Sabbath and New Moon Message 1/8/36/120                                                                 

Dear Friends                

This month begins the long hard road now to the New Year and the Feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread.

There are a great many things to do and to prepare for the Sanctification of the Nations and the Church of God from the First of Abib next year. This week we continue on with the induction of many people and churches all over the world. Even though many are called it is an infinitesimal amount in relation to the large numbers that have to be warned and called to repentance. We are now attempting to put together the churches in Northern Tanzania that were undermined and scattered by operatives involved with other churches of God. Many others are being inducted all over the world.

To do the job properly we need funds and manpower to reach the nations on the scale required. The waste of the 20th century makes us all dismayed at the realisation of what we could really have done with it all. We all need to pray for the funds and workers that are necessary to reach the world.

One could be excused for thinking that there is something wrong with the English speaking peoples given their behaviour and their attitudes to one another.  Let us run through the mind set of our people just so we are aware of what is happening to us all in the Commonwealth and the US.  This week the US voted to close down their government and put some 800,000 people out of work rather than simply allow a medical insurance program be made available to the poorest people in the US involving the bottom 20% of the people in getting affordable medical insurance at some $100 per month.  The excuse was that the bill allowed for the funding of abortion which might appear to justify the objections, however, what sort of a government would allow its country into shutdown over the inability of the Congress to modify a bill.  The real reason is that there is no empathy and national obligation to the poor.  The country claims to be the largest fervent Christian nation on earth and behaves like that. It is a Sunday worshipping system of the Triune God and demonstrates that fact by its behaviour.

The US, Australia, UK, NZ and Canada are the most obese self indulgent nations on the planet precisely because of the wealth God gave them through the promises to Abraham, and they misused those blessings.  These nations consume more drugs per capita per unit of currency than any other nation or group of nations on earth.  They are aging in populace and are being taken over by the aliens that they bring in by intent or by negligence and corruption.  Grey hairs are on them and aliens devour their strength and they know it not. Australia is a misbehaved nation of drug users and perhaps more so per capita than many of the Commonwealth. They are so badly behaved and disregarding of the laws of other countries that the Minster for Foreign Affairs had to warn them over the previous week that if they get arrested and imprisoned for their own stupid or criminal behaviour do not expect help from the government.

Australia and the US are run by criminal gangs and finance corporations set up by their own stupidity and inability to control their own societies. The US established organised crime through the Temperance society intolerance and political corruption. They enabled the financial takeover of their own society. Australia did it by failing to control its youth and discipline its young and its migrant intake from dysfunctional states such as Lebanon and other Middle Eastern and Asian and now African countries. It is selling its birthright.

In fourteen days the US debt ceiling will be reached and the Congress is required to vote to lift that ceiling and the Republicans appear to be refusing to do so.

There is an inherent conflict between the Globalists who are controlled by the NWO and the aliens who seek to destroy and control the US for reasons of Hispanic and Islamist purposes. The default of the US threatened by these people may well cause a global catastrophe which will suit both the Globalists and the other enemies of the US precisely because it will necessitate the NWO economic reforms to enable world control. The Islamists do not realise that they will force world war over it and destroy themselves. 

The Central and South Americans hope for some sort of world utopia under non US capitalist control. Whatever their secret and often criminal objectives, they will pay for it and face destruction under the wars that will follow.

Israel is dismayed at the behaviour towards Iran and Syria and has stated before the UN that they will attack Iran unilaterally if Iran is allowed to continue to develop nuclear weapons.  The sad fact is that they already have a biochemical arsenal, as does Egypt, and probably also a nuclear capacity assisted by North Korea.

Syria's biochemical weapons have already been relocated and less than a third are left to be destroyed by the UN team and we are all sitting back as spectators while disaster comes upon us.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has already sown the seeds for the misuse of Egypt's biochemical arsenal among the Islamist terrorist regimes. The inaction of the Security Council and the stupidity of the English speaking people have laid the ground for the necessity of the NATO invasion of the Middle East.

Pakistan continues to be the epicentre of world Islamic terrorism and has been accused by India recently as being such. The Commonwealth allows these terrorists to fester and develop in the capitals of the Commonwealth and conflict is inevitable. 

The Islamic leaders of the world are attempting the control of the means of production, distribution and exchange by the use of Halal certification of the production of food and its distribution and its exchange through retail, even though the consumption is a minor part of the overall business.  The stupidity and cowardice of the English speaking peoples in their own nations allow this takeover to be effected without reaction.  The real way of dealing with it is by legislation forcing all retailers to declare their Halal registration and contributions and then boycott them completely as well as the means of distribution and the producers who pay these excessive certifications.  The Koran does not require any system of certification nor does the Bible require it and the Kosher and Halal systems are money making rackets run by these religious systems and some of it funds terrorism.  Require proper labelling and boycott these rackets. If the shops sell the materials tell the retailers why you are going elsewhere.  Apathy will ensure our own slavery.

The insane actions in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi displayed just how corrupt and evil that system is.  The mall is now admitted to have been attacked by four Al Shabab terrorists.  The authority claimed 10-15 terrorists, but that was wrong.  Much of the damage was done through anti Israeli sentiment as Israelis owned a major portion of the mall.  The government was warned weeks beforehand and did nothing. It took so long to deal with the four operators because the government forces were allegedly destroying and looting the shops during the process. The mall is now destroyed largely through the extraneous activities involved. With corruption like that the disintegration of the society is inevitable, then it will have to be rebuilt. We have warned the Kenyan authorities for years of Al Shabab activities.

We of the churches of God have been in slavery to the Sunday worshipping Mystery and Sun cults and now it is involving us in conflict with the other elements of the Islamic and other mystery cult systems.  The Triune god and the Baal and Mother Goddess systems rule the world, but not for much longer.  Israel and the English speaking peoples have never rid themselves of the Baal Sun system.

We as a people will continue on now to destroy ourselves and force war on the world.  The financial controls coming through the Beast system will reduce us to slavery, but we don't understand it as yet. We will get what we deserve and force world war. After the wars Messiah will come and deal with the nations.

Pray for our development and establishment over the last days. Pray that our people repent.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General