Sabbath  27/11/34/120                                                                                                    

Dear Friends,

The Coordinator in the Congo at CCG Bunia, Mr Tiondo Charles Celestin has sent a big thanks to the CCG Development Office in Kampala Uganda and to the World Conference for the recent assistance sent from the overseas churches for the establishment of the tailoring school and factory at Bunia in the Congo DR. They stated that they have received the five sewing machines and that the tailoring project is started there at Bunia. 

They expressed thanks for the projects that Christian Churches of God DRC conducts as a mission to help the vulnerable in society come up with self sustaining and self reliant economic ventures to manage their livelihood and empower themselves economically. They state that they will achieve that through training and provision of technical support by enhancing capacity building and spiritual development.

The Coordinator said: “We have to train the students and equip them with necessary skills to encounter the economic and social challenges they face in the society.

Within each of the four months of the initial training, the trainees will have to undergo rigorous training on tailoring dressmaking and cloth/textile design.

Tiondi Celestin said they will be sending a full report how the training is going.

These projects enable whole areas to develop a factory system.  In Kampala there are already enough trained tailors to enable contracts to be taken for the production of school uniforms for various schools both male and female and also for sports uniforms.  The production of female and male clothing of all types is undertaken.  We are also moving into shoe production and tent making.

We are also thankful for your prayers for the safety of the Congo and also for the Turkana at Isiola.  We have been able to provide food and medicine for the Isiola region but the Borana Muslims are attacking and trying to kill and scatter the Turkana and we need prayers for their safety regardless of creed.  It is also to be noted that the local authorities and those from within the Red Cross are reporting that the Muslims have penetrated the Red Cross and are diverting assistance from the organisation away from Christian Turkana.

Please pray for all people in these troubled times.  We have to induct a church in Lebanon soon and that needs to be conducted safely. There are many troubles and the safety of all seems more and more precarious. When one listens to the news of a morning now the headlines are more and more bizarre and if they were not real life events it would be difficult to make the situations up.

We will continue on with our project development. Thanks be to God for enabling us to do this great work.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General