Sabbath 25/2/36/120                                                                                                     

Dear Friends,

Well as we said previously the financial crisis that was engineered to take effect in 2013 is proceeding as planned and some very serious precedents are being set that strike at the very fabric of human rights and the ownership of financial resources and the safety and security of the bank system.

The most senior of German financial controllers and leaders in Europe have stated that the Euro cannot last more than five years and will collapse as a unified system. The basic problems of such a system were present when the Euro was floated and the unworkable nature of having a standard currency which prevented nations from adjusting their finances relative to each other was always going to represent a problem and the banksters knew what the problem would be and they planned on it.  Now the Germans are openly saying that the Euro is doomed in less than five years. What do you think they will do? Merkel has already told us what they intend to do. She said last week that Europe has to give up national sovereignty in order to survive financially. Fancy that. Who would have thought that the German imperialists posing as nationalist socialists would have moved to take over the European Union and make it a supra-national system with no national governments and assume sovereignty as a bureaucratic unelected economic system? How novel.  That is what the Bible says is to happen in the last days and the whole world gives its power to the beast and no man can buy or sell save that he has the mark of this system.  It has been moving in this direction since the prophet Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar that he was the head of Gold of that system and the continued systems of that beast were of continuing and inferior quality metals but of increasing warlike powers until the last system of ten toes of iron mixed with miry clay would be the last of those systems and Christ who is the stone uncut by human hands will come from the heavens and strike the system of the ten on the toes and collapse the entire edifice. Messiah will then commence to rule forever and ever (see the paper WWIII Pt. I: The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A)). The world will be brought to subjection for 1000 years and the elect of the First Resurrection will rule with Christ from Jerusalem (see the paper Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A)) and then the Second Resurrection of the Dead will occur and proceed to the Great White Throne Judgment over 100 years (see the paper The Second Resurrection of the Dead and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)) and then the City of God will come to the Earth and we will rule the universe as spirit beings from the earth and set up a  system that will last forever (see the paper The City of God (No. 180)). 

God has said through Messiah and His servants the prophets that this final system will rule for only one hour with and as the beast. A prophetic hour is a maximum of a month so this system will have total world control for only one month but it will do enormous damage while it is setting up the system and through the wars that it inflicts on all nations. Christ will deal with this system and the religions of the world that are set up by it and flow on from it to the final conflict. The Sun and Mystery Cults and the Sun system symbolised by its festivals and the Christmas and Easter system will be smashed by Messiah and the nations will be brought into subjection (see the papers Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235); WWIII Pt. II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B) and the Advent of the Messiah Part I (210A)).

The sequence of the collapse of this financial system has been planned for a long time and the power of the US, UK and German/NL banks have been harnessed to achieve that end. Its key source of power is the Federal Reserve in the US and its power derives from the Federal Reserve Act of December 1913.

How is it to be brought about and what are the signs of its collapse and direction? To understand that we must look at what they are saying and also what they are doing in dealing with the nations. The most alarming recent actions concern Cypress and the actions there should be and are being looked at with great alarm throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

It is without doubt a catastrophe in the making in Cyprus and the conditions imposed on it by the EU “Troika”. No other nations in the EU have faced such conditions. It is considered a cruel experiment and is expected to backfire and almost certainly cause a serious depression for Cyprus. Cyprus is facing economic ruin at the hands of the EU and the IMF. To suggest that it amounts to a “rescue” is seen as a joke by many economists both in Australia and elsewhere (e.g. Stephen Long who went to Cyprus for the ABC TVs Foreign Correspondent program has written that the supposed cure is a curse).

The Parliament of Cyprus is to vote on it this last week and if they accept it the result will be devastating depression.

The precedent of what they are demanding of Cyprus is undermining confidence in the banking system across Europe and has people across the world watching the fiasco with serious concern if not alarm.

Steve Long says:
“Like Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain, Cyprus is in danger of defaulting on its public debt, and major banks are failing. But Cyprus is having conditions imposed upon it that have not been faced - yet - by any of those nations.
Incredibly, for the first time in the global financial crisis, bank accounts are being raided. Savings are being seized.
The EU, the IMF and the European Central Bank are providing 10 Billion Euros of financial assistance to Cyprus, a fraction of what it actually needs, but enough to stave off a complete banking collapse and immediate sovereign debt default.
In return, this grouping, known as the Troika, is demanding that bank depositors "contribute" to the "rescue" - not a bailout but a "bail in" with bank customers bearing the burden.
The loss of bank deposits is called "the haircut" but it's more of a scalping.”

