New Moon 1/3/36/120

Dear Friends,

More prophecy is being fulfilled as we proceed in this matter of the Middle East.  In the last days the invasion of the Middle East will involve the Ships of Tarshish so we are told in Scripture.  The area of Tarshish when the Scriptures were written regarding this war of the Last Days was in Southern Spain (cf 2 Chronicles 9:21 and was the gateway to transatlantic communication in the First Millennium BCE (Ps. 48:7; 72:10. Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel all mention them. Just who are these “Ships of Tarshish” and how do they become involved. The answer is simple they are the US and BC transatlantic fleet using the bases of Southern Spain and they form the most powerful element of the move into the Middle East.

The US has had joint bases in Tarshish or Southern Spain for decades. They have recently taken the decision to stock them with US Marines to move against hostile activity in North Africa and the Sahel.  It was reported last week that:
 "The Americans have requested the installation of a rapid reaction force in the base of Moron (located in Seville, Andalusia, ed) following the events in Benghazi (the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens, ed) for them to act quickly to protect their interests and embassies in the countries of North Africa and the Sahel," says Cembrero stating El Pais, who released this information, "at no time did it mention Algeria".
Several U.S. bases exist in Spain since the 1950s, he said. "They are Spanish-American joint bases," he says.                                                                                                    
Algeria is then assured that it was not specifically targeted by the U.S. deployment. The Al Quds Al Arabi article was "committed" by a reporter "well known in our immediate geographic vicinity," said the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Amar Belani, calling this article a "fabric of malicious nonsense.”  He added that "spiteful reference to the political situation and stability in Algeria is totally unfounded and absurd." (TSA)

Some comments about this article said:
The foundations have been laid, the Americans (use) in the execution of their plan ... what they call "constructive chaos" to destabilize any country of the world, unfortunately often with the tacit agreement of the leaders put in place in these countries.

The decision of the United States to deploy a rapid reaction force of 500 marines in Spain aims to protect U.S. interests in North Africa and the Sahel in case of danger and is not intended to concern Algeria in particular, indicates TSA, this Thursday, May 2, says Ignacio Cembrero, journalist with the Spanish daily El Pais and specialist Maghreb.

The Ships of Tarshish are from the base in Spain from what was Ancient Tarshish. The bases in Spain will be used as jump off points from which to deploy US carrier based attack groups to cover the Mediterranean Sea and the African Continent over the North.  In this war Lybia and Ethiopia will be at their steps or in other words doing the bidding of the armies of the King of the North as we are told by Daniel in Chapter 11:40-44 and following.

Another particularly embarrassing moment for the US is the revelation that President Obama misled the US as to the deliberate terrorist attack on the embassy facility in Benghazi and the State Department official Susan Rice is reported as having denied that it was a deliberate attack both at the time and during the last presidential election when the president himself denied it.  It was further revealed this week by Ambassador Hicks that the Benghazi officer killed stated that they were under attack before the phone went dead and the US Special Forces members that volunteered to go in to Benghazi were told to stand down in an action that they themselves viewed as cowardice. The reaction in establishing the marines in the Spanish joint base is seen as appeasing very real criticism from the US people.

The situation in the Middle East is escalating and Russia, the US and Britain are holding meetings this week to discuss the war in Syria and what may be done about it. Israel has already attacked Syria a number of times this week both dealing with convoys of Fateh-110 SAMs bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon and on military facilities in and around Damascus.  Israel is no longer prepared to accept the conduct of matters that directly relate to its own security. Syria has said that it will retaliate but it is not seen how it could do that without drawing massive Israeli air attacks on its own air force and invite its destruction. That would merely give the rebels a level playing field to advance the conflict. It would give NATO and also Russia an excuse for operations in Syria. 

At the same time this week a French submarine ballistic missile test self destructed off the coast of Brittany and the French are puzzled as to why that would happen.

One thing is certain, the conflict is escalating and the entry to Syria may not be all that far off. Terrorist activity is escalating and the Western forces are getting fed up with Islamist extremism.  The UK are tightening their immigration rules and they will expel and deport anyone that commits a crime.  In the same way with the recent Boston bombings there is division occurring in the US over immigration and also that is the case now within Australia.

There is much now developing and prophecy is unfolding before our eyes.

Pray for our people and the peace of the world.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General