New Moon Message 1/10/37/120B

Dear Friends,

This week of the Tenth Month of the Sacred Year sees the festivals of the Sun Cults develop. The festival of Christmas of 25 December falls on the Fourth day of the Tenth month which is a Thursday in the pagan Calendar.

This year the Beast Power, through the US Banksters, is forcing Russia into a financial crisis.  One of the real reasons is because Russia is stockpiling gold as was India previously and they forced India to capitulate and stop the gold acquisitions.

The Ukrainian crisis was the excuse and Russia is now collapsing financially and the Rouble is in freefall against the dollar. It went to 80 Roubles to the $ and then recovered to 72 and then began falling again.  The real risk now is hyperinflation.

There is a genuine risk of war this northern winter.

All of this is a real celebration for the Sun and Mystery cults.  This bishop of Rome celebrates his birthday eight days before the festival as part of the sequence.

Where did Christmas originate and how did it get into Christianity?

The fact is that so-called Christmas was the Festival of the Winter Solstice of the 23/24 of December and the Virgin Mother Goddess emerged from the cave on the night of 24 December for the birth of the infant who was the Invincible Sun God beginning its ascent to the Northern Summer Solstice.  The priests of Baal celebrated it in the Levant during the reign of the Kings of Israel and Judah and Jeremiah forbade its celebration in Jeremiah 10:1-9.

Easter was the festival of Ishtar or Ashtoreth consort of Baal as Mother Goddess and the festival was celebrated from the Friday to the Sunday at the month beginning the year.

Its’ origins are discussed in the paper The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235).
The festival did not enter Christianity until the beginning of the Dark Ice Age at the end of the Roman Warm Period in 475 CE in Syria.  The Roman Warm Period collapsed into the Dark Ice Age at the end of the Roman occupation of Britain up to their departure in 410 CE. The cyclical nature of Global Warming is discussed in the paper Global Warming- Historical Cycles (No. 218B).

Global Warming is a regular more or less millennial cycle and any scientist with an ounce of integrity and any historical knowledge knows it is not man-made and is solar induced.  There is nothing we can do about it. This time it will be much hotter because God is going to deal with mankind under the Vials of the Wrath of God and the only thing we can do is repent and turn to God (see the paper Wars of the Last days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)). 

Let us pray and try to wake up the world to the truth of the Sun Cults and the facts of Scripture.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General