What we are now aware of is that for the first time in this Global Financial Crisis (GFC) bank accounts are being raided and savings are being seized. Funds in private accounts are no longer private property and are being seized at the behest of these EU and IMF bureaucrats across national boundaries. It runs contrary to the constitutions of nations and acquisition on just terms. They created the problem and offer peanuts in assistance and then breach the basic principles of human rights in the process. It is nothing short of common corporate theft. The theft is not even universally distributed in a fair manner as it depends on what bank in which you placed the funds.

Steve reports.:

“In Laiki Bank - translation, ‘Popular Bank’ - all deposits above 100,000 euros will be lost under the deal; the best that customers can hope for is that they will get a little back when the bank's assets are liquidated.
In the Bank of Cyprus, customers will have, on current estimates, somewhere between 40 per cent and 60 per cent of their deposits above 100,000 euros confiscated.
Bank of Cyprus customers' savings will be compulsorily transferred into shares in the troubled bank, in order to build up its equity capital.
Smaller depositors won't lose their savings under the plan, but they are being deprived of access to their money.
In order to avoid a run on the banks, all deposits in all banks operating in Cyprus have been captured by supposedly ‘temporary’ capital controls of indefinite duration. Depositors can only withdraw small sums of money each day.”

He rightly asks:

“How on earth is imposing massive losses on bank depositors meant to help Cyprus? The short answer is it can't and it won't.
The combination of capital controls and confiscation of cash in the banks is killing commercial activity.
Many of the large depositors whose savings are being seized were businesses that rely on the money for operating capital. The country is now littered with companies that can't pay wages and can't pay suppliers.
In response, employers are laying-off staff and taking the axe to wages and salaries. Workers in many sectors are facing pay cuts of 25 per cent.”

It is obvious that the impact on retirement funds is enormous.
“Billions of dollars from superannuation funds and from retirees' savings were held in Laiki Bank and the Bank of Cyprus - an investment strategy which appeared sensible before the crisis, because the banks paid relatively high interest on deposits and the tax rate on interest income in Cyprus was low.”

Workers and retirees are bearing the brunt of the losses in losing large shares of their funds. So why on earth did the government accept such a silly and unfair imposition on their people?
What is not properly understood is that in Cyprus charities do the vital work many other nations expect of their governments and these are being very hard hit.

Like many others, the Pan-Cypriot Association of Cancer Patients and Friends is going to lose close to 30 per cent of its bank deposits above 100,000 Euros. This organisation provides palliative in-home care and pain relief which is essential to the in-home care of dying patients.
Also, the donations it relies on to fund its services are drying up as the economy crumbles, unemployment soars and wealthier Cypriots face the loss of their savings.

As we all know the pain is only just beginning. Civil unrest is inevitable and will spread across Europe and force civil controls and create the conditions of the imposition of the New World Order which is the Beast of the Bible prophecies.

The unemployment rate in Cyprus fell to a low of 3.6 per cent in 2008, before the global financial crisis. It is now above 15 per cent with forecasts from respected economists that it will double within months.  It is following on in Spain and Greece and Portugal and Ireland and so on all over Europe and the US and BC may well follow the escalating disaster.

Stephen Long says that even the government in Cyprus is conceding that the economy will shrink by 10 to 13 per cent in the coming year and that estimate is probably conservative.

It is obvious to us all that Cyprus is facing an economic catastrophe. Why did the Government accept the deal?

"We had a gun to our forehead," the former finance minister, Michael Sarris told Stephen Long.
Michael Sarris said: "Being told [by the Troika] we are going to pull the trigger if you do not accept an arrangement like this then I think you have to look at the prospect of a complete ruin of your economy."

They were placed in no win situation where they either took a massive cut to bank deposits that will guarantee a depression or they had to leave the Eurozone and face public debt default and a complete banking collapse. That may well happen anyway.

Acquiescing to the harsh terms demanded by the EU, the ECB and the IMF was not the lesser of these two evils. It will come back to haunt the politicians and civil unrest will follow.  Remember they tried to punish Iceland for defying the banking system but they did it anyway. It is blindingly obvious that if Cyprus were to leave the Eurozone and default on its debts, at least it could adopt a new devalued currency - or return to the Cypriot pound - which would make its exports much cheaper and help restore its competitiveness. The cost would be hyper-inflation and destruction of wealth.

