New Moon 1/5/35/120                                                                                                   

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Fifth month called Ab. God traditionally deals with Israel and the church in this month. The sequence can also be seen in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 70).

Many tragedies associated with Israel happened in Ab. Those who were not in step with God were dealt with in this month and the nation suffered much in this month. We in CCG do not normally experience many adverse problems in this month because we are usually trying to do our best; especially this year of the 35th year of the 120th Jubilee (2012), which is the reading of the law of God. This month will not be a very happy month for some however.

We are still dealing with the reorganisation in Kenya.  We have baptised the senior officers of many different church groups so that they can get on with the business of being integrated to CCG. Since last year we have inducted many new groups. Many have been waiting for a couple of years. The Kenyan records are being updated on the web site and there are many more to go.

This year we will be holding the Reading of the Law for the World Conference, heads of National Conferences, and Regional Officers in Phuket, Thailand. The South and East Asian officers are hosting the conference and matters appear well in hand. We will be electing new officers and the General Secretaries will hand over to the new General Secretaries.

It is important that we also study the corruption of the Temple Calendar and the Sabbath and Jubilee system in Judaism.  They refuse to restore the Jubilees and indeed have made a 49-year jubilee contrary to the Bible, and instead of reading the law each Sabbath during Tabernacles and finishing at the end of Tabernacles before the Last Great Day of the Feast, which is the Last Holy Day in the Seventh month, they read the law on the Last Great day every year and thus corrupt and pervert the law of God. One can understand what it is they do by studying the paper Distortion of God’s Calendar in Judah (No. 195B).

They still refuse conversion and when the Christians in Israel sent them a text with the New Testament (NT) and post-NT writings at least one MP publicly tore up the NT and later writings. Their time of conversion is not far off and they will be forced to deal with the Faith once delivered whether they like it or not. They are and were sent into captivity and punishment from 5 AB on an historical basis for their rebellion and obstinacy and it will get worse from this year onwards. There were a number of times God dealt with them from this date.

This Monday will be the Fifth day of the Fifth month. The significance of the month of Ab was that it followed the worship of the false god Tammuz or Dumuzi in the Golden Calf whose false worship is commemorated in the name for the month. That is the month in which Israel sinned at Sinai. The details are examined in the paper The Ascents of Moses (No. 70) The text of that paper has many important observations concerning the law and the place it occupies in the plan of God under Jesus Christ. From the paper the Ascents of Moses we see:

“The transition to Ab (root word for father) is actually the transition to the worship of the Father alone. That is why the New Moon of Ab is the time for repentance and change. From the New Moon to the Ninth is the period of completion. The Tenth of Ab brings the cycle of change to a close. Many of those who do not change are removed by this date. Thus the Babylonians destroyed the temple of King Solomon because Judah did not repent. They were removed and the old temple was completely destroyed.”
“It was in this month that Ezra and Nehemiah finished construction of the wall at Jerusalem. They began work on the wall in the Fifth month on the second or third day of the month and work was completed in fifty-two days on the Twenty-fifth day of the Sixth month Elul. In other words it was constructed from the days after the New Moon of Ab to the end of the month of Elul and for the New Moon of the Day of Trumpets. The timing is examined in the paper Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250). Moses had returned at the end of Elul to keep the Holy days of the Seventh month with Israel, which culminated in the Feast of Tabernacles and the Last Great Day.”
“In the Fifth Ascent, Moses returned to the Mount asking forgiveness for the sin of idolatry of the Golden Calf. Moses asked God to forgive them or blot him out of the Book. Moses came down and led the people to where God told him. There was a plague because of the calf. The tabernacle was placed outside of the camp. The Lord descended and spoke to Moses. Moses was told the people were to be separate. God had said that He would show ‘my presence’ and guide him and the people of Israel into their possessions. Moses was told to hew another set of tablets, and only Moses was to come up to the top of the Mount and no one else (or their flocks) was to be on the Mount.

The Fifth Ascent is covered in Exodus 32:31-33 and the Descent in Exodus 32:34-34:3.

The Sixth Ascent is covered in Exodus 34:4-28 and the Descent from 34:29-35.

Over this Fifth and Sixth month Moses was again on the mountain at Sinai with the Angel of the Presence who became Jesus Christ. Moses received the details of the Law which was to guide Israel and the entire world through the years ahead, and which would ultimately control and guide the world under the millennial reign of Christ and the elect until they reached the end of the physical existence of mankind. Man was to be made a spiritual being and granted eternal life and thus immortality. We are to become gods as Christ was granted that glory and eternal life by God before us (Zech. 12:8 and the paper The Elect as Elohim (No. 1)).

Remember Moses had come down at the end of the Fourth month to find Israel in sin and the tablets of the Law were broken. He slew the unfaithful leaders, some three thousand in number, and returned up the mountain to speak again with Christ and receive a new set of tablets and the full explanation of the Law of God in its entirety from the mouth of Jesus Christ himself.”

God uses this Fifth month to deal with Israel, both physical and spiritual.

From the Fifth and Sixth we are prepared and dealt with and in the Seventh month of the Seventh Year we are retaught the laws of God by studying the Law of God in detail from the beginning of the Seventh month to the Last Great Day.  From then we are to reorganise to commence for the next cycle.  This next cycle of the Jubilee will see much horror and war and will continue the wars of the end through to the end of the 25 years from 2001 to 2025. By that time the world will see Messiah and be brought to captivity and we will be restored for the millennial system after the treble harvest year of 2025, the Seventh Sabbath Year of 2026, and the Jubilee of 2027. From Atonement of 2027 the world will be reallocated to its inheritance and by 1 Abib 2028 the Millennium will commence with the Golden Jubilee, which is the beginning of the 50th Jubilee since the Restoration under Ezra and Nehemiah (see the paper The Golden Jubilee and the Millennium (No. 300)) .

Please pray for the Churches of God to have them come to repentance and diligence.  Let us all prepare for the Reading of the Law in all our nations. CCG will read the law all over the world this year and not just in the World Conference location. The tapes and papers will be available to every location.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General