New Moon 1/8/37/120

Dear Friends,

This New Moon will be another direct sign of the Temple Calendar and a clear message to Judah and the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God that what they are doing is contrary to God’s Law and their calendar is wrong.

This New Moon beginning at evening Thursday 23 October in the USA and occurring on the day of the New Moon from AU/NZ a partial solar eclipse will occur being caused by the New Moon partially covering the sun’s rays and this month being mostly visible from Alaska and the areas of the Central US. 

The details of the types of eclipses and the warnings about viewing them from the US are as follows:
total eclipse is when the Moon passes directly in front of the sun, completely hiding the solar disk and allowing the sun's ghostly corona to spring into view. A partial eclipse is when the Moon passes in front of the sun, off-center, with a fraction of the bright disk remaining uncovered.

The partial eclipse of Oct. 23rd will be visible from all of the United States except Hawaii and New England.  Coverage ranges from 12% in Florida to nearly 70% in Alaska.  Weather permitting, almost everyone in North America will be able to see the crescent.

The eclipse will be especially beautiful in eastern parts of the USA, where the Moon and sun line up at the end of the day, transforming the usual sunset into something weird and wonderful.
"Observers in the Central Time zone have the best view because the eclipse is in its maximum phase at sunset," says Espenak. "They will see a fiery crescent sinking below the horizon, dimmed to human visibility by low-hanging clouds and mist".
Warning: Don't stare. Even at maximum eclipse, a sliver of sun peeking out from behind the Moon can still cause pain and eye damage. Direct viewing should only be attempted with the aid of a safe solar filter.
We have inducted more people now from the offshoots over the doctrines concerning the Nature of God and also the Calendar using Hillel instead of the correct Temple calendar based on the conjunctions.

We are being informed by them on their inductions that the LCG and seemingly the UCG ministry are saying that it is now permissible to pray to Christ as well as God.  Their confusion regarding the methods and object of prayer are becoming more confused.  It is a well known fact that during the WCG days no person would have ever prayed or been permitted to pray to Christ.  All prayer was to God in the name of Jesus Christ. These ministers would never have had the gall to pray to Christ while they were in WCG. They teach for hire because Sabellianism is growing like wildfire in the US and also they have to denounce the Koran because it condemns outright Trinitarianism, Binitarianism, Ditheism and Sabellianism as we have pointed out and so the last issue of their magazine condemns the Koran.  Never mind that it was written by Arabian Sabbath–keeping Christians of the Seventh century and demands the keeping of God’s laws and baptism and the Sabbath.  They will sell their own future to attract uneducated people and preach for hire telling them what they want to hear.   See Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q1) and also The Sabbath in the Qur’an (No. 274) and The Koran on the Bible the Law and the Covenant (No. 083).

Perhaps the lowest phase this month was attacks being made on schoolchildren whose parents had joined CCG by LCG schoolchildren in the school years and classes.  What spineless unconverted behaviour.

Pray for our people and that we can deal with these people. Pray also for those affected by terrorists.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General