This dilemma is being closely observed by all these EU nations facing similar situations and they may all decide to leave the Euro and that will not be in accord with the wishes of the Banksters and the NWO and they will resort to war as they have done for centuries. Conflict will be engendered over the next few months and years These are the wars of the Last Days spoken of by the prophets and they are now upon us.

What was the reasoning behind making such and example of the Cypriot system? How does the  EU based Troika justify what it has demanded of Cyprus?

EU and IMF leaders have said that Cyprus needs to shrink its banking system, which, before the crisis, was many times the nation's GDP. In other words they were courting overseas funds and those outside of the EU and much of it Russian money laundered through their banks.

Was not this an incredibly harsh and counterproductive way of achieving that end?

As Stephen Long has correctly pointed out: Some EU officials have absurdly even suggested that Cypriot depositors must bear responsibility for poor lending and investment decisions of Cyprus's major banks because they provided them with funds.

This is bizarre and reverses the rules of corporate operations. It effectively says that customers of the major banks in Australia or the US and the UK are responsible if the management and boards of those banks sanction risky loans and investments.  This effectively is what these imbecilic US politicians did in the GFC and the great bailout in the banks that are too big to fail but they placed the onus of responsibility on the tax payers of the US and salvaged these banksters because they are all under their influence and control.  Whatever it took to hold the investors in the banks was undertaken and false assurances and lies were used to deal with those people who quite rightly were concerned for their finances.  In effect the banks of Europe and the US and BC have committed corporate fraud in complicity with their political structure and they should all be imprisoned.

In Cyprus, Stephen Long  was given a copy of a letter the country's Central Bank issued less than four weeks before bank deposits were locked down, and confiscated.

It says: "The Central Bank of Cyprus wishes to stress that any action aimed at reducing, depriving or restricting the property rights of depositors contradicts the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus and ... the European Convention of Human Rights."

Yes we all know it does but is it likely that these people will face charges and be brought before the courts of Cyprus and the EU? Not likely.  The only justice that may get meted out is in the civil unrest that follows the chaos created by these banksters.  These EU Econocrats created this situation and are now using Cyprus as an example, not to prevent such action, but to send a clear message to the rest of Europe, and its offshore banking tax havens, and force the situation that will create the panic where the people will force the handover of national controls to the NWO and the Union of the Ten regions run by its regional bureaucrats under the Treaty of Rome.
The great casualty of this crisis has to be and is the safety of the banking system and the principle of property rights at the heart of capitalism. In this system both communism and capitalism must be destroyed so the NWO controls all of it and the individual has no rights that cannot be enforced from the barrel of a gun.

Most of the observers think it absurd that Cyprus is being punished for following the dictums of the banksters and Econocrats in the first place.  It was designed that they did so that the mess could be created in the first place and then used to justify the tyranny of the NWO.

The IMF advised them and Cyprus opened itself up to foreign capital, lowered the company tax rate and the tax on interest payments to attract money from overseas just as the IMF advised them and other small countries like it to do.

Stephen Long correctly says:” It was Washington consensus economics - but Cyprus alone is being blamed for the resulting bloated banking sector and property bubble.
It's hard not to conclude that Cyprus was bullied because it was a small country: not ‘too big to fail’".

The reality is that the IMF and northern European powers have become desperate realising that the mountain of bad public debt and loans in Europe is becoming insurmountable and cannot be saved.  That is why they are now saying that there is no more than five years left before the EU collapses. The NWO operatives however know that it was never meant to succeed and is only the first step to the NWO single economic system that cannot possibly succeed but which is necessary to enslave the world as foretold in prophecy.

The crisis in Cyprus had to be used to control the political structure in Germany which is at the heart of the EU structure for the NWO.  What will happen is that a crisis of confidence will be caused where all the people with funds in EU banks and crippled economies will lose confidence and cause runs which will force the closure of EU banks and bring the financial crisis forward to 2013 and force the NWO reorganisation and also war. This will involve Italy, Spain Portugal, Ireland, and eastern Europe.  Their need of rescue will force an EU supranational system much earlier than most realised.

Europe is scared because “what has happened once will surely happen again” to quote the old Chinese proverb.  However the whole world is watching and it is not just some EU countries that have reason to be scared.

We are about to watch the Empire of the Beast (the NWO) be handed total world sovereignty through the cowardice of its own politicians.  The Ten regions of the last empire are about to take full control.

Pray for our deliverance and the coming of the Witnesses. Without their 1260 days and their deaths Messiah cannot come.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General