Sabbath 26/1/36/120

Dear Friends

It appears that the move towards the reduction of the democratic process and the failure of the western political model in order to make way for the New World Order and its bureaucratic structure is well underway.

The political structure in Australia has been so incompetently handled and the parliament has been so disrupted that the Australian people are simply disgusted with the Australian Labor Party (ALP) both as a government and as a party in general. As we have pointed out over the last twelve months the political system in Australia is every bit as bad as it was under Scullin Labor before WWII when the ALP split in two and the United Australia Party (UAP) was formed from the Right Wing of the ALP with an alliance with the conservatives and then went on to lead and ultimately to become the Liberal Party of Australia. The time is right now for a new party to be formed in Australia and for the nation to take advantage of its preferential voting system and the freedom that allows it to form a minority party and progress to a larger system. 

The US system is a complete failure with its first past the post and non-compulsory system. It is trapped between a Democrat and a Republican system, both as corrupt as one another, and no hope of reorganising a truly democratic Congress or Senate. It is plunging headlong into the NWO with no chance or avoiding the utter chaos of the coming crisis under their own corrupt administration. As Churchill once said: Democracy is a completely unworkable system but it is the best humanity has produced from all the systems it has tried over time, or words to that effect.

The Bible says that we are required to elect our captains of 10s and 50s and 100s and 1000s and 10 thousands and their divisions of 28,000. It is not an option. Christ told Moses to do that and it is found in the laws of God and is to be followed out. The system is explained in the text CCG Standing Operating Procedures (No. A3).

It is not optional and it is not a sin to select your representatives and to vote for them. Nor is it a problem for them to represent you and to act to sit in judgment over God’s people.

It is now emerging that some academics are seeing the unworkable chaos that is now the ALP and the necessity to reform into another party not so encrusted with trade union power groups and those faction hacks that have held the party back from emerging as a new system or political structure forming a cohesive society free from class and elitist financial controls. The US is completely dysfunctional due to the Republican financial controls of the super rich and the unworkable Democrat structure. Australia is working towards such a divisive system and the EU is likewise imploding, seemingly engineered to form this supra-national system free of democratic controls. We will deal with that chaos on the New Moon.

The conservative commentator Andrew Bolt was to write concerning the comments by Professor Kenneth Wiltshire on Wednesday 3 April 2013:

“Professor Kenneth Wiltshire has a point:
SIMON Crean, Chris Bowen, Martin Ferguson, Kim Carr and their disaffected former ministerial colleagues would do Australia a big favour if they left the ALP and formed a new party...
They could begin the long overdue realignment of party politics in Australia. There is no longer a place for 19th-century class warfare. With a population of only 24 million, in a land of unlimited resources, there is no place for extremes of Left and Right and we no longer need parties based exclusively on labour or capital.

“But the favour Opposition Leader Crean would do is to Labor, rather than Australia. Wiltshire himself suggests why:

The record shows that Malcolm Fraser’s “conservatives” established the SBS multicultural broadcaster, left Medibank largely intact and supported human rights initiatives… The basic point is that red tories and chardonnay socialists have a lot in common and there is no reason why they should not co-exist in the same political party. 

I believe such a Hawke-style party would indeed win over many Australians, and this would force the Coalition to fight for that same middle-ground of multicultural, human rights Nanny Statism. The Liberals, always weak or shamefaced in projecting their own ideology, would be dragged to the Left. And does this country really need another Fraser?

That’s why I prefer Labor where it is: comprehensively discrediting its authoritarian brand of class-war green Leftism, creating such a visceral reaction in voters that the Liberals are free to be more themselves.

Here’s a good example. The Liberals were for a long time very timid defenders of free speech, in thrall to the “human rights” lobby groups demanding less of that stuff. Only when the Gillard Government went miles too far with mad proposals to ban giving political offence and to put the free press under state control did the Liberals find the courage and passion to become outspoken advocates for free speech. And they did so only because the public reaction against Labor’s muzzle was so unmistakably strong that the Liberals saw an advantage in being bolder. The Liberals surfed a popular discontent to finally become advocates for their own philosophy. The more radical Labor was, the more explicitly Liberal the Liberals became. They finally preached their philosophy, and to the betterment of this country.

So Wiltshire is right to recommend Crean lead a new Labor into moderation. But as a conservative, I hope Crean takes his sweet time.”

So the conservatives want the Labor Movement taken into a new moderation but not just yet.  They know that the time is ripe as we have said for some time now and it is just as it was in 1938-9.  However the reformation would cut into their territory and they don’t need such reform. Indeed the ALP has thrown itself on its own sword.

The same insanity is biting into the Republican system in the US and the Religious Rightist are strange bedmates with the GOP Neocons and the Banksters.

The NWO will do away with all democracy and the enemy of the people is the NWO financial system under the banksters and the Federal Reserve financial conglomerate of six institutions. The US is controlled by six banks only two of which are US. In other words the US is no longer within its own political and financial controls. The Australian system is being overtaken by the overseas financial conglomerates also and we will be slaves in our own country very soon unless we take political control from these internationalist socialists.

Pray that God delivers us from this evil system about to break upon us.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General