New Moon 1/5/36/120

Dear Friends

This is the New moon of the Fifth Month of the Sacred Year 36/120.  This is called Ab and is often associated with disaster over the period to the 9 and 10 Ab.

This month we decided to deal with the forgeries and fabrications of the Binitarian and Trinitarian heretics who in fact derive their teachings from the Sun and Mystery cults and are in fact the true inheritors of the system of ancient Baal worship in Israel.  They continued on in Syria and reemerged in Christianity as “converts” to Christianity from the worshippers of the god Attis in Rome where they brought their Binitarian heresy into the church at Rome. It was through this Binitarianism that they corrupted Christianity and introduced the worship of the Triune god as the Trinity at the Council of Constantinople in 381 CE and finally at Chalcedon in 451 CE.

Make no mistake there is nothing converted or holy about these Binitarian and Trinitarian heretics in the Churches of God or anywhere else. They were planted in the Worldwide Church of God and were facilitated by the Ditheist errors of Armstrong. They never repented of their Trinitarian heresy and never knew the basis of how it became inserted in the Church of God from Rome from 175 onwards.  They did not know because they did not study. The plants were put there to destroy it anyway.  If anyone says to you that Christ was not one of the multiple sons of God and was coeternal and coequal with the Father they are Ditheists.  Anyone who says that Christ and God are the same, Christ coming from God as God then you know they are Binitarians of the Sun system derived from Baal worship and the worship of Attis, Adonis and Osiris. They are not Christians.  No Binitarian or Trinitarian can be a true Christian. They worship a false god and are not permitted to keep the sacred calendar.  That is why they follow the Hillel calendar based on the Babylonian intercalations. They cannot and do not keep the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts according to the Temple Calendar and the system set in place in the heavens.  Those people have rarely kept a feast and Holy Day on the correct days and never keep the New Moons.

The basis also that the false system was entrenched among the English speaking world was through Textus Receptus which formed the basis of the King James Version of the Bible.  US Trinitarians insist on its usage because it contains the forgeries inserted into the Receptus to justify the Trinitarian heresy.  If the Trinity is at risk they then fall back to Binitarianism using the forgeries.  So that we can deal with that issue more easily we have compiled a list of all the known forgeries and alterations made to the texts by the Jews after the fall of the Temple and by the Pseudo-Christians to entrench the Trinity. That paper will be issued this week as Forgeries and Mistranslations in the Bible (No. 164F).

We are grateful for all the assistance we have had from the church in assisting us to identify each of the texts involved.  We also used the very valuable work undertaken by Bullinger and placed in the notes to the Companion Bible.  This work will provide an easy and valuable reference tool for those who use the KJV but do not have a Companion Bible or other such text or another of the Trinitarian forgeries that also use the forged or erroneous texts.  We should all familiarise ourselves with the forgeries and mistranslations to deal with these pseudo-Christian heretics.

We also consider it time to deal with these false teachers in the offshoots of the Churches of God and the SDAs and the JWs in order to deal with their false positions regarding the Nature and plan of God.  Next Sabbath we will issue a message and a new paper titled Christ and the Archangel Michael (No. 076B2) so that the Ditheist heresy and fabrications of the Ministry of the WCG and the offshoots can be directly exposed and refuted.  Pray that we are supported in this work ahead of us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General