New Moon 01/12/36/120

Dear Friends

Today is the New Moon of Adar and the 12th Month.  This year is an intercalary year and there will be a thirteenth month to follow it termed "We Adar" or "And Adar." These two months usually signal a number of things.  Firstly it usually signals an extension of the Calendar in impact.  In the Southern Hemisphere the summer is extended and what is called an Indian Summer occurs this can make the Winter short and sharp or less of a problem with a weepy winter.  In the Northern Hemisphere the Spring is delayed and the winter can be prolonged or the summer cooler. That is why the Calendar is important to understanding the seasons and the correct intercalations of the Temple Calendar are necessary so that the correct sequences are understood.

The Modern Jewish Hillel Calendar introduced from Babylon in 344 CE and declared effective for Judaism from 358 CE does not accord with the proper intercalations and follows the Babylonian Intercalations developed in Babylon in the 7th century BCE and dated to begin a few hundred years after the Closure of Eden and the Temple Calendar begins.  That is why the Jewish dating is always a few centuries after the creation of Adam in 4004 BCE.  For example 2014/15 is the Jewish year 5775 instead of the true year of 6016 from the Creation in 4004 BCE and the year 5956 from the Closure of Eden in 5974 BCE and the start of this world's system. The incorrect dating is proof in itself of the Babylonian basis of the Talmudic and Kabbalistic Mystery cults in Modern Judaism.

The next three months will prove very interesting for the Middle East and the rest of the world. Syria and Iran and the power blocks of the world are involved in Geneva and Iran is making overtures to the world as a good guy to get sanctions lifted and investment kick started.  Instead of indicting the Assad Regime for war crimes and crimes against humanity and bringing them to justice at the International Court they are trying to get the sides in Syria and also their allies to agree.  So far they have got some of them to sit in the same room which is a start. The only one not fooled is Israel.

Prophecy is clear that they will declare peace, peace (cf Jer. 6:14; 8:11; Ezek. 13:10) and disaster will fall in them unawares (Ps. 35:8; Lk. 21:34). Daniel is quite clear that the Northern powers will be forced to occupy the Middle East in the Last Days (Dan. 11:40-45). Then news from the East and the North will alarm them and the forces will go out to utterly exterminate many and then the forces will return and occupy Jerusalem for 42 months.

Over the next 3.5 months into May of 2014 these nations and Syria in particular will be brought to judgment and accountability in the Middle East. The forty years of the end of the Yom Kippur war is at an end in May 2014. There has been no repentance and these nations have conspired to commit genocide against Israel all this time and continue to dig a pit for it even though it is only a fraction of the people of Judah and Israel and many are not even Semites worshipping demons in Kabbalism, posing as Jews but who lie.  It is from the Northern powers return and occupation of Jerusalem that God will intervene and send His Witnesses to occupy the Temple Mount and to warn all nations of their coming discipline.

We are watching also the G20 conference being staged in Switzerland at Davos. It is preparing to hold the next conference at Brisbane Australia under Australian chair and the Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbott gave a clear and unequivocal speech endorsing Globalism and the Globalised trading system that will see the world powers increase their controls. This system has no more than a few years to survive and it will be destroyed at the coming of the Messiah.  The political structures of the NWO think they can beat the coming system and maintain Satan's rule on the planet.  They cannot do so and will be destroyed at the end of the 42 months of the rule from Jerusalem.

There have been hundreds of thousands of men, women and children killed over these conflicts in the Middle East.  Reports recently from the Human Rights Committee in Britain have revealed that 55,000 photos of approx 11,000 bodies show the starvation and torture of thousands and that was only from one place taken by one military police officer and handed over to the British authorities. Who knows how many have been tortured and killed by the Syrian Regime alone let alone all sides.

It is well to remember this fact.  God did not spare the tribe of Benjamin due to their violence and crime and all Israel gathered together and killed the entire tribe except for 600 males who escaped.  Not one woman or child was spared.  Only then did the other tribes provide wives for these men and only by allowing them to be taken.  They took approximately 50 per tribe including Levi in order to allow Benjamin to survive as a tribe (Judges 20:1-21:25). If God was so severe with those of the chosen of Israel what do we imagine He will do with the other sons of Shem and the rest of the world given their obscene slaughter of their own women and children by their own people. These nations and their corrupt religious systems will be put to the sword very soon. God is not mocked.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General