Sabbath 10/5/35/120

Dear Friends

It is now the Tenth of Ab.

It should be obvious now that conditions are building up towards the Wars of the End and the War of the Fifth Trumpet.

The Seven Seals have to be finished, put into place and all commenced.  The Seven Seals are explained in the paper The Seven Seals (No. 140).

The Seven Seals commenced Millennia ago. They are depicted as horses.

They are the White Horse of False Religion;
From False Religion stemmed the Red Horse of War;
From War came the Black Horse of Scarcity and Pestilence; however, it was told not to harm the oil and the wine (Rev. 6:5-6), thus the elect were out of its jurisdiction save they were given to die for the faith after their work had been accomplished as their final witness for the faith.
The creature of the Fourth Seal was the rider of the pale horse of Death and it was given power over a quarter of the earth to kill by the sword and by famine and pestilence and the wild beasts of the earth (Rev. 6:7-8).

From these seals of false religion and the wars and corrupt religion and government the pestilence was allowed to destroy the earth and the logical result of that was the persecution of the elect who are the saints of God. They lie under the altar and are those who have been killed in the persecution of the Churches of God.  These are those of the Fifth Seal who await the deaths of the saints of the end who are given to die as they themselves were killed. They were those who were killed by the false religious system of Babylon, the great whore and her harlot daughters that ruled the kings of the earth (Rev. 6:9-11).

At the end of the persecution of the elect of the Fifth Seal they were given white robes and told to wait until the others who were to die as they had died.  In this period the Sixth Seal will be opened (Rev. 6:12-17) and the great earthquake will occur upon the earth and the sun will be blackened and the full moon become like blood and the stars of the sky will fall as the fig sheds its winter fruit in a gale. This earthquake moves the mountains and islands of the earth from their place. 

We are now in this destabilisation and we are being subject to the sequence of sequential earthquakes and tidal waves and the heavenly signs will continue now to increase. The world will finally understand that the Messiah is imminent and the kings of the earth will realise that they are to be removed from power. They will hide in the rocks of the earth in bunkers and seek shelter from the wrath of God.

Revelation chapter 7 tells us of the angels of the Seventh Seal which commences with the sealing of the last of the elect of the 144,000.  After they are sealed the earth can be harmed.  The Great Multitude are also selected and raised to be with the Messiah who comes to the earth to deal with it.

The sequence of the harming of the earth has been building up and the problems that are escalating from the earthquakes and environmental damage will now continue to build into the Seven Trumpets. These are explained in the paper The Seven Trumpets (No. 141).

Over the final period of the Seven Seals from the Fifth and Sixth Seal we will see the last period of the Empire of the Beast and it and the King of the North will be brought down to the Middle East and will take control of it but in that initial phase it will be forced out to the East and North in great battles.

After the annihilation in the East and to the North into the steppes, the armies of the European Beast powers will occupy the Middle East from the Gaza coast to Jerusalem and they rule for 42 months there under the false prophet and the Antichrist. Jerusalem will replace Rome as the centre of the religious world.

At this time when the wars to the North have started and the Beast power is in Jerusalem, God will send the Two Witnesses, Elijah and Enoch, to stand before the god of this world at Jerusalem. They will prophesy for 1260 days and be killed by the Beast power under the false prophet and the Antichrist.  They will lie for 3.5 days in the street and be forbidden to be buried and then will arise at the call of the Archangel and ever be with the Lord at Jerusalem (see the paper The Witnesses (Including the Two Witnesses (No. 135)).

We entered the Wars of the end in WWIII from 2001 and this war will now last to 2025. 2025-2026 is the Treble harvest year.  The Sabbath is in 2026 and the Jubilee commences on Atonement 2026 and ends on Atonement 2027. The wars of the end begin in the build up to 1916 and the eighty years of the time of the end lasts until 1996/7. The sequences of the eighty years and the end of the 2300 evenings and Mornings are explained in the papers The Fall of Egypt (No. 36) and Fall of Egypt Part II: The Wars of the End (No. 36_2).

The Last Thirty years began in 1997 and God has allowed the nations to be subjugated under One World Order in this NWO in order to make it easier to simply transition to the World Government of Christ at Jerusalem by 2027. See also the paper The Last Thirty years: The Final Struggle (No. 219).

The Seventh Seal is comprised of the Seven Trumpets which end in the Seven Vials of the wrath of God.

