Sabbath 12/1/36/120

Dear Friends,

Most of us will either be at the feast site now or tomorrow we will travel to the sites for the Lord’s Supper tomorrow night and Passover and Unleavened Bread following.

In our prayers for the feast we should remember those of us who are not fortunate enough to be able to attend a feast for various reasons of location, or health, either theirs or a relative in their care, or for reasons of security in travel and conflict. God’s Law provides for all contingencies and in many cases it protects even the very young.

We have had to move many people over distance this year to assist in getting them ready for the Passover.  Some we have not been able to do and we will have to undertake activities after the Passover for some new inductions to CCG. We are all in different situations and many of us are not well off at all. The major thing is to make the most of what we do have and make sure we are all able to attend and have a reasonable feast with enough food and especially good spiritual food.

The world is growing more and more desperate. Syria is escalating now and we now have a fleet of a further five Russian warships deployed to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea Fleet off the coast of Syria and Lebanon. Syria this week ordered air attacks on Lebanon on camps of rebel groups there. Israel’s head of intelligence as we stated has said that Syria is readying to deploy biochemical weapons and the situation on four of Israel’s borders is serious. To form a coalition in Israel Likud had to join with pro settlement parties and that will further ratchet up tensions in Palestine.

On 19 March 2013 what appears to be a scud missile armed with chemical weapons was launched against the town of Khan al-Assal south west of Aleppo. It hit with a great explosion and pink smoke was seen to rise from the explosion according to eyewitnesses. The weapons fell on a Syrian regime area and a rebel post and area. The chemical agents appear to have fallen more on the regime area than the rebel post. The rebels were blamed for the use of the weapons. Russia accepted the regime explanation. As they are Assad allies they would be expected to do so. People said it had a chlorine based smell and that when anyone inhaled it they passed out and collapsed in convulsions and died. Many people are reported dead. The hospital is dealing with it as a chemical agent and poison. These appear to be immediate chemical reactions from chlorine gas weapons. The long term effects will come from the release of other biochemical agents in the stockpiles.

The problem with the report is that the rebels have no chemical weapons and no scud missiles. The scud was launched accompanied by air attacks and heavy artillery shelling on the area. There seems little doubt it was a regime attack. The fact that it was partly on one of its own areas indicates that it may be a false flag event to justify the escalation into biochemical agents in the Syrian conflict. If it was indeed a rebel action it goes against everything they think they have and claim they have. They neither possess those weapons nor the aircraft or the heavy artillery to accompany the action. The Russian acceptance of the regime explanation was only to be expected. It is also only to be expected that the use of the biochemical agents will escalate now in Syria. Ghassan Hitto, the new rebel premier, has said there will be no negotiations with the regime.

UK and France are proceeding to arm the Syrian opposition and they are now electing a government and a leader at their meetings in Turkey and US views are that it may make peace with Al Assad more difficult.  One fails to see how it could get much worse. With over 70,000 dead and one million displaced and likely to double in the near future, the war will only escalate in weapons and these will include the biochemical weapons of the stockpiles. The Russians and the NATO groups will try to seize the weapons but they will be placed in the hands of the fundamentalists before that happens.

The wars will escalate and we will see this regional war develop soon. When there is little hope desperate men do desperate things. We are not helping in our societies by our failure to discipline our people and the young are taught violence and immorality on an ongoing basis. I was amazed to see a youth in Brisbane say when his party got out of hand and the kids that went there on Facebook invitation, which were about 200 youths, rioted and wrecked a bus and when the police intervened they were pelted with bricks and hospitalised and when the ringleaders were arrested they reportedly said: “but that is what kids do.” It is fascinating. The pendulum will swing soon and it is not going to be very pleasant.

In the same way the Russian “investors” (allegedly money launderers or others) went into Cypress and brought over 20 billion there with the blind eyed assistance of the authorities and now the EU annoyed that it is faced with bailing out the Russian money has ordered it necessary to seize up to 10% of the large scale funds. The Russians are whining over losing 10% along with the Cypress bureaucracy that made money from it all.

The Cyprus parliament has voted by 36 against and 19 abstentions with no votes for the measure. They overwhelmingly rejected the EU requirement. The banks are under threat and a run against the banks was only thwarted by their closure. As soon as they open the run will commence again and the banks will collapse. This reaction may well spill over into the other nations in the EU. It may well collapse the situation forcing the NWO to intervene over and above the national governments. This was no doubt the overall aim.

Now the stock markets are in shock that administrations would act to deal with recovering funds from national entities through actions in this way. It threatens the security of investment. It will all get worse and the EU nations are going to continue on down until the NWO can enforce its financial regime and destroy nations on the basis that they and the banks cannot discipline themselves. When it all happens the NWO will place these ten bureaucracies in place all over the world and we will be faced with worldwide slavery after general warfare. 

Things are getting out of hand all over the world. In China pollution is so out of hand and corruption is so rampant that the rivers are turning toxic. The river supplying Shanghai has farmers dumping over 13000 pig carcases in it with viruses that may be commencing a pandemic there. One river has already turned red like blood as prophesied. Japan is being rendered a hazard because of Chinese pollution.

South East Asia is growing prawns on a large scale with antibiotics and Australia is importing more than it produces itself by some 60% of these prawns that should not be eaten anyway under God’s law (see the paper Foodlaws (No. 15)).

The total disregard for God’s laws and His direction is creating major problems throughout the world. People disregard it and when they are told they get angry with the messenger. We have a short time to go before it is over and we are through it and with the Messiah, and the planet is saved from itself.

The problem is that it is a very bumpy road ahead of us. Please prepare over the Passover to deal with the issues and do your best to help us perfect the messages and get more of the works completed and printed after the feast.  For those of us who are new, enjoy your first feast with us and soak up what you can as fast as you can and enjoy those around you. Those of us who have problems be reconciled and do what you can to develop your love of one another.

Pray for these people who are in conflict and pray they are able to be reconciled. Peace is an elusive commodity and you have to work for it.  Do as much as you can and encourage others in that path.

Do not let anyone steal your crown and take you out of the Kingdom of God. So many have been destroyed and removed since the measuring began in 1987 (see the paper Measuring the Temple (No. 137)).

Pray for the conversion of the planet to the faith once delivered to the saints.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General