Feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread 37/120

Dear Friends,

By now we are all at the Passover and renewing old friendships and we have undertaken to forgive all outstanding problems or grievances and are ready to wash one another's feet in a spirit of harmony. Those that are not reconciled should look at their conversion and examine why and where they expect to be going in the faith.  Some have taken themselves from the faith by refusing to be reconciled and some as recently as last year. You cannot stay in the Body of Christ with a mindset like that. As you forgive others so will you be forgiven. How can we expect to be forgiven for our sins by God if we do not forgive the sins or trespasses of one another? We are a chosen people and each of us is judged by the way we treat one another. Use this feast to renew old friendships and make new ones. Value the people we have and love one another and by that means show we are the Body of Christ and the Children of God. Remember the text of 1Corinthians 13. There have been many clanging gongs in the Churches of God over the years.

This year the Sabbath falls on 13 Abib when we normally travel to the feast and so it is that we must travel and be in location by 12 Abib ready and prepared for the Sabbath. So we do not make errors read the paper The Juma'ah: Preparing for the Sabbath (No. 285).  
This year the Wave Sheaf Service is on the Last Holy Day of the Feast and so the Festival of the goddess Ishtar or Easter of the Triune god is on the same day with the death of the god on Friday.  We will thus have to pay more for accommodation because these people will be taking holidays also. It is our great encouragement that these festivals of the goddess, which is also Ashtoreth the consort of Baal, have no more than 12 years left to go and from what we understand from prophecy will be eliminated before 2026. It is of great moment that we know from then on that these festivals will not occur ever again and all matters will be conducted according to the Laws of God until the end of the Millennium and the release of Satan for the final rebellion in the Sabbath cycle 3019-3027 and the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B). We know that even Satan himself will be keeping God's Calendar and Feasts over that last 100 years of the Great White Throne Judgment. Repentance is extended to everyone (see the paper The Judgement of the Demons (No. 080)).

Our task is to prepare ourselves over this period to refresh our own spirituality and prepare ourselves for the First Resurrection (see the paper Heaven. Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A)).

The symbolism of this feast has been lost in some of the Churches of God since 1965 when the WCG scrapped it. The COG (SD) has never kept it correctly. Soon it will be restored correctly throughout the entire world. We will help in spreading the understanding of it. The Holy Spirit will extend to all men on a progressive basis as they are called over the next 14 years. Firstly the Churches of God will be cleaned out completely and then Judah will have hooks placed in its jaws and drawn to repentance. None of this restoration is very far into the future.

The Sanctification period is completed in order to obtain forgiveness and understanding for the elect and for that condition to be extended to all mankind. This period and cycle will see a great conflict between the Babylonian systems and the Body of Christ which comprises the Churches of God. Let us pray for the strengthening of the Church of God and that we are able to survive all that is ahead of us and go into the First Resurrection. Isaiah 65 speaks of the punishment of the people who refuse to accept God in spite of the fact that He has spread His hands out for those that seek Him. It tells of how He regathers His people and servants in the Second Exodus. That is not far off now. Our children and grandchildren will be part of that great Exodus and the Restoration over the face of the earth.

Satan has deceived the whole world and placed his false teachers in all areas. This restoration underway in Rome, which has been underway now since the appointment of Francis and the effective installation of two false witnesses in Rome, will see the last throes of a dying system try to recover and overcome its critics. Our job is to study and prepare for this final struggle and to stand by to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  Use this Passover to develop your teachings and knowledge so that we can bring more to the faith.

It is a matter of note that there are a significant number of new churches joining us all over the world and a number of the Churches of God coming to grips with the fact that they are holding their Holy Days on the wrong days and a day later than the Temple Calendar. The Hillel Calendar kept by the Jews and all Offshoots of the WCG system will be a day out on all Holy Days in all feasts this year.  Many are being faced with the fact that for the first time they understand what their errors were and when they come to CCG to correct one error they cannot join us and correct it without also correcting their error of the breach of the First Commandment in holding Christ on coeternal and coequal level with the One True God. Many have to repent of their idolatry and realise that it was idolatry.

There will be many more that repent of the next five years. At the end all Judah will be faced with repentance. 

Pray that the people of the Churches of God repent and many are drawn to us in the corrected system.

Have a warm and productive feast.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General