Sabbath and New Moon 1/2/35/120

Dear Friends,

This is the Sabbath and New Moon of the Second Month, the 14th day of the Omer Count. Every day we are more and more enmeshed in the incredible confrontation between Trinitarian Christianity in the West and the Muslim Faith in the East.  Both sprang from the Sabbatarian Bible Faith of the Churches of God and both managed to corrupt the entire system within just over a century. We are now on a path to world war which was the aim of the adversary from the beginning.

It has been simplistically put regarding Islam that:

The Muslims are not happy!

They're not happy in Gaza.

They're not happy in Egypt.
They're not happy in Libya.
They're not happy in Morocco.
They're not happy in Iran.
They're not happy in Iraq.
They're not happy in Yemen.
They're not happy in Afghanistan.
They're not happy in Pakistan.
They're not happy in Syria.
They're not happy in Lebanon.
They're not happy in Malaysia.

They're not happy in Indonesia.
Somalia is a failed state. North Africa is at War and so are the states with high Muslim populations. 
So, where are they happy?

They're happy in Australia.

They're happy in England.
They're happy in France.
They're happy in Italy.
They're happy in Germany.
They're happy in Sweden.
They're happy in the USA.
They're happy in Norway.
They're happy in every country that is not Muslim.

And who do they blame?

Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.


They see this as a religious duty to destroy the very fabric of democracy and freedom that made these nations what they are even though they are totally inimical to the Bible faith.

The fact is that they are most happy in the countries that were based on a rule of law that had a Bible base and most are based on the British rule of law, or the Danelaw, or the French and German systems that were reconstructed after the Napoleonic Wars or WWI and WWII.

Their basic problem is that the Hadith told them a pack of lies regarding the Bible so that they thought they could throw it away and distort the teachings of the Koran. They thus made their society misogynist, perverted and unworkable. What society would poison over 100 women and girls on a repeated basis simply because they went to school, as happens under the Afghan system? It is the same one that would conduct prisons and torture and shoot innocent people and mutilate the dead as we saw with the NATO and coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The perversion or corruption of the Muslim system was done in a similar way to the Roman system which destroyed the basis of the Church teachings of the First century from the last half of the Second century.

Trinitarian Christianity is a perverted degenerate system that has corrupted its faith and is now at war with a system that has become a misogynist, inequitable, corrupt and theologically moribund system that bears no relationship to the faith taught to them by the Arabian prophet Qasim through the Muhammed, which is the Church of God in Arabia (see the paper Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (Q1)).

Their faith has no basis in the law of God or God’s Calendar and thus it is cast adrift on the mindless sea of the Hadith as the Jews are ensnared by the Post Temple system Talmud and as Trinitarian Christianity is ensnared by the Binitarian Paganism of the Sun Cults of the god’s Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Isis and Mithras as they morphed into the teachings of the Church fathers and as defined by the Seven Councils of the Church.

God sent the prophets and the Messiah and left us a record in the text we call the Bible.  Many so-called Christian scholars have done their best to corrupt the understanding of the texts based on apocryphal works but we nevertheless know what are the sound doctrinal texts and what the constant message of them has been despite the best efforts of the Sopherim and the Trinitarians to alter some key texts which we all know about and which are able to be corrected. Long term enemies of the Church of God use whatever means they can to obtain a basis for trying to destroy the authenticity of the Bible canon and use the Apocrypha to do that. 

The Muslim world should keep God’s Calendar and the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts according to God’s Law as contained in the Bible yet they dishonestly pretend that the Bible has been lost from the time of Qasim and the Rightly Guided Caliphs. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the Bible said at the time of Christ and the early Church and right through beyond the time of the formation of the Church of God in Arabia and the establishment of the organisation known as Muhammed which is the core body of Islam. Qasim and the Muhammed ordered that they keep the Sabbath (see the paper The Sabbath in the Qur'an (No. 274)).
Qasim, incorrectly called Muhammed, also told them that they had to repent and be baptised and to follow the Laws of God which the Hadith under the false teachers refused to do (see the paper The Koran on the Bible, the Law, and the Covenant (No. 83)).

