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Dear Friends

This Sabbath is the 13 Abib and we will take the Lord's Supper this evening after dark at the beginning of 14 Abib.  This year the Holy Spirit is stirring up the brethren of the churches of God and dealing with the false doctrine published during the time the WCG was keeping the Hillel or Modern Jewish Calendar.  They also invented the insane doctrine that Christ ate the Passover on the evening of 14 Abib when the lamb was sacrificed "between the evenings" at end 13 Abib.  Thus the Jews had it wrong when they killed the Passover lambs on the afternoon of 14 Abib between the 9th and the 11th hours.

The Jews did this every year in the Temple period and they killed over 250,000 lambs each year on the afternoon of 14 Abib at exactly the time Christ was killed. He was killed at the time the First Passover lamb was killed and presented before the High Priest.  Josephus records the Passover in the time of Cestius in Wars of the Jews VI.IX.  Now to get around these historical records the offshoots of the WCG have to lie about what the historical record says which they do consistently.

We were fascinated by their capacity to make false claims on such a consistent basis, some knowing that what they said is false.  Twenty years ago we issued a paper dealing with the preposterous argument advanced in this regard by Fred Coulter and published it in Annex A of the paper The Passover (No. 098).

God is dealing with the members of the Temple and is about to tear the sheep out of the hands of these so-called shepherds.  That is why they are reacting now and trying to justify their false doctrine with blatant statements. Officers of UCG are writing defending this beginning 14 Abib lie.  It is being published by Ken Murray of UCG Australia and also a Frank Nelte formerly of WCG but now of no particular denomination and advancing what is in fact the Samaritan Calendar. Both UCG and LCG (and PCG etc.) defend Hillel with lies and often claim that it was in use during the Temple period which is a blatant false statement.

David Pack of the RCG in his work on the calendar claims that Hillel was in use in the Temple period and as Christ was silent on the matter he must have approved of its use or words to that effect.  The fact that Christ was silent on the matter was because the Hillel or Modern Jewish calendar did not come into effect using the Babylonian intercalations until 358CE and was not fully completed until the 12th century. In 344CE two Babylonian rabbis brought the draft to Hillel and by 358 they had added the postponements to it but it was not fully complete.  They issued it in 358CE.  So Christ had been dead for 328 years before they issued this abomination and anyone with half a brain and the ability to look up the Encyclopedia Judaica would know that fact.  These ministers know the postponements and how the calendar is calculated from 1 Tishri and determined backwards.  They know because they have said so often and the WCG published the details of the calculations, and if they say they do not know they are being deliberately obtuse and deceitful.

The details of the Temple calendar and the development of Hillel are contained in the paper God's Calendar (No. 156) and the details of the postponements are contained in the paper The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals (No. 195).  What the Jews have done to it is discussed in the paper Distortion of God's Calendar in Judah (No. 195B).

The logic in this matter is very simple.  Christ had to die at the right time as the Passover lamb and fulfil the numerous prophecies detailing his death and resurrection.  If he did not die at the right time we have no Messiah. These false teachers don't seem to realise what it is they are saying.  He had to fulfil the prophecies of Psalm 22 in their entirety and also Ps. 118:26. He had to fulfil Isaiah 53 in its entirety.  He had to fulfil Zechariah 12:10 and fulfil the destiny of Zechariah 12:8 and numerous others.

If he did not die at the correct time and fulfil all of the prophecies he is not the Messiah he is just another dead man on another day. These false teachers do not understand the implications of what they say. 

Quite frankly God's people have been brainwashed by these unprincipled pseudo-ministers and have been too feeble in dealing with their blatant dishonesty. They have no shame.

Those who keep the Hillel or Jewish Calendar in 2014 will not keep one single Holy Day on the correct day except Pentecost but they will not keep it correctly because they do not keep it as a two day feast which they are required to do. They will not keep Passover and Unleavened Bread correctly either as they do not keep it for 8 days in accordance with Deuteronomy 16:5-8.

What God requires of us is to stand for the truth and reform and come under judgment as to how we treat one another and how the fat sheep treat the lean sheep and how they sort sheep from goats.  Also they are judged on how they keep the Laws of God and the calendar as given to the patriarchs under Moses and the Temple and kept by Christ and the apostles and the churches of God over the last 2000 years.

Stir the brethren to action in the Holy Spirit and deal with these hypocrites.  Study this aspect this Passover and know how to deal with the lies and deceit.  The capacity of the churches of God to enter the First Resurrection depends upon it and your efforts with the Holy Spirit in opening their eyes.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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