Sabbath 28/10/34/120

Dear Friends,

We as a people are degenerating with great speed.  The standards of the Muslim world are a serious problem and have been for many decades. Imams preach hate from the Mosque pulpits. Women are subjected to horrific injustice and rape and torture is routine in those countries. 

However, it is a sad day indeed when the British Law system and its government is taken to the Europeans and their system of justice which has never been considered by the British system of Common Law as just or as reasonable as British Common Law has been.

The Muslim cleric Abu Qatada this last week won his case against extradition to Jordan on the grounds that he may be tried there on the basis of the evidence gained by torture of two other people convicted there.

The European judges in the court at Strasbourg accepted that argument that the UK's deal with Jordan to protect the cleric from abuse was sound.

European Court's Clare Ovey: ''There's a real risk that the evidence obtained from his co-accused by torture will be used against him at trial''.

He says that those convictions were based on evidence extracted by the torture of co-defendants and he would face similar treatment if returned. He originally fled to the UK in 1993 after being tortured twice.

The court said he should not face trial for terrorism on evidence obtained by the torture of others.
However, that was not the end of it for the British Home Secretary Theresa May. She said the European judges' decision was "not the end of the road".

Under the European legal system the British government can make a final appeal before the judgement becomes binding in three months' time. If it does not appeal, the cleric will have to be released from detention.

Abu Qatada, whose real name is Omar Othman, is one of the most influential Islamist clerics in Europe. He supports jihadist causes. British judges have described him as "truly dangerous".
What is a matter of disgrace is the fact that he has never faced trial in the UK, but has been detained without charge and had his movements restricted by a control order, a form of house arrest.

The Palestinian-Jordanian preacher has been convicted in his absence of involvement in two major terrorism plots in Jordan.  He was allegedly tortured in Jordan and fled for safety to the UK. The bizarre rationale behind his terrorism and jihadist incitement and the obvious conflict with the fact that he seeks refuge in a Christian country and takes advantage of its laws seems lost on him and the fundamentalist Muslim terrorists they incite.

This is Qatada’s (Othamn’s) history in the legal dispute:

Note the fact that the British system of justice was upheld until it got to the Law Lords. What is disgraceful is that the Law Lords made their decision in spite of the fact that the use of torture is banned under international law, yet it is so obviously practised and condoned by the US and Britain.

The Lords have become highly politicised and the product of political selection over recent years.  Fortunately, appeals to the Privy Council which is made up of the Lords was removed by the Whitlam government in their term of office in Australia from 1972-75.

The passage of appropriate legislation could have and should have been undertaken by the British Parliament.  People like Qatada have no place preaching their messages of hate in any society and appropriate steps have to be taken to pass the proper legislation to deal with them.
The most important thing is that the Common Law must be upheld and the rule of law and the basic rights of Habeas Corpus have to be upheld.  That has been a feature of British Law since Runnymede in 1215. However, Britain, the US and Australia are losing their sense of justice and the basics of our rule of law.  The US has trampled over Habeas Corpus and used torture in the operations and established places like Guantanamo Bay and the military tribunals and sees no wrong in what it has done and does not grasp what it is doing to its own people and the public view of right and wrong and the defence of justice. The passage of legislation in the US such as the Patriot Act and other like acts is a tragedy and a breach of the traditions that the US and the British Commonwealth have stood for over the centuries.

The EU Court at Strasbourg in their judgment made some basic observations that should have been evident to a first year law student, let alone the Law Lords of the UK.

"Allowing a criminal court to rely on torture evidence would legitimise the torture of witnesses and suspects pre-trial. Moreover, torture evidence was unreliable, because a person being tortured would say anything to make it stop.”

"The Court found that torture was widespread in Jordan, as was the use of torture evidence by the Jordanian courts.”

What is worse is that the US and Britain knew of these practices and they used them when it suited them to deal with terrorists. Qatada should have been and should be tried in a British court without delay and legislation has to be passed that deals with people like him. Jordan and the Middle East are like it is because there are too many people that think like these fundamentalist Muslims and they have no idea of what the Koran actually teaches in development of the Scriptures.

To have to resort to a European Court for justice is a joke.  Just over seventy years ago Europe was a moral cesspit from the Vatican at Rome to the German, Italian, Spanish and French governments.

China uses torture to extract confessions as a matter of routine. Often the confessions obtained under torture are the only evidence. Often they are wrong and the death penalty ensues.

China executes more people than the rest of the world combined. There are anywhere between 3000–10,000 executed each year. The true number is not known. The generally accepted number is at least 4000 people. Most victims of Chinese “justice” are poor and their bodies are used for the organ transplant industry.

The people of wealthy and influential families who are sentenced to death generally have their sentences commuted to a custodial sentence and released after a shorter period is served.

If we lose our standards and abandon God’s Law we will be sent into captivity under people like this.

This week it was reported in the UK press that a British Forensic archaeologist had detected fresh evidence of mass graves at the Nazi death camp at Treblinka.

NEWS BRIEF: "British archaeologist destroys Holocaust deniers' argument with mass grave find at Treblinka", Daily Mail News, 18th January 2012
"A British forensic archaeologist has unearthed fresh evidence to prove the existence of mass graves at the Nazi death camp Treblinka - scuppering the claims of Holocaust deniers who say it was merely a transit camp.

Some 800,000 Jews were killed at the site, in north east Poland, during the Second World War but a lack of physical evidence in the area has been exploited by Holocaust deniers."

"Forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls has now undertaken the first co-ordinated scientific attempt to locate the graves. As Jewish religious law forbids disturbing burial sites, she and her team from the University of Birmingham have used 'ground-penetrating radar'. Her work at the site, where the Nazis tried to destroy all traces of industrial-scale killing, is being followed in forthcoming Radio 4 documentary 'The Hidden Graves Of The Holocaust'."

Here are a few salient facts about this horrific mass extermination site:

Another example of the depths of human stupidity and cowardice in Europe was found in the sinking of the Italian cruise liner this week where the behaviour was nothing short of disgraceful. Eye witnesses reported fit young Italian men elbowing women and children out of the way to take over lifeboats so they could escape. The captain is under house arrest and faces charges for manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and leaving the stricken vessel while its passengers were still aboard. In fact, given the reports, the behaviour of the crew was disgraceful.  The deputy mayor of the Tuscan town went aboard and spent all his time trying to assist the passengers and saw no officers except one young junior officer who assisted him. The passengers and junior crew were left leaderless. We were all treated to the recordings of the Coast Guard captain ordering the captain of the liner back on board to report on his charges and assist to get them ashore and he repeatedly refused.   

The 21st century human groups are on the way down again and this time it will end with almost the total extermination of the human race. Unless Messiah is sent back there will be no flesh saved alive.

It will continue now until the system breaks down and full hostilities break out. Pray for us all to overcome the problems ahead of us and to be given the courage, strength and dignity to be sound examples of the faith and to be part of the First Resurrection and not to desert our posts, duties and charges.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General