New Moon 1/8/35/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Eight Month and commences the long haul to the Passover and the Northern Spring festival when we must reflect on our own position in the Churches of God. This year after the Reading of the Law we are all measured and dealt with. Each Sabbath Year it happens to those who are part of the elect and God deals with them and tests their capacity to remain in the Churches of God. Some are filtered out and others are added. All of us are tested on our ability to love one another and to go to the Passover in a correct and proper attitude. People generally do not make it beyond 7 Abib if they cannot repent and seek forgiveness and reconciliation.

God usually does not bring about major external changes in the First year of the cycle. He brings internal changes in the period from Tabernacles in the Sabbath Year to 7 Abib prior to Passover in the First Year of the cycle. God brings about external and structural changes in the Third Year of the cycle and that is the sacred year of 2015/16. From end 2012 to 2013 Satan will try to bring about a massive upheaval and the introduction of his last false system which will enter the wars of the end up until then and then the Beast power of the Northern system will take occupation of Gaza and Jerusalem for 42 months during which time the Witnesses will also take up their positions in Jerusalem. The most appropriate time for this change will be in the Third Year of the cycle. That makes it 2015 or 2022. During their ministry they will stand against the god of this world and restore the nexus of the law. This activity will force the entire world to view the consequence of sin and their failure to keep the laws of God. They will hate the Witnesses and seek to kill them and after 1260 days of their witness they will succeed and they will lie in the streets of Jerusalem for 3.5 days until the Messiah comes and they are resurrected and taken to be with him while the First Resurrection occurs.

One of the significant tasks they will give the world is that of keeping the festivals of God as determined during the ancient system of the Spring and Autumn festivals as determined by the Conjunctions of the New Moon of the First Month Abib and of the Seventh Month called Tishri.

These festivals are determined from the New Moon or Choy Yat of the Chinese Calendar and both fall on the Full Moon as does the Bible Calendar.

They are the oldest festivals of the ancient Chinese system and have remained in place unmoved in spite of the New Year of the Chinese Calendar being moved forward one month. Thus despite the alteration of the New Year the festivals maintained their position as the New Moon closest to the Equinox. They have kept these festivals by their historical reckoning for 3000 years which means they have kept them from the time David entered Jerusalem. The calculations are as per the Conjunction, which the Temple authorities, such as Philo, state was the Temple system. The Chinese carried their system into China from the Middle East. They never lost it and are living proof that the Hillel system is false and the post-Temple Jewish calendar is a false Babylonian contrivance issued by Hillel II in 358 CE.

When the nexus of the law is restored the Chinese will have less difficulty adjusting to the system than the Jews will have in doing so. They only have to adjust to keep the Sabbath as they already observe the New Moons and the feasts of 15-21 Abib and 15-22 Tishri. They have been more faithful to the ancient festivals than have the Jews themselves. They have nevertheless lost sight of the meaning of the festivals and will have to be re-educated. The next 15 years are to be the most eventful in human history. Repent.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General