Sabbath 25/6/36/120

Dear Friends

The preparation of the planet for the destructions of the Seven Trumpets of Revelation are being undertaken now and the major catastrophes have occurred in the exercise of nuclear power.  Firstly, the WWII and post war nuclear testing polluted the nations and affected our young especially and increased the risks of cancer among the nations.  We are now seeing those increased rates all over the planet.  The construction of the nuclear power industry by Russia and the US was sloppy and defective and resulted in a number of disasters both in the US and in Russia and at Chernobyl. 

The Japanese used US technology based on GE units and built them in known fault zones and exposed the world to very serious hazards.

Chernobyl, which is Slavic for wormwood, resulted in the pollution of the entire continent of Europe with nuclear waste and all nations right into UK and Ireland are contaminated with these radioactive elements and their agriculture is poisoned. That contamination is ongoing.

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan at Fukushima has resulted in the continuous pollution of the Pacific Ocean at the rate of 300 tons of radioactive water going through the ground water table into the Pacific every day since the earthquake and the Japanese authorities have lied about it and concealed the fact from other nations and their own people.  The Japanese nuclear regulators are now warning the Corporation responsible to stop sending confusing messages and to be more forthright about the dangers.

These disasters are now being built up.  Up until recently the earth has not been able to be harmed until the 144,000 have been drawn out and sealed.  Once that number has been reached, which is basically a council of 72 per year for 2000 years including the prophets, the earth has not been allowed to be harmed (see the paper The Harvests of God, the New Moon Sacrifices, and the 144,000 (No. 120)). We are told that and that sequence is listed in Revelations chapter 7.  We appear to now have reached that benchmark and the earth is now about to be significantly harmed.  The Great Multitude is in addition to the 144,000 and they will be drawn out over the period of the harming of the earth on up into the time of the Witnesses (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)).

The Northern Pacific is about to be destroyed and its fish stocks polluted and that will spread now into the Southern Pacific. These articles will give us all an idea of how serious it really is.

1. Fukushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily.

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2. Fukushima update - North American food supply poisoned along Pacific Coast

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“The world's nuclear watchdog has urged Japan to explain more clearly what is happening at Fukushima and avoid sending 'confusing messages' about the disaster, the country's atomic regulator says.

The International Atomic Energy Agency questioned why the leak last week of 300 tonnes of highly radioactive water merited a rating on its International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), when no other incident since the March 2011 meltdowns had. The watchdog's criticisms came as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said his government would take charge of the clean-up operation following withering criticism of the plant operator's ability to get the job done.

Local regulators on Wednesday rubber-stamped their earlier assessment of the huge spill, in which one of around 1000 tanks at the site was found to be holed, as being INES Level 3.
That made it the single most serious incident since three reactors went into meltdown after being swamped by the earthquake-sparked tsunami.

The initial catastrophe, which spewed radiation over the countryside and sent tens of thousands of people fleeing, was rated Level 7, the same as the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Last week's spillage was 'the most recent of a number of events that involved leakage of contaminated water', the IAEA said in a document submitted to Japan's Nuclear Regulatory Authority.
'Previous similar events were not rated on the INES scale. The Japanese Authorities may wish to prepare an explanation for the media and the public on why they want to rate this event, while previous similar events have not been rated.'

Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) is struggling to deal with the vast - and growing - volume of now polluted water it has used to cool the broken reactors.
It said last week that some of the 300 tonnes that leaked from the tank could have made its way through drainage systems into the Pacific Ocean. That came on top of the admission that groundwater contaminated by water from the plant was flowing into the sea at a rate of 300 tonnes a day, taking its low-level radioactive load with it.”

This problem is ongoing and very serious.  There are many more reactors all with serious problems and all capable of going into meltdown in the near future.  They are mostly on serious fault lines.

This point in time is the commencement of the catastrophes of the end.

What we do not realise is that we are also at the commencement of the crisis that leads into the wars of the Fifth Trumpet and then into the Sixth.  We will deal with those aspects over the next few messages. 

We have to seriously prepare for the Wars of the End now.

Pray we are able to escape and be counted worthy.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.