Sabbath 8/13/36/120

Dear Friends

Over the two thousand years that the Church was being prepared and functioning from the birth of John and the Christ ca 6/5 BCE there has been a consistent doctrine with the exception of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century.  In that time heresies entered the church in the COG (SD) and from those ministers it spread into the Radio/Worldwide Church of God and their offshoots. The SDA system was Sabbath-keeping and were Unitarians until the death of Uriah Smith in 1931 and they became Trinitarians from 1978. In each case the Sabbath-keeping Churches of God either dropped from the Sabbath as with the early JWs or due, to their errors and misunderstanding of the nature of God, were simply not allowed to keep the Temple Calendar as with the case of the WCG and offshoots.  The WCG system was in fact Ditheist or as some now claim Binitarian. Most do not understand the level of their blasphemy.  The largest of the COGs is the Mandarin Chinese True Jesus Church in China and the Chinese communities in various places.  They have become in effect Sabellians rather than Binitarians and Ditheists.  Some have become complete idolaters from the false premise that God the Father was not revealed in the OT and that Christ was the God of the OT which is utter heresy.  How did the Churches of God in the last days become so corrupt? Where did these heresies come from in the first place?  The Bible is Unitarian. All the prominent theologians acknowledge that, even the Catholics.  From where did these heresies originate?

Binitarianism came in from the worshippers of Attis in Rome in the last half of the Second Century ca 175 when they began to expound the heresy that elevated Christ over the other sons of God and made him a part of God. That combination of the two did not occur until well into the Third Century. These followers of the Sun and Mystery cults saw they had to elevate Christ to achieve their cult of Attis within Christianity and to do this they were assisted also by the Gnostics.  This process was effected by the misuse of Scripture.  How they achieved that is explained in the paper Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127b).  The Gnostic Antinomians effected their doctrinal errors as explained in the paper Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C).  The elevation of Christ really began seriously after 175 CE. It was unknown prior to ca 154 when Justin Martyr was writing.

When Irenaeus was writing at the end of the Second Century he was very clear that in the beginning The One True God had nothing coeval with Himself. Justin Martyr identified Christ as the elohim and the angel that was in the desert with Moses.

The most serious rival to Christ and Christianity was the god Attis. Attis was a god of the Mystery and Sun cults and originated from the Middle East and was a form of Baal worship. Baal was the consort of Ashtoreth as Mother-goddess. She was the equivalent of Ishtar, which in the Anglo-Saxon is Easter. The equivalent in the cult of Attis is Cybele which was the goddess in Anatolia and at Ephesus. Among the Greeks and in Thrace it was Adonis and in Egypt it was Osiris and Isis. Another form was the Bull-slaying cult of Sol Invictus Mithra or The Invincible Sun God Mithra. In the East it was also Apollo and in Rome the public form became Sol Invictus Elagabal or Elagabalism.

To cope with the Bible structure and the rise of Christianity the Binitarian structure of Attis had to be coupled with the Holy Spirit and so Modalism was invented in the Third Century but it was incoherent. The doctrines of Attis were absorbed in Rome and by the Fourth Century the priests of Attis in Rome were complaining that the Christians had stolen all their doctrines.

So we understand how brazen and bad it really was let us look at what the basic doctrines of Attis were.

1. He was a Binitarian God that was both heavenly and earthly as the One God.

2. He was castrated by Rhea and was killed on the Friday and went into Hades on the Friday.
3. He was rescued by the goddess and rose on the Sunday in the first month of Spring at Abib.

4. His counterpart Adonis in the East was a milder form. He had gardens of Adonis planted at Easter with grain which was sprouted in dark corners and tied with green and other threads. This practice is still done to this day in the Balkans as a pseudo Christian festival. In Egypt it was Osiris and Isis.

At the festival of Easter or Ishtar, the festival of the goddess, the long haired effeminate effigy of the god was placed on a Sun cross and paraded around Rome. The eunuch or effeminate celibate priests flagellated themselves, as became the practice in later monasticism. This long haired effeminate creature placed on crosses by the Trinitarians to this day is Attis. Christ was killed on a Wednesday 14 Abib in 30 CE and he did not have long hair as it was a shame to a man in Judea (1Cor. 11:14) and Ezekiel says men are to poll their hair only (Ezek. 44:20). He was killed on a stauros or stake.

Constantine was a devotee of Mithras as it was the cult of the Army. He was not a Christian when he issued the edict of Toleration in 311 in Milan. In 318 he ordered the meeting of Sylvester and the Desposyni which resulted in the commencement of the extermination of the family of Jesus Christ by Sylvester the Bishop of Rome. In 325 he ordered the Council of Nicaea to resolve the theological disputes in the empire in Christianity. The Binitarians under Athanasius were mistakenly supported by Constantine at Nicaea and he ordered a cohort of Roman troops into the conference and forced the canons. Alexandria was tasked with calculating the dates of Easter because the Easter sun cults were based there as was also the sun system. It was from Alexandria that the Virgin emerged from the cave with the Sun-god child on the solstice at 25 December. This festival did not enter Christianity until 475 CE from Syria (see the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).

The five main Unitarian Bishops were exiled as was Arius the Presbyter who was called as an advisor on logic.

