Sabbath 3/1/35/120

Dear Friends,

We are now in the middle of the Sanctification period and the fast is next Wednesday. This last seven years has been a tough time. You will recall that I told those in the US in the Passover of 2005 that there would be an attack on the Church over that sacred year and that the US was the target. At the Feast of Tabernacles I warned those in Ontario that there would be some people in the photos that were being taken then that would not be there next year. I said to those there to make sure that they were not one of them.

Many did not listen and are now spiritual casualties of the adversary’s constant struggle against us. They started off to reorganise the church as another organisation but it did not last the distance.

It has often been a constant source of amazement to us that the Holy Spirit can give us advance warning of a matter and we can tell people what it is that is to take place and, in spite of the warnings, some still allow it to happen and think that somehow they are outside of the parameters of the action and control of Christ in the Church through the Holy Spirit.

The Sanctification of the Temple was traumatic that year and we hope that the process of the sanctification each year since has progressed so that we have advanced and the brethren have advanced in wisdom and knowledge so that we are ready for the next Sabbath cycle and the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. All of us will have to answer to Christ for the decisions we have made. The Church is being prepared and its faithfulness is being tested.

The next seven years, more so than the last cycle, are to be very trying times for the Church. We simply do not have the time to waste on odd behaviour and disloyalty and power struggles in the various nations. This year we have much to do in a number of areas. We need the help of everyone in the Church. If you can’t help please don’t hinder.

Over the next cycle the world is to be brought to a state of repentance and the Loyal Host will intervene to save mankind from itself. It is not in man to save himself. The state of hostility and accusation that lives in people is a very serious matter. The spirit of murder that lies within the hearts of mankind is one that will bring them to the verge of extinction. The Church has to be an example to the rest of the world yet it too is subject to the weaknesses of the world and the wiles of the adversary.

We are commanded to prepare for the Passover in a spirit of humility and reconciliation. We are to lay our gifts aside and be reconciled to our brother and then go before God. If you are in opposition to the body of the Church then that is another matter. You go and be reconciled to the Church and then if you are in a state of repentant obedience to the government of the Church then you can go before God. If not, stay home or go elsewhere.

For many years now we have been the sole source of the publication of the mysteries of God. There is no other group that has as much biblically sound material on the Internet. English is now only a fraction (albeit a very significant one) of our total language access and that will probably decrease as we get more translations done. For that reason we are the target of the demons and the false religions of the world. Do not be discouraged.

We are to use this Passover to get ourselves ready so that the Holy Spirit might use us more mightily even than it has done in the past.

Nothing is to be allowed to interfere with the publication of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. We have never had a great deal of resources but we have done a mighty job with what we have had. All of us can be proud of what it is that we have achieved. Even some of those who now purport to hate us have had a part in the promulgation of the Gospel.

Many people are distracted by false religion and false doctrine. Understanding the mysteries of God is only possible with and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Once we cease to act in the interests of the faith and under the direction of Christ we are given a strong delusion and we are sent away. Often it is impossible to get people to see that they have come under that strong delusion. We do not comprehend the power of the Gospel through our own intellect but through the power of God. God gives us understanding according to obedience and when we are no longer obedient He takes it away. That is often the reason why we see people advance such silly ideas after being removed from the power of the Spirit.

When the kingdom was divided under Rehoboam of Judah and Jeroboam of Israel it was only a very short time before Jeroboam brought in the calendar which had the feast in the eight month most of the time. The reason for the distinctions in the religious system was so that the northern tribes would not return to worship in Jerusalem and hence Judah. That calendar has come down to us now as the Samaritan calendar. It always holds the Passover from the New Moon after the equinox, which has been held from 25 March since it was fixed three centuries before Christ. It was for that reason the New Year was fixed at 25 March as a fixed date until the eighteenth century in the English-speaking people.

False ideas and distinctions are often for political reasons so that division can be entrenched. That is the reason why Islam and Trinitarian Christianity are so far apart. Neither is correct but the divisions are maintained for reasons of secular power. Christianity is riddled with division and deviation from the original teachings of the faith.

This Passover you will renew your faith and partake of the Body and Blood of Christ and have your feet washed anew. You will do it with those of you who have discerned the body and are of like mind. Some of you may be at home through illness or by circumstance of remote locations. You are not alone. We know of some of our members who are ill and it has taken them a great deal of trouble to get ready for and make the journey to the Passover. No matter how much trouble it was and is to get there, it is always worth it to be with friends in the body of Christ.

No matter where you are this year consolidate your friendships and get ready for the road ahead. We have much to do. We have never had a lot to work with but we have done the job as God wanted us to do it. We have a few supporting the tens of thousands of new people that have joined the church over the last cycle and are even now being added to us.  Many will be baptised for this Passover. We are told that it is not by might, nor by power, but by God’s Spirit that all is accomplished. We are doing what God has given us to do and we have no other command. We have explained before how God dealt with us and directed the work. We have been faithful to that task.

It is of note that the Church has developed in different sections of the world in different ways. What we now have is a very large number of national churches united in purpose and of one spirit in the faith. The Holy Spirit will give us direction and the means and resources to work. We will be given the guidance and the resources to do the work. We do not have to compromise our faith and the laws of God to attain the strength to finish the work. Remember your nation is one of scores and no one owes you a living. Nor do we have the funds to support the churches. You all have to support yourselves and those that need to be educated to come into the faith.

Our meat is to do the will of Him who sent us and to finish His work (Jn. 4:34).

Remember, it is not long now and the time of the adversary is short. Strengthen yourselves in the power of the Holy Spirit and remember that you are protected on this pilgrimage. Be together and enjoy the time and make the most of the studies. Whatever is good and clean and wholesome; whatever is pure and holy and of the Spirit of God, think on those things and renew yourselves.
Do not just speak of loving your neighbour; show them that you love them.

We have tried to show you that we love you all. Do the same to each other so that no blame can be attached to any of us. Create no schism in the body.

By our works we have tried to show the world our faith. In the days to come the Fallen Host will increase their attacks to destroy the work we do. To achieve much of their aims they need humans to do their bidding and they need them to act within or against us. The accusers of the brethren are not of us. As John said also of those that go out of us that they were not of us or they would not have gone out from us.

Be strong. Although we are a little flock and have little strength God is with us and if He is for us who can be against us.

Remember, with us there is neither Jew nor Greek but one family under God.

No matter where you are and in what continent you are, we are one family with Christ at our head.

Encourage one another and come away from the Passover strengthened in the Holy Spirit.
Love one another as God and Christ love us.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General  Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.
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