Sabbath and Tabernacles 14-22/7/35/120

Dear Friends,

Well, you should have arrived and be in place for the Sabbath and the Feast of Tabernacles. Ingathering will take place and may well have been completed by Friday evening after dark. All of us are told not to go empty handed. We must go with an offering. 

This year is very important and needs to be studied in its own right.  It is only by the study of the Law of God in the Seventh Month of the Sabbath Year that we can retain our understanding and a grip on the Law of God and the structure of the Faith.

This year we have back to back Sabbaths at the beginning and the end of the Feast with the Last Great Day on the First Day of the week following the Sabbath.

We pray that everyone travels safely and we can enjoy every aspect of our meeting together.

Let us all hope that the world is able to stave off the violence and anger that seems to be engulfing it. There may well be war after the feast, and it may well just escalate from there.

War on a large scale tends to throw away the rule book. If these Muslim Fundamentalists keep at it the West will lose patience and the Middle East will become a dust bowl as foretold by the prophet Daniel.  The actions by the newspapers in Europe seem to be aimed at provoking total conflict. The action in the publication in France seems to be a mindless action without thought to the consequences. It is without doubt that the tasteless grubby cartoons will provoke a Fatwa on the publishers and that was to be expected.

Much of the hysteria is derived from the disasters that have passed for government in the Middle East and North Africa and on into Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are either corrupt criminal regimes or straight out dictatorships. They have not had free speech and hence tolerance among their people for centuries and they simply don’t understand how to exercise it. The West has declared war on itself for centuries and learned that survival depends on some medium of tolerance especially in Britain. Europe has exterminated non-Trinitarians for centuries but now the problem is too large without wholesale war and extermination on a scale never before seen.

It is only by making the world aware of the problem through the Law of God will we see the way out. However, the Bible is quite clear that the Messiah has to be sent back and Satan placed in the Bottomless Pit else there would be no flesh saved alive. On the Last Great Day we will all study the Resurrections of the Dead and the coming of the City of God at the end of the Second Resurrection. There will be none of the earth’s major religions left alive and practising by the Jubilee. Those left will be the Sabbath-keeping system under the Messiah. Hadithic Islam, Trinitarian Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Animistic systems will all be eliminated. We will obey God under Christ or we will die. It is important that we understand the function of the Law and the Calendar in the Plan of Salvation for us to attain the status of Elohim from the Resurrections – in whichever one we are placed.

There is not long to go now. The next Reading of the Law is 2019 and the Sabbath after that sees the Jubilee declared at Atonement 2026 and ends in the Seventh Month of 2027 which is the Jubilee year.  Christ has to be here some time before that and perhaps for the Reading in 2019.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.