The Seven Trumpets develop from the wars before them:

The damage to the earth results in:

  1. The First Trumpet is hail and fire mixed with blood and a third of the earth and its trees were burnt up with all green grass;
  2. The Second Trumpet was something like a great mountain burning with fire which was thrown into the sea and a third of the sea became blood and a third of the living creatures in the sea died and a third of the ships were destroyed.
  3. The Third Trumpet saw a great star fall and a third of the rivers and the fountains of waters became as wormwood and many men died from the waters because they were made bitter.  The name wormwood in Russian is Chernobyl.  The nuclear reaction in the core of a star is now harnessed and occurring on a repetitive basis on the earth. The nuclear reactions are set in train now and will occur all over the earth.
  4. Then the Fourth Angel blew the Fourth Trumpet and the sun and moon and stars were struck and a third of their light was obscured.
  5. Then the other three Angels began to blow and the three woes began to occur. The great Angel came to earth with the key of the bottomless pit and released the smoke, and the locusts of the bottomless pit were told not to harm anything but the people who did not have the seal of God on the foreheads. They were allowed to afflict them for five months but they were not allowed to die and their affliction was as the sting of a scorpion.

The locusts had human faces and female hair and lions’ teeth and they had scales like armour and the power of the beasts was in their tails and the sting was in their tails.  This text tells us that they were armoured and they used weapons that looked like a tail with a sting on it.  This was a tank gun in trail and the armaments they fired from them were of a chemical nature that caused the men to wish for death but not find it.

The next two woes came afterwards with the Sixth and Seventh Trumpets.

The preparation at the Euphrates for the Woe of the Fifth Trumpet has been put into place.  Russia has already armed the Syrians under the Al Assad Regime with massive numbers of chemical weapons. The Russians have sent troops and there is a large concentration of units of Russian Marines at the Syrian Naval Base.  Those Russians are under orders to move throughout Syria and seize the chemical weapons should they fall into hands that may see them used by terrorists.  The Syrian Ambassador to Russia has been summoned this week and warned specifically about the weapons of mass destruction and Russia’s view of their storage and control.

The problem is that it is too late and the Assad regime forces are actually placing them on the borders of Syria and they will without doubt fall into the hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon and also terrorists in northern Syria and all along the Euphrates from where we see the angel release the forces of the Fifth Trumpet.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces are already warning that Al Assad has moved chemical weapons to the borders of Syria  and that was a day after Syria’s regime said it would not use them against Syria’s civilians but would do so against foreign troops coming into the country. Given that they claim that all combatants of the opposition are foreign terrorists and they then massacre women and children, who is safe?
The FSA says that they began moving these weapons of mass destruction several months ago with the goal of putting pressure on the international community.  They also stated that Al Assad had transferred weapons and equipment for mixing chemical components to airports on the border.

Helicopter gunships are also now in use in the battle for Aleppo and Damascus. Aleppo is a Sunni  Merchant city which is in fact corrupt and working with Assad and the Alawites. The Rebels have taken the outer suburbs but not the citadel.  If they can take that then the Al Assad regime will be in trouble.  Refugees fleeing into Jordan from the Damascus regions are being attacked by regime forces and Jordanian forces have been fired on by Syrian forces.  Turkey is concerned about the Kurdish forces to the NE as a threat to Turkey.  The Kurds are the descendants of the ancient Medes. All of this has significance.

 Syrian Foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi acknowledged last Monday (5th of Ab) that Syria has chemical weapons and said the regime would use them if attacked by outsiders, although not against its own civilians.
"Syria will not use any chemical or other unconventional weapons against its civilians, and will only use them in case of external aggression," he said, in remarks that triggered a torrent of condemnation, including from ally Russia.
US President Barack Obama warned Assad not to make the "tragic mistake" of unleashing chemical weapons.
"Given the regime's stockpile of chemical weapons, we will continue to make it clear to Assad and those around him that the world is watching," said Obama.
Moscow said it "would like to underline that Syria joined" a Geneva protocol on the non-use of such weapons and "presumes that the Syrian authorities will continue to rigorously abide by its assumed international obligations".

Interestingly Israel said there was no cause for alarm.
"At the moment, the Syrian regime is fighting for its very existence, but all of its chemical weapons and its weapons of mass destruction are under full control of the regime," defence ministry official Amos Gilad said. They are obviously watching the situation very carefully.

Heavy fighting is going on in Damascus and Aleppo the two major cities and elsewhere all over Syria. Forces have been brought into Damascus also from the Golan area. All sources agree much of Damascus has been reclaimed and the town of Herak south of Damascus saw a number of civilian casualties including women and children. Videos of dead children smeared with blood are being distributed.

However, the rebels are settling down to a sustained guerrilla war in the suburbs of Damascus and elsewhere that they do not control outright.

The West is putting pressure on Al Assad to go as quickly as possible. Defections are occurring now all the time.

This war will continue until the War of the Fifth Trumpet is brought to a conclusion. It will expand to the war of the Sixth Trumpet and a Third of mankind will die. We will explain how that will all take place.

Pray for the return of the Messiah.  Pray for the Witnesses to take their place this year or as soon as possible.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General