Sabbath 7/7/35/120

Dear Friends,

Over the last week we have seen the political use of the media to stir up the masses in Islam from a misdirected video placed on YouTube by a person with a criminal record in the US. He allegedly has Coptic associations but one does not know what the real associations are.

The Islamic ultra religious factions in the Middle East are concerned with being made irrelevant because of the general public turning against the fundamentalist groups and so they are using the situation to stir up the less intelligent among their ranks against the US. Ambassadors and officials were killed in Libya and demonstrations in Egypt and in Sydney Australia and all over the Middle East and into Indonesia occurred.

The person who did it may well be safer in prison than out of it and it is likely that is where he will be fairly soon, seemingly being in breach of his parole. The damage however is far more serious. The Muslim community in Australia has only just realised how much damage these criminal fools have caused them and how much damage these so-called Sheiks are doing to multicultural relations in Australia and it is the same all over the world. The real problem behind these problems is in fact Google and their misuse of US law to publish this sort of material not only on YouTube but rather to establish servers with Blog spots where anonymous people can defame and attack others who are forced to defend themselves by recourse to law to enforce the principles that are so easily being eroded by those in the US government and the congress that are passing laws to enable the Internet to be used for their nefarious and clandestine purposes and in the pursuit of that goal law abiding people are attacked by people using these things to defame  law abiding citizens.

We have been forced to deal with people on an ongoing basis over many years who are mentally unstable and who came out of the WCG organisation and offshoots.  Recently we had to have attorneys explain to someone who came from the WCG system and made a hobby out of defaming anyone in the Sabbath system and CCG in particular.  We had to get our attorneys draft a writ and explain with whom he had entered into a civil conspiracy and published defamation and criminal fraud.  We would demand a trial by jury and seek damages over $100,000 which ensures that damages are able to be claimed in the upper reaches.  It was only then that the person realised that he would be sent bankrupt again for the second time in four years. Others sharing the defamation and running similar blog spots under pseudonyms were protected by Google.  We had to take out Court orders against Google on pain of contempt and damages to obtain the identities.  It turns out that the man was a Trinitarian churchman and had a lot of ex WCG friends in California and served Communion in his church as an officer of the church. They seemed to think that anonymously defaming Sabbatarians is fair game.  It appears these were the WCG people that left and went back to the Trinitarian system.  We are now going to deal with the church as well as him.  How can we as a people tolerate the sort of behaviour that these people engage in protected by US law?  We are all fed up with it.  Even the Duke of Cambridge has had enough and none of us blame him for prosecuting and suing these people and we hope the stringent French Privacy laws are enforced to the full and these invaders of privacy are placed in prison. The US government has to realise that it cannot allow publishers, which is what servers are, to be immune from litigation for what they assist in making available.

They will learn very soon that their unethical legislation will not be tolerated by the rest of the world and their officers and public servers like Google will be attacked everywhere in the world. Also the Iranians and their insane message of hate will come to an end with violence. They are close to producing nuclear weapons as we all know.  Their message of hate for Israel and the West will bring it to a head soon. This week a flotilla of British and other NATO forces are being sent to the Straits of Hormuz to ensure that they are kept open and that the oil supplies of 35% of the world flows through there without disruption and their threats will not be tolerated. They will face virtual annihilation if they persist as will all those associated or allied with them in accordance with the prophecies in Daniel (11:40ff.) and the other prophets.

This week we will be discussing the law of God, and on Tuesday we will meet on the Day of Atonement to study the law of God and at this feast we will read the law for eight days from the weekly Sabbath to the Last Day of Tabernacles and then hold the Last Great Day when we will study where we hope to be in the First Resurrection and then where those who make the First Resurrection will teach the people in the Second Resurrection who were not fortunate enough to find themselves in the First. That will include most of Islam after its collapse with the four Rightly Guided Caliphs and the Trinitarian systems that abandoned the Church of God and did away with the Laws of God and became Antinomians. Neither of these self-righteous groups will find themselves in heaven or hell.

The dead not in the First Resurrection will be in a hundred year training camp studying the laws of God that they should have been studying this month in the Sabbath Year and learning every Sabbath and New Moon and Feast, every year.

We noted both sides in this latest fracas are saying that they will be in heaven and the others will be in hell. The fact is neither will be in either alleged “place.” They will learn in the Second Resurrection which is the Second Garden of Paradise referred to in the Koran and has nothing to do with “heaven.”  If they don’t wake up and get their act together they will face the Second Death and simply die and be burned and see and experience nothing anymore and the creation will move ahead without them and we will forget them.

They don’t study the Bible, either group, and do not realise that the Gardens of Paradise will be in the Middle East run by the elect and the lands that they are hacking to pieces along with their own people will be the very place where the Temple of God will be built and God and heaven will be established there for the rest of the physical phase of the next Age.  From 2027 Fundamentalist Islam and Trinitarian Christianity will no longer exist. The Millennial Age of the church will exist under Messiah. No Islamic Sheik or Trinitarian Priest will be alive teaching their messages of hate and Antinomianism. In the year 3027 the Millennial Age will end and the Second Resurrection of the dead will occur and it will last until 3127 or the 140th Jubilee. In 3128 the City of God will come to the earth and it will stand on the Middle East over all the nations there now. It will be the headquarters of the entire universe comprised of the sons of God.

There will be none of this age or system or human creation left. Humans will be spirit beings and this system and its structure will be gone and called to mind no more.

There is only one truth and the world will know it either the easy way or the hard way. However you only have until the Witnesses to make it the easy way and the First Resurrection.  Don’t throw it all away.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.