Sabbath and the Last Great Day 21-22/7/35/120

Dear Friends,               

This is the double Sabbath of the Last Day of Tabernacles which falls on the weekly Sabbath followed by the Last Great Day on the First Day of the week in this Reading of the Law in the 35th year of the 120th Jubilee.  Satan knows his time is short and the planned genocide of Israel will be advanced by the Islamic or Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Muslims, and the Iranians are now at the seventh of the eight stages of genocide. They have begun the extermination of Israel on a lesser scale but it is nevertheless directed at the total extermination of Israel.

Satan will be confined to the pit by the next Reading of the Law in 2019 and so he must act from the time of the end of the Reading of the Law through 2013 and have the state of Israel eliminated before the coming of the Messiah. The Egyptians are hoping that Israel will be exterminated next year and their Islamic spokesmen have said so publicly on Iranian TV. The Canadians have openly recognised that Iran is well on the way to genocide and the week before the Day of Atonement they expelled the Iranian diplomats from Canada.  Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to attack Iran before the US election in November. The potential actions of Romney are largely unknown and the participation of the US under Obama is also uncertain but Israel knows that it has no real friends and will not allow its people to face genocide again. With the support of the ultra orthodox Shas Party Israel will act (see the paper Commentary on Esther (No. 063)).

Remember that Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons and perhaps 300, and can fly more sorties than the US by using its extra pilot capacity in continuous sorties. It also has the electromagnetic bomb which will send Iran back to the stone-age. Once the Iranians are literally reduced to throwing rocks and trying to light candles and their entire electrical systems and computers are reduced to junk, the Egyptians will be reduced to quivering jelly. If they are stupid enough to continue they will be destroyed and reduced to throwing rocks as well. These fanatics simply just don’t get it. However, they will get the idea fairly soon.

The Bible is very clear as to what is happening and that is why the Middle East does not and cannot afford to read it. Otherwise they would have to change their behaviour and repent.

The Shas party will try not to commit to war before the Last Great Day of the Feast.  As they use the corrupt Hillel Calendar, that will allow us to return safely. The war will commence before or around Purim in 2013.  The attacks by Israel will be carried out before the Islamic wars can be done by Iran and the other Islamic nations of the Middle East. That was exactly why Benjamin Netanyahu gave President Obama a copy of Purim on his last visit.

When we return from the Feast we will put out the timings of the conflict in the WWIII series. As we said previously the activities of Hezbollah and Hamas will result in the extension of the War into Lebanon and Syria, and the Gaza strip will be occupied by the NATO forces up to and including Jerusalem after they return for the invasion forces in Afghanistan and the expansion of the conflict in the republics of the steppes. When they establish the headquarters in Jerusalem we know the Witnesses are near. From the Witnesses we know exactly when Messiah arrives. They will preach for 1260 days and then they will be killed. They will lie in the streets for three and one half days unburied.  On the morning of the last day the Messiah will stand on the Mount of Olives and split the mount in two and form the valley of 66 kms north and south of Jerusalem. Then the Northern forces will be destroyed and the world brought into subjection (see the paper The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses (No. 135)).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General