Sabbath 14/9/36/120

Dear Friends,

Most of us have blind spots and prejudices from our experiences and the society in which we are raised.  Let us examine several case studies to see how we may better examine our own blind spots.  Self-righteousness is a thought process of putting your own emotions and blind spots before obedience to God.  This is why self-righteousness is such a problem to deal with, because we do not think we are sinning.  Fortunately God only shows us a few of our problems at a time so that we can survive the process of correction.

Safety Regulations
While touring ancient ruins in Jordan years ago during the Feast of Tabernacles, I climbed many steep stairs with shallow treads carved into the sandstone structures.  Neither the stairs nor the platforms at the top had any railing for safety.  I was shocked that this was allowed, and asked the guide why there was no concern for safety.  He said that if someone fell, it was the will of Allah. 

Why would a society be so callous and willfully disregard the requirement to preserve life?  The Arab states hate the Jews so much that they do not want to follow God's expressed will spelled out in the Bible regarding building safety.

The will of Allah is expressed in Deut. 22:8:

"When thou buildest a new house, then thou shalt make a battlement for thy roof, that thou bring not blood upon thine house, if any man fall from thence."

Exodus 21:33-34 [33] "When a man leaves a pit open, or when a man digs a pit and does not cover it, and an ox or an ass falls into it, [34] the owner of the pit shall make it good; he shall give money to its owner, and the dead beast shall be his.

There is no need to guess at the will of Allah.  He even dictated mold remediation in dwellings for the preservation of health and life. The instructions are detailed at Leviticus 14:34-57.  The English speaking people and the European Union have expanded these instructions into a building code, which preserves life.  Many municipalities have code enforcement officers with the authority to condemn buildings or refuse occupancy until deficiencies are corrected. They act as a modern equivalent of the Levitical priesthood. The link here shows a model building code for local municipalities to edit for their local needs and climate.

The Imams have perverted the Koran and the Law of God, brainwashing their congregants to openly defy the express will of Allah.  It is a sadistic mindset that desires someone to fall, so that he may be looked down on as rejected by God.  If I don't fall, I am better than he is.

Preserving Wildlife
The Law of God regarding the taking of wildlife is designed to protect the continuation of the species.  This instruction is found in Deut. 22:6:

If a bird's nest chance to be before thee in the way in any tree, or on the ground, whether they be young ones, or eggs, and the dam sitting upon the young, or upon the eggs, thou shalt not take the dam with the young: But thou shalt in any wise let the dam go, and take the young to thee; that it may be well with thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days.

We now employ wildlife managers to survey the various populations to set proper hunting limits to control the sustainable population.  We also plant feed and drill wells for stock tanks to water wildlife on public lands.

How does society violate the wildlife management laws?  We allow bottom dragging and purse seine nets to be used in commercial fishing.  As a result our fish stocks have collapsed.  These fishing methods not only capture the families of target fish, they also capture the entire family structure of non-target fish and crustaceans.

It is written that we are not to offer a ewe and its lamb at same time.  It is also written not to boil a kid in the milk of its mother.

Preserving Human Families

Many in the USA are irritated by the idea that God requires the early c-section of babies in order to save the life of the mother.  Abortion is only generally necessary in the event of a tubal pregnancy. 

Much of the concern comes from the use of the term abortion since in the USA it is a very emotional, politically charged argument.  The government has been shut down several times over abortion details.

The specific scripture requiring the preservation of the mother over preserving the child is found in Ex. 21:15:

And he that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be surely put to death.

The intent of this text is to ensure that the family is preserved in all circumstances where the life of the parents may be threatened and the intent is clear from the simple statement of law.

Let's examine the tragic case of the Yates family in Houston, and the failure of Rusty Yates to care for his family.  He thought it was God's will for he and his wife to have as many children as physically possible.

Andrea Yates started off well as her class valedictorian and captain of her swim team.  She worked as a nurse, and continued to do well until the birth of her fourth child. 

After the birth of her fourth child, she was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.  Her psychiatrist warned the couple to not have more children, as it would "guarantee future psychotic depression". 

Despite this warning and continuing problems, Rusty Yates reportedly pressured his wife to have more children.  After the birth of her fifth child, Andrea again suffered from postpartum psychosis and drowned her children.  Her psychiatrist instructed that she be monitored 24 hours a day.  The husband reportedly thought she needed to be free of the dependency on others, so he began leaving a daily 1 hour gap in care.  It is arguable that the husband should have been charged with negligent manslaughter.

The problems are directly the responsibility of the family and the husband in its protection.  In the same way husbands are responsible for the protection of the family and the wife in all cases where such conflict is stated or likely to occur.  God's law is clear and the husband has no right to prejudice the life of the mother against that of the child. Some churches teach the exact opposite of God's Laws and will allow or even require the life of the mother to protect the life of the child.  Such teachers will face the judgment of God in the Second Resurrection and not the First.

We all will have to answer to Christ regarding our actions in this life.  The husband above will have to answer for the death of his five children.   Their care was his sole responsibly at the time, because Andrea was incapacitated by her condition.

The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church and others will likewise have to answer for their murder of mothers in their policy of protecting the life of the child over that of the mother.

Russell Hilburn
Deputy Coordinator General