Sabbath  8/8/36/120

Dear Friends,

It is necessary to look more seriously at the conflict between the White House and the Congress and the Democrats and Republicans. The refusal to pass the vote on the Budget and expenditure in the US which has shut down the government and put over 800,000 government employees out of work is far more serious than it is being portrayed and strikes at a very significant situation of the morality and ethics of the US. The issue is centred on two aspects of the so-called Obama-care medical heath program. The problem involves a medical health system that is more than arguably the worst in the world and a series of incompetent corrupt manipulations of the heath system and the moral outrage of the religious right against abortion.

The US has the most expensive health care in the world. The US spends more on health care than the next 10 biggest spenders combined: Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia.

Some medical writers claim that "if the US health care system was a country, it would be the 6th largest economy on the entire planet. Despite that, the US ranks last in health and mortality when compared with 17 other developed nations." (Mercola, Preventable Medical mistakes account for one sixth of all deaths in the US).

Mercola claims that "According to the most recent research1 into the cost of medical mistakes in terms of lives lost, 210,000 Americans are killed by preventable hospital errors each year.
When deaths related to diagnostic errors, errors of omission, and failure to follow guidelines are included, the number skyrockets to an estimated 440,000 preventable hospital deaths each year!
This is more than 4.5 times higher than 1999 estimates published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM),2 and makes medical errors the third-leading cause of death in the US, right after heart disease and cancer. As reported by the featured article in Scientific American:3 "

The real problem is that the US congress is in the hands of the medical company lobbyists aka Big Pharma, and the entire system is ineffective and controlled by scoundrels on both sides of the Congress and the Senate. The UK has a much more efficient system but the US ideologists think that such a system is socialist and therefore unacceptable even though it is a completely free and working system much more effective than anything the US can achieve. The Australian medical system may well go down this insane ideological path if our Medicare controllers are to be believed re this new conservative government in Australia. The real problem with the US is that it is brainwashed by corporations and misled by its religious and political leaders. The reaction there is as likely as it is in Australia. Both nations are fed up with politicians. The US is on a course to serious instability through its political intransigence.

It is well known that President Obama is an advocate or supporter of late abortions and even infanticide. The Medicare system he has put in place also has within it clauses enabling abortions under the medical funding of the new scheme. The Democrats on the whole see nothing wrong with this but many Republicans do, especially those of the extreme religious right. The Bible under the law of God states that: "thou shalt not kill" under the Sixth Commandment and says that the blood is the life thereof and thus the commencement of the formation of blood in the foetus is the beginning of life. The law also says that "thou shalt not pass your children through the fire to Moloch."  At first glance this appears not to relate to abortion. However, children were killed by their parents on the altar of Moloch for various reasons and much of it cost and convenience. There is intellectually no difference between killing your foetus through inconvenience and the commission of infanticide through the same inconvenience and the sacrifice of your child to false gods for intellectually the same reasons. The responsibility enshrined in the Sixth Commandment is the responsibility to make alive and this is covered in the paper Law and the Sixth Commandment (No. 259).

The US women abort approximately 1.3 million foetuses a year. Australian women abort over 100,000 foetuses a year. The UK is over 300,000 perhaps per year and Canada is over 100,000 and NZ and SA have per capita similar ratios. This murder is a stench in the nostrils of God. Soon He will act to deal with our people. At this rate we are killing over 2 million people a year. Over 100 years we are wiping out the equivalent of our own population or more. To replace this devastation among our unborn we import aliens among us to make up for the industry that we have forfeited through the murder of our own young. The men are just as much to blame as they allow or encourage it. The world rate for abortion per annum is 43 million.

God will not allow it to go on with impunity and He will deal with us. The first step is to draw this issue to the attention of our people and this will be accomplished by the failure to pass the bills in the house either for the budget, or, if it continues, for the debt ceiling. The cry is that the US will run out of money and they will not be able to borrow more. One might observe that they ran out of money when they commenced to borrow and to not repay that debt some 17 trillion dollars ago. Almost 100 years ago in December 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was pushed through a Congress absent or disinterested and the financial control of the US was placed in the hands of a private corporation that began to print money and then loan it to the US and charge interest and fees on that money. It also agreed to hand its gold reserves at the rate of one per cent year to that private corporation and in December 2013 the entire reserves of the US will have disappeared. In short the US has handed over its entire wealth to a foreign owned corporation for no reason other than that its politicians are treasonous and enemies of the American people. Interestingly there are a number of people who are prepared to stand up to this monster and are prepared to push it to the wall over the issue of whether or not they will allow the wholesale murder of its unborn young, albeit under other irrational ideological reasons also.

This conflict is not likely to go away and this president, Barack Hussein Obama, cannot simply pretend that the Republicans under Boehner are playing games. They are not. Many are deadly serious and some are prepared to push the US to default and take its control from the administration and force the nation into martial law under President Obama to show the nation and the world just what America is and what the world is doing. It is absolutely useless having the IMF and World Bank arguing that there will be another GFC if the US defaults. The US does not see it that way. For many in the US this is a battle between those who would breach the laws of God and murder the unborn of the US and those who would stop them from doing so. Add to that the financial realists that understand what Wilson and his group did in selling the US into slavery to a foreign financial power and are determined to get rid of the Federal Reserve and nationalise it. The mixture is very powerful and the other nations of the world had better take note and develop a healthy respect for the morality of those in the US that would rather face economic disaster than continue to spit in the face of God as they have done for decades under the leaders of both parties who are simply amoral criminals. Add to this the NWO globalists who have been working towards the collapse of the world economy under its existing arrangements and the result will be a disaster and war is inevitable as the beast power emerges and takes control for its short period of power over 42 months.

Australia and the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth had also better take notice and revise their positions and the wilful murder of their unborn as they also will be dealt with very soon. The US and BC is about to be dealt with and God may well send them into both economic and physical slavery. The way they will be dealt with soon is by all out war. The Nations that are opposing them are criminal states such as Russia and Iran and Syria and the other Islamic systems. These alliances in the irresponsible use of the UN Security Council are forcing the world closer to open general warfare in escalation of the conflict from 2001, which began WWIII in limited war scenarios. Whether we like it or not WWIII will last for 24 years and reach its fulfilment in 2025 when Messiah will have destroyed the entire military systems of this planet and brought the world into subjection to the laws of God. By 2025 we will be drawing water from the artesian basins and the populace of the planet will be perhaps less than 500 million. Men will be rare but God will not make a full end.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General