Further, he gave them a calendar which they deliberately and wilfully dislocated and destroyed the connection with the Feasts of the Bible. See the paper Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 53).

They also distorted the teachings on women and the function of marriage and the handling of polygamy on conversion.  See the papers Polygamy in the Bible and the Koran (No. 293) and also Role of the Christian Woman (No. 62).  The monastics in Christianity also destroyed the role of women in the Trinitarian churches from the Twelfth century when they seized control.
The errors in Islam are profound and multitudinous (see the paper FAQs in Islam (No. 55)).

So what are these Muslims doing? They have entered the countries that are prosperous and stable due to the promises made to Abraham and the patriarchs by God through the Angel of the Presence. In spite of being given the rite of succession in the Koran in the surahs such as Those Who Set The Ranks and told specifically that Christ or Isa  is the Messiah and to follow the people of the Book if they are in doubt as to its meaning they ignore the importance of it all. See the paper Christ and the Koran (No. 163).

They pervert the Law of God by introducing the corruption that is Sharia Law instead of trying to study and implement the Laws of God free of these false Islamic Sheiks that mislead them. They insist that the countries that have become host to them adopt or allow them to use Sharia Law when the Bible is quite clear that only the Law of God is to be used. They abuse the hospitality afforded them and create a sub-strata of crime and the undermining of the society in which they live. Indeed they openly state it.

Multiculturalism has failed because of them and for no other reason. Incidents like that in Norway will become more prolific as the West fights back on the realisation of what is being allowed to occur within it.  The media tries to cover this up and misreport it and it is obvious where it is all headed and what will be required. More importantly, on this path, war is inevitable.  Trinitarian Christianity has become so corrupt and perverted itself that its own people do not understand biblical law and that their system is unable to stand. The two systems have been placed one against the other and the wars are already underway. Afghanistan and Iraq were merely the first shots in a war that will destroy most of the world and it is already upon us. The Bible prophecy deals with the war as outlined in the paper War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294).

The Bible prophecies are themselves the basic reason why the Islamists deny its authenticity. That is because they would have to repent and correct their behaviour and they never had any intention of following the truth of the Islam of the Bible as taught by the original Islam. 

The sequences and the modern explanations of the Beast system and of conflict are outlined in the series on WWIII (World War III: Part I The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A) and WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B) and the sequence in Part III being issued). See also the paper Advent of Messiah: Part I (No. 210A).

Satan will use this New World Order to react to Islamic intrusion in Europe and the resultant trauma will see the reaction against their behaviour. As it was in WWI and WWII with the nations involved these fundamentalist Muslims will be interned in concentration camps in Europe and separated from the broader Muslim society which will also be interned in camps.

The herding to camps as we saw in the previous wars will be caused by the Islamist activities in the centres of population they are able to control and the cities will burn. London, Paris and Rome will burn first as well as the other areas of Southern Europe. The invasion of Europe will be attempted and Spain, Portugal and the South of France and Italy will be attacked. The capacity of the Europeans to resist has already been weakened by the feminists with their abortion and the reduction of the young people and the ability of the West to wage war. This is seen as their greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the West, which indeed it is. In the end abortion will destroy the very societies that tolerate it.

The use of Democracy to destroy its own base is the weapon of the Islamists and they use lies and deceit to assert their system by brainwashing their intended victims. This aim they are achieving while they are destroying the resistance within their own Islamic societies

The prophecy regarding the end of the Catholic Church and the pope leaving Rome over the bodies of his priests has been covered in the paper The Last Pope (No. 288).

This conflict will be brought to a head by the Four Great Angels confined at the Euphrates to destroy a third of mankind. We will explain that sequence in the near future. All elements will suffer greatly. No one can avoid it and the media that conceals the conflict will inevitably pay for their cowardice.

Pray for the protection of the Church of God and the conversion of mankind.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General  Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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