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Sabbath 2/4/37/120

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Next Sabbath we will continue with Part II of the comments on the war in the Middle East. This Sabbath we will commence the section on the mentality behind the sectarian wars within Islam and why they cannot continue as a functional society, either among themselves or placed within any western or other society.

As we understand, the Church of God established the Arabian branch in Arabia through the groups that had been there after the spread of the church into Syria and out north into what is now Iran and into the Northern elements of the Parthian Empire into Georgia and Armenia and the areas around the Black Sea.


A man named Qasim ibn Abdullah ibn Muttalib, of the tribes of Ishmael of the Arabicised Arabs among the Arabs of the sons of Keturah, was taught the faith by his wife’s family and taught to read. He is thought to have been initially a Nestorian but was baptised into the church of God sometime after 610 CE. He became one of the Muhammad which was the name of the council of the church of God in Arabia. In other words he was made an elder of the church of God and elected to its governing body. The structure and his background and identity are discussed in the paper Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (No.Q1) and the paper Descendents of Abraham Part III: Ishmael (No. 212C).

The church lasted only three generations through the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs and after that was taken over by the paganised Arabs and the Shia split was forced with the barbaric execution of the grandson of the Prophet Ali and Hussein. The writings of the Church known as the Muhammad were collected and formed what is known as the Qur’an or Koran. They were meant to be read as a commentary on the faith in Arabia and based on the Scriptures before them, both OT and NT. These churches were referred to as the “People of the Book” and they were recognised in the Koran as the supreme authority of the meaning of the Scriptures and of the faith.

The paganised Arabs then began writing a series of false documentation which became the ongoing commentary on the Koran in much the same way as the Talmud was developed on the Mishnah over the third and subsequent centuries to destroy the effect of Scripture. This was called the Hadith referred to also as the Sunna and became the basis of Sunni Islam. The Jews had themselves converted Arab tribes that tried to completely destroy the church in Arabia and the head of the church, the Muhammad who was the prophet Qasim ibn Abdullah, was forced to take up arms against them in order to survive. This was part of the Pergammos Era. The western elements in the Middle East were in Anatolia and extended to the Taurus mountains. They were known as Paulicians and they and the Muhammad of Arabia had to take up arms simply to survive as they were attacked by the Byzantine so-called Christians at Constantinople and the Paganised Arabs in to the East in Iraq and Arabia. This is intimated in the comments in Revelation chapter 2 where the Messiah, the Christ, is said to come against them with the sword of his mouth because they had become corrupted.

The war in Islam stems from the seizure of the faith by these paganised Arabs, using the Hadith or the Sunna, and they were resisted by the Shia faction which also lost the understanding of the faith due to these influences in much the same way as the Jews had and as the Christians had in their divisions from the Trinitarians to Nestorians.

The rapid spread of Islam had exposed it to the corrupting influences of the Indians and the Chinese and we will see how the original teachings were corrupted and in that examination we will once again look at the teachings of the Church as laid out in the Koran.

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