Sabbath 29/13/36/120B                                                                                                             

Dear Friends,

At present, 28 March 2014, Russian Forces are massing on the Ukrainian Border. In addition to the 30,000 Russian troops in Ukraine  another 50,000 have entered the area of Ukraine in massive armoured convoys with a significant tank force moved by train in the last 48 hours.  Russia, in the last 24 hours, has erected a massive field hospital near the Ukrainian border to treat the wounded.  Another 160,000 troops are on exercise in Siberia with over 5000 tanks. Putin, the Defence Minister and the Chief of the Armed Forces are there.

Live night firing exercises are being conducted by Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.
The movement of troops is similar to the deployments in Georgia, Ossetia and Chechnya and other deployments in the central south.

The Head of NATO Europe has flown to the White House to update them on the clear and imminent danger.  Many Defence commanders and Defence academics are now saying that Europe is on the verge of its biggest conflict since 1945. It will in fact be bigger.  Putin may well draw back in a couple of days.  However, he may well invade Ukraine and annex what will become Novy Russia or New Russia as a large new state of the Russian system incorporating the lands east of the Dnieper River.

If the attack goes ahead the Ukraine will counter attack and, although vastly outnumbered and with older equipment, will fight. Anti-tank dragon teeth have been deployed in the Ukraine near the Russian border over the last few days.  The NATO forces will have to react to protect the Baltic States as well as Poland and Hungary. Expect reactions also from the East.  This situation is building up to the news from the east and north spoken of by the prophet Daniel.  I will also deal with this aspect in the paper WWIII Part III: Commencement of Hostilities (No. 299C_1) to be also issued this Passover.  That will be followed by WWIII Part III: The Sequence of the Wars of the End (No. 299C_2). 

The New Year commences on Monday and we will be at the Passover the following Friday week.  Do not leave things to chance.  Make sure you have some water and dry goods purchased and in store as well as some tinned goods. Tinned meat will be useful.  Frozen goods will not be of advantage as the freezers may well go off and the items lost, especially while we are away. This issue may play out for another two months until after the second Passover but it may escalate earlier.  Let us pray that God protects us and places His armies around us.  If you do not need these dry goods and water or canned goods you will have a store of food for the time ahead when it is most needed which is not too far into the future. Expect also a serious reaction from the share markets and the banking system. We may go into serious collapse as a result of the Federal Reserve spending but they may have to mobilise suddenly which will hold off the collapse.

From the papers this Passover you will see more clearly what is to happen to the Four Beasts and how the first three beasts are incorporated into the Fourth and then their living entities dealt with by Messiah on his return. Note also that Syria has removed 43% of its chemical weapons and they have been destroyed but there is still 57% left and there are stockpiles in Iran and elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East and also vast amounts in Russia.  They may attack Israel also to precipitate the conflict. The first phase of this escalated conflict is the War of the Fifth Trumpet leading on into the War of the Sixth Trumpet.  Be mentally prepared and use the Passover as a period of preparation and spiritual regeneration.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General