New Moon 1/4/37/120

Dear Friends

In WWI two bureaucrats named Sykes and Picot drew up an agreement which divided the Middle East between Britain and France.  Britain retained control of Egypt and Palestine and what became Iraq. France got Syria and the French speaking North African territories.

The machinations of Arab oil made the Brits fail to honour its Balfour declaration and forced Israel into terrorism and finally the war of independence in 1948.  These aspects have been covered in the papers such as The Fall of Egypt: the Prophecy of Pharaoh’s Broken Arms (No. 36) and Part II (No. 36_2).

The boundaries were not drawn with regard to sectarian divisions and King Faisal was not allowed to remain in Damascus but was forced to take over Iraq and try to run it. Even he found them almost impossible to govern due to their sectarian and tribal divisions and their intrinsic violence.

That has not changed and basically the Middle East is a powder keg of Sunni and Shia divisions spread over many nations.  Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq by repression and violence and he was by and large successful.  The US invasions, both under Desert Storm and the Second invasion, which forced regime change were all to advance US hegemony of control of the international finance structure and the exchange of oil measured in US dollars. They see their economic power as depending on that basis of control.

One might say what has all this got to do with the development of the faith and the understanding of these end days.  The answer is that it is all part of Bible prophecy and specifically it concerns the prophecies that God gave to the Prophet Daniel at the beginning of the 2520 + 80 years of the times of the Gentiles and the Empires of the Babylonian system of Daniel 2 following.  It is now about to come to a climax and the Empire of the Beast is arising to take control and God is about to send His last two prophets to stand before the god of this world at Jerusalem (The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)) and then the Messiah will come to take over the world and take captivity captive and bring an end to the world’s religions and usher in 1000 years of world peace before the Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgement (No. 143B).

Also the fact that we are going through a period of increasing violence in these last days should not discourage us or cause us to lose heart. It is all part of God’s plan and He will send Messiah so that we are not all destroyed through these insane conflicts developed by Satan and the Fallen Host specifically to destroy the Human Host.

The Sabbath Messages have outlined the start of the wars from 2001 and this war which is effectively WWIII will continue on until 2024 under the Messiah and the Vials of the Wrath of God. Man will commence to destroy himself and then attempt to destroy the Messiah when God sends him to save us from ourselves.  We do not repent until we have almost destroyed the planet.  The good news is that God will not allow mankind to be destroyed and these insane religions on the planet will be brought into subjection and their mindless and demon inspired adherents will be brought into subjection and they will repent or die (see also Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)).

We warned the world of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) from before 2006 to 2007 and no one listened and then tried to pretend no one knew about it.  Before and after that we continued to warn of the changes in Egypt and the fundamentalist Islamist government that would take over there and cause great concern and the reaction that will ultimately force Egypt into subordination to the NWO under NATO. Use the search facility on the web site to view the messages that deal with these subjects. We also explained the Arab Spring and the Islamist reactions to it and the development over North Africa and into the Middle East.

This May in the Second Passover we saw God begin to deal with the Middle East as we had said would happen in accordance with Bible Prophecy.  Syria had been plunged into this sectarian war and which also involved Lebanon and the terrorists in Palestine and Gaza.  May 2014 after the Second Passover was the 40th anniversary of the cessation of the Yom Kippur war between the Arab states and Israel with Syria being the last to sign a peace treaty.  Syria has been at war with itself for years now and many thousands are dead. More are displaced internally and externally.  The Sunni militants are destroying the people and executing thousands.  Syria had extensive chemical weapons facilities that the UN and NATO demanded they give up and they agreed, understated their stocks and gave the minimum stocks up.

As a follow on, the Sunni Militants made the astute strategic move to invade Iraq due to the weakness engendered there by the appalling administration of the Shia government under Al Maliki.  The militants of ISIS/ISIL were able to harness the real discontent of the Sunni minority because Maliki’s administration had been so incompetent and divisive that the army had no will to fight (in military terms it has a morale crisis that renders them ineffective). Also the Sunni saw no point in allowing or supporting the government to continue as Maliki simply does not want or understand the fundamentals of inclusive democracy.  Even now when faced with Sunni forces on the outskirts of Baghdad he refuses to form an inclusive government in which the Sunni are given real representation and then be able to be harnessed against the Al Qaeda divisions of ISIS/ISIL.  Nor is Maliki able to harness the stability and loyalty to Iraq of the Kurds under their leaders.  He seems not to comprehend the requirements of the political situation nor the extreme danger to the potential break up of Iraq into three states of Shia, Sunni and Kurd. Iraq must form a new government under a new leader or die as a nation.

Remember we had explained that the Kurds are not Arabs; they are the core remnant of the ancient Medes as sons of Madai interbred with the Arabs. Their tribalism does not appear to be such that it is able to tear them apart as it is able to do among the Sunni tribes and also as we will see the Shia to the South of Iraq.

The terrorist fundamentalists also seized the old chemical weapons factory of Saddam Hussein and despite what has been said previously it is now admitted that there are large quantities of Sarin and other chemical weapons of mass destruction there.  Also the ISIS militants have now claimed that they have nuclear weapons and will use them against Israel.  You may recall that we informed the church and through our messages in 1996 that some 98 satchel nuclear weapons went missing in Russia.  They may well have been purchased by Saudi Arabia at the time.  Regardless of these nukes Saudi Arabia has come to an agreement in funding Pakistan that their nuclear weapons and missile facilities will be made available to Saudi Arabia as and when required.  Saudi Arabia is backing these Sunni militants and it is likely that the nuclear weapons came from them.

Over the weeks of June the Militants have seized the border controls and routes into both Syria and Jordan.  That enables them to move heavy weapons into Syria from Iraq and also back again.  It effectively creates a Sunni state of Central Iraq and Northern Syria in the short term. If they can control the tribal elements in Iraq they will be able to mount a force from there but their capacity to do so is doubtful in the long term.

Also Turkey is concerned about the terrorists and their non inclusive form of Islam that runs against the Turkish view of the state.  Also they are now faced with reaching some accommodation with the Kurdish minority in Turkey as a result of what they see in Iraq and Syria.

Israel is now seeing what is likely to occur and the recent declarations of the possession of nuclear weapons by ISIS/ISIL they have taken the recent killing of an Arab Israeli youth as an excuse to launch nine raids again Syrian facilities to test their anti-aircraft capabilities given the heavy Russian anti-aircraft weapons they possess.  They have tested the facilities and may well launch an attack in the near future as required. Israel will not allow themselves to be attacked by these fanatics.

The stage is now set for the escalation into the wars of the Fifth and the Sixth Trumpets of Revelation.  The first being chemical in nature and then NATO will be forced to enter the Middle East again as it has now with the placing of 300 US troops and 250 Australian troops back in Iraq.  That is simply the use of screen troops to assess the enemy strengths and dispositions and then to be used as Forward Air Controllers to call in air strikes, drones and missiles. We will move into Part II with the Sabbath Message.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General