Sabbath 23/3/36/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will pause to reflect on what has been happening over recent weeks and to think about where it is we are going as a World Conference.

Over the last two weeks we have sent people to various places in order to induct churches in numerous nations.  Each week we get many requests to join CCG and not all get accepted given their backgrounds and beliefs.  Many do not really understand fully just how corrupted so-called “mainstream” Christian doctrine really is and how their churches are so far out of touch with original Christianity.

The significant growth area at present is West Africa.  We sent one of our officers to the Ivory Coast to induct the church there and in a few weeks the radio programs were up and running and the access stats went from the hundreds to the thousands to the tens of thousands and last week it was over 42,000 hits from cyber cafes with a few hundred computers. It is truly amazing.  Mamadou Kabore the national coordinator was contacted by a pastor he had known some years ago and he was asked to induct them into the CCG.  The CCG National Church is based on the outskirts of Abidjan and the new groups are in the centre so the distribution will spread more evenly over Abidjan.  There are 3.8 million people there in the city so the potential is very good. Even the boss of the radio station is impressed with CCG doctrines, as are many thousands of others.

We have to induct more churches in Liberia soon and we will establish a further mission in Ghana. Another church has asked us to instruct them in Togo.  The pastor has been an SDA for 25 years and wishes to establish a teaching facility using CCG papers and materials. In neighbouring Benin another church has asked to be inducted and we will send officers to do that soon.  Also Anthony in Nigeria has been asked to induct a church in Lagos and assist them in establishing the doctrines firmly. The officer has been theologically trained and is being confronted by the facts of the faith and how divergent the mainstream systems are from original Christianity.

There is another significant group of new converts to be baptised this week in Rwanda. We also had inductions in Burundi and Congo DR.

Moses Lomongo had to go to Lake Turkana and induct the groups there. It is near the Ethiopian and Sudanese border and is so remote that he says he has to wait two weeks for the next transport out of the area. The groups are on the rivers feeding Lake Turkana which is a very mineral rich lake system that has significant croc populations in it.  Potable water is a problem there.

The South Africans are having to start from scratch with groups in Malawi and Mozambique. Internal groups in SA are also studying. Our officers from the Baltic are also working with Russians and Ukrainians. 

Nathan and Alan Brach returned a few weeks ago from inducting the group in Myanmar at Yangon.  The Portuguese work is also increasing and the groups in Brazil were keen to help Uganda over its flood problems.  The Cuban leaders are going to the US for the feast for inductions and development as are the Mexicans leaders.  Please pray that we are given the additional manpower and funds to deal with the work. It is a very intensive phase of operations we are moving into and we need the assistance. Ask God to help us. We have not written begging letters over the years and we do not intend to start now.  God will give us as He wills but please ask Him for His help.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General