New Moon 1/3/37/120

Dear Friends,

This New Moon falls on Thursday 29 May 2014. The conjunction occurs at Jerusalem at 20:40 on 28th May with EENT at 19:38.  It is the 40th Day of the Omer Count with Sabbath 31 May on 3/3/37/120 the 42nd day of the Omer Count and the end of the week of the wars of Amalek.

From Sunday 1 June 2014 we begin the last week of the Exodus at Sinai. On Friday June 6 2014 we will be gathered at our feast sites for the Sabbath of the 49th day and the Feast of weeks or Pentecost on the First Day of the week on the 11th day of the Third Month or Sunday 8 June 2014.

This feast is meant to be kept outside our gates and we have done so as a Church of God from our inception. It is one of the three offerings collected by the church on the three feasts of God each year.  Only in the RCG/WCG system was it ever collected on the Seven Holy Days instead of the three feasts.  The practice is forbidden. No collection or offering at all can be taken up on Atonement as the law commands that no man shall give more or less than the head tax and that price was paid for by Christ.

In this Omer Count the week of the New Moon is the week of the Wars of Amalek and symbolises the conflicts that occur over the Last Days, firstly before the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost and secondly, in the wars of the end before the return of the Messiah.

The Jews as usual hold Pentecost on the wrong day on Sivan 6 but they also get Sivan 6 wrong on most years through their postponements.  For example this year Sivan 6 will fall on Tuesday 3 June.  However the Jews postpone it. Also the logic is clear that the churches of God have always followed the Bible and had Pentecost on the Sunday in accord with the Temple Calendar controlled by the Sadducees and also observed by the Samaritans in accord with the law.  It was only the WCG in the 20th century that Pentecost was held on a Tuesday and then a Monday and then finally they realised their error and held it on the Sunday like the rest of the churches of God had done for two thousand years.

However the insane illogic of the Armstrong ministry still tries to claim that the Jews have the Oracles of God (see the paper Oracles of God (No. 184)), and they follow the post Temple Hillel Calendar of Modern Judaism which did not even exist in the Temple period and not until 358 CE in its earliest form.  They then agree to postpone all the other holy days and feasts by anything from a day to a few days even up to a month based on the Babylonian intercalations which run counter to the seasons and the calendar of God (see the paper Calendar of God (No. 156)).

One cannot have it both ways; either the Jews have the Oracles of God or they do not.  If they do then the Offshoots of the WCG system are duty bound to keep a Sivan 6 Pentecost.  Also they are bound to throw away the NT as the Jews do not regard it as part of the Canon of Scripture.  However the bizarre reasoning of the UCG and LCG and RCG and PCG and so on  disregard Hillel when it suits them but still claim that it is the correct Calendar and then try to convince their people by blatant lies that it was in use in the Temple period and at the time of Christ and the Apostles over 330 years before it was issued by Hillel II in 358 CE.  It is pretty simple to find out when R. Hillel II was High Priest in Judaism. It is also openly stated in the Encyclopaedia Judaica when the Modern Jewish calendar was invented and when it was issued and what the basis of its intercalations were and are.  These ministers preach lies and should be challenged and exposed.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General