Sabbath 22/11/35/120

Dear Friends,

Today is the fourth Sabbath of the Eleventh Month and next week we go into the last Sabbath and then the New Moon of the Twelfth Month Adar.  In the Twelfth Month the feast of Purim occurs and the message on the New Moon will deal with the Book of Esther and the Wars of Purim.

In this year we are going into further difficulties and more conflict and the sequence has been explained in the paper released with this message which is the new paper Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B).

The activities leading up to these wars and the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpet followed by the rule of the Witnesses and then the Return of the Messiah and the subjugation of the planet under the Vials of the Wrath of God are explained in sequence under Scripture.

It is a matter of fact that Scripture cannot be broken and the texts of the Bible must be carried out in prophecy.  The word of God does not come back void or empty and the task of the church and the servants of God is to explain what God has said through his servants the prophets and the elders of the Church of God.

This warning and sequence may well be unpopular with other Churches of God because they too will be dealt with in this sequence and made to correct their ways and false teachings. The actions of the Witnesses and then the Messiah in the sequences through the return and the Vials of the Wrath of God are directed at the Babylonian system and its Sun and Mystery cults. They will all be dealt with but also the Churches of God that do not keep the Sacred Calendar correctly and are involved with the Judaism of the Rabbis and their false calendar based on the Babylonian intercalations will be brought to account and punished for their idolatry and involvement with the Babylonian system. Two of those church systems will be punished and many of their people will not enter the First Resurrection.

The world will be brought to repentance and the false system will be wiped out. The Churches of God will be cleansed or they will not go into the First Resurrection. There is no negotiation and no way out but through repentance and correction.

This work will explain how that sequence develops.

Please pray that our people are found worthy to enter the First Resurrection and are added to by those also found worthy. Pray we become the group worthy to stand before God and Messiah doing the work to establish the faith once delivered to the saints and to explain it to the world.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General