor believes the science and will continue to fight for real action on climate change – for an emissions trading scheme. 

It is the policy we took to the last election, and it is what our amendments moved again in the Parliament today will deliver.

Inaction will be a disaster for the Australian economy and our environment.

It will be a disaster that guarantees Tony Abbott will be remembered forever for his environmental vandalism.

Bill Shorten
Leader of the Opposition