Sabbath 17/5/35/120                                                                                                     

Dear Friends,

This month of Ab has seen quite some dramatic activities in the Middle East and especially in Syria. This past week saw the Full Moon of Ab and with that a transfer of weapons and some serious reactions in Syria and elsewhere. The conflicts will escalate on a continuous basis. 

This week we are issuing Part II of P38 titled The Heavenly Signs of the Sixth Seal in Context (No. 38B).

This text gives more signs up to the Coming of the Messiah and in that we identify the various signs over the last 100 years. In 1912 the Preparation of the wars of the end began in Libya and with the Italian expansions into North Africa and the development into WWI and the great battles that began from 1916, and the two brackets of 40 years to the end of the Time of the Nations or the Time of the Gentiles in 1996, and the last thirty years of the end of the Rule of Satan and the takeover of the world by the Messiah.

The last period from 1912 covered one hundred years or two 50-year periods. The period of the wars from 1912 to 1996 and the beginning of WWIII in 2001 leads up to the next period of intensification from the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq to the Wars of the Antichrist which will develop on into 2013.

There will be no peace now until the Messiah takes complete control of the world by 2025-2027 and the Jubilee in 2026-2027 from Atonement to Atonement; and the Millennium begins in 2028.

This paper draws our attention to the Heavenly Signs that occur importantly from 2014 to 2017. Over that period of 42 months or 1260 days we see eclipses of the sun and moon occurring on the months of Abib and Tishri and on the New Moons of those months and also on the Holy Days of those months and according to the Temple Calendar as according to the conjunction.  This witness occurs to refute the Jewish apostasy of Hillel II.  At the end of the period on 2017 we see the signs commence from the Feast of Purim to Tabernacles and to the night following the last day of Elul and the Feast of Trumpets as the New Moon of the Seventh Month.

We will record this work and issue it so that it may be studied in detail and the importance of the Heavenly Signs is understood.

It is important that God will deal with the false Hillel Calendar and bring the Churches of God out of their error and apostasy. They will be forced to understand the New Moons and their importance and the heresy of the Hillel Calendar.

God will deal with Judaism and their heresy and the heresy of the Armstrong influenced Churches of God that have followed the rabbinical heresy of Modern Judaism.  Pray that they are brought to repentance.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General