Sabbath Message 13/8/35/120

Dear Friends,

We are about to embark on our second radio program.  We commenced broadcasting from the Ivory Coast this week.  The brethren there pay for the broadcasts from their tithes. Much of the education on radio is derived from the children’s programs or the summary papers.

Now we have commenced in Gabon and the radio programs will be done in French, English and Spanish as will be the music.

The church is invited to seek out Unitarian songs or songs that have no Trinitarian bias in all three languages so that we may continue with broadcasts 24/7.

The English hymnal will form part of the broadcasts on an ongoing basis. We are now trying to get up to date recordings in French so that we may continue in other languages. We have asked the US musicians to do more special music as will others be requested to or given the opportunity to perform.

I think this is the first time we will be given the opportunity to broadcast permanently. We will be entering into a legal agreement to establish CCG as the principal with our coordinator in Gabon, Cyril Zongo, as the technician running the station. He has a long standing Sabbatarian background. CCG Coordinators will broadcast from there in both French and English and Jean Alphonse will read the Sabbath Messages each week. We will record some more French and there is a lot of English already done.

We have been blessed in this regard and we have to take up the question of radio broadcasts also in Kenya and elsewhere.

There are many matters and avenues that are being opened for us now and we ask that the One True God funds us so that we can expand in the work and fund the many serious projects and developments that we have before us.

We are sending seed and fertilisers and tools to the Turkana in Northern Kenya and also into the Congo DR as the planting season is well underway with the rains and the land is being prepared or has been prepared.

The Bible program is being prepared especially in Kenya. There is a great need for Bibles in Africa generally.

The publications are under way and we need help in that regard also.

We have requests for more inductions in West Africa and in Istanbul. We have new requests now more and more frequently.

Pray we are blessed in all our activities.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General