In 327 Constantine realised he had made a serious error and that the majority power was not Binitarian Athanasian but Unitarian and he recalled the Bishops from exile and established a friendship with Eusebius of Nicomedia, the bishop who baptised him a Unitarian Christian on the last month of his life in May 337 CE and died 22 May 337 in Nicomedia Turkey. Then the Emperors after that were all Unitarians until Julian the Apostate. To try to prove the doctrine was recent the Trinitarians called it Arianism, which it was no such thing. In 381 the Spanish born Theodosius was appointed emperor by Gratian and he supported the Athanasian Faction. He summoned the Council of Constantinople in 381 and they devised the doctrine of the Trinity, which was invented for the Council by the Cappadocians, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory of Nazianzus and Basil. In 451 at Chalcedon it was ratified and the Christian Church was confronted with the Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars. In 590 the Holy Roman Empire was declared by Gregory I called Great and for 1260 years it persecuted the Churches of God. The last persecution was from 1823-1846 in the Papal States and the empire was finished in 1850 with the plebiscite and its last vestiges disbanded in 1872.

There is no such thing as the Nicene Creed as the canons of Nicaea were all destroyed as heresy in 327 and what is now known as the Nicene Creed is actually a creed reconstructed from the Canons of Constantinople and Chalcedon. The so-called Apostles creed is a later Roman Symbol that masquerades as the creed of the apostles but is a later post Constantinopolitan error.
A Binitarian is a follower of the god Attis, regardless of whether he worships on a Sunday.

Sabellius was excommunicated in a Council at Alexandria in 260 or 261 by Dyonisius of Alexandria because he had produced a virtual Trinity of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit which merged then into a Trinity of Revelation in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Dyonisius' refutation was in effect Biblical Unitarian in form and Schaff calls it Arian but Arius had not even been born then. Sabellius' fundamental principle is that the Unity of God unfolds or extends itself in course of the world's development in three different forms and periods of the world's revelation and after the completion of redemption reforms into unity (see Schaff Vol. 2, pp. 581ff). He held that the Father revealed himself to Moses with the law; the Son at the incarnation; and the Spirit in the Inspiration and all are essentially of the one being and essence. He explains the system by comparing the Father to the disc of the Sun, the Son to its enlightening power and the Spirit to its warming influence, which was a technique later adopted by the Trinitarians to explain it (often using a candle). The Logos he also made distinct from the Son but was the monad itself in its transition to Triad. That is God as vital motion and Creating principle and the Logos then having completed its job returns to God and goes into him and the process of Trinitarian development closes. Thus God becomes a fusion of the three elements and the fourth logos. It is a development of Stoic Philosophy and utterly non Biblical but it emerges from time to time in these forms that merge God as Christ.

Sabellius differs from the Trinitarian system by denying the Trinity of essence and the permanence of the trinity of manifestation; making Father, Son and Holy Spirit only temporary phenomena, which fulfil their mission and return to the abstract monad. It paved the way for the developments from Nicaea and Constantinople but it is complete heresy and worse than the Binitarian fiction that gave rise to it. Sabellianism entered the Church of God in China sometime after the Boxer Rebellion and perhaps around WWI. It entered the True Jesus Church which is Mandarin speaking and they reportedly teach that Jesus is God and is also the Father.

We can now see how the Churches of God in the Last Days were destroyed by incompetent theology among its ministry.  Armstrong developed Ditheism but the fact was that he was so incompetent and uneducated he mixed the structure up and the doctrines were never taught correctly.  People of all different persuasions were allowed to survive among them from Biblical Unitarians, Radical Unitarians that denied the pre-existence of Christ, many of whom came in from Judaism and Freemasonry, Binitarians and Trinitarians many of whom were plants from the other churches placed there to destroy it. The Trinitarians finally took over from just before the death of Armstrong in January 1986 and they then set about destroying the church and appropriating its wealth.  Similar plants had been placed in the COG(SD) Denver Conference and they also declared the Binitarian heresy in 1995 and Trinitarianism by 1999.  They were warned of the situation and what was to happen but they could not accept the fact that CCG was correct and they were to be theologically destroyed until it was too late.

The WCG in declaring Ditheism established the doctrine that Christ was another God that existed with the Father before the beginning of Creation (see the paper Ditheism (No. 76B)).  This utter heresy was not published until 1991 and we knew then just how serious the theological errors were among them. In 1991 their evangelists even stated that God and Christ had a discussion as to who was to come down and be the son of the other.  The Trinitarian plants of course believed none of that and the Binitarians/Ditheists did not even know they were Binitarians and Ditheists until they read about them afterwards and the Radical Unitarians understood nothing about the pre-existence of Christ (see the paper The Pre-existence of Jesus Christ (No. 243)).

The level of ignorance among them was and is appalling.  I wrote and told them where they were going but they ignored it and later claimed they did not know.  Joe Tkach Jnr. admits in his book Transformed by Truth they were told but does not mention my name. People have since commented that the book should have been named "Honey I Shrunk the Church."

This fundamental issue of the Godhead will not be addressed because so many of the Elders simply have such diverging ideas along all the theologies above that they simply can't fix it without further destroying the Offshoots.  The only thing they have actually managed to do is to force genuine Biblical Unitarians to leave the offshoots. The major impediment was that Armstrong was turned into the Idol Shepherd and the ministry will not change and correct Armstrong's errors because the followers will simply leave and go to the minister that holds to the errors.  Thus the system cannot survive and they will fall to pieces during the period up to and during the witnesses and they will fail to correct their idolatry and breach of the First Commandment before the Advent of the Messiah. For that reason also they will not be permitted to keep the Temple Calendar. They will never keep the Holy Days on the correct days because of the Babylonian Intercalations and postponements entrenched in the Hillel Calendar. Some of their people are introducing the Samaritan Calendar and do not even know that is what they are doing. They are a mess, as are the others. They have rarely kept a Holy Day on the correct days since their adoption of the Hillel Calendar.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General