Sabbath 23/9/34120 A                                                                                                  

Dear Friends,

I have recovered from the recent problems when I went out of remission due to my African trip and the extensive activities there.

I thank you for your prayers and encouragement. As I had explained to you previously God had not taken this thorn from my side when I was baptised but he made it easier for me to do the tasks required of me and to date I have been able to function well.  It is only occasionally that I am destabilised and this time it was due to the various anti-malarials and to the extensive travels in local accommodation with local food that destabilised my system and I had to recover from that aspect. We also lost a lot of weight, but we also saved the church a lot of money in accommodation costs. I expect to be fully operational soon. 

I noticed that my system is fairly good in the tests I am getting and my refusal to take some medications some 24 years ago has now been shown to have worked in that my system has much lower and better levels now than then. Sheer perseverance and determination to put up with the pain has helped me greatly. Had I taken the medications they wished to give me I may well now be unable to continue and actually be dying. However, I am not and that is the blessing. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

We were able to make arrangements for the protection of our brethren in Northern Kenya among the Turkana and we saved more than a few lives. We are in discussion with the local authorities there and we are to commence development activities in the Isiola area soon.

We also suffered evictions in Nairobi for some of our poorer brethren in the slum areas and we have relocated them out of the area into the Trans Mara and we are now reorganising them there.

The Trans Mara is to become a major focus of CCG operations in Kenya and we have now some five areas of land on which we will place church schools and buildings and another larger piece in the Rift where we will establish a consortium for development of hospitality and accommodation systems. We have had extensive meetings with the tribal chiefs and leaders in Isiola and in various areas of the Trans Mara out into the Rift escarpment and up to the Kisii area.

We hope to accelerate our training systems in Kenya and improve the training from Uganda.

We had one of our new ministers send us a happy Xmas and Happy New Year email. As a result we are sending out a questionnaire regarding our doctrines in both English and French to all ministry and leaders. There will be places for answers and the placement of relevant Scriptures in each section.

We will mark each response and then take the ministry through each error and retrain them. Once again study the Statement of Beliefs of the Christian Faith (A1) and teach it to every person in every church.

Study the paper God’s Calendar (No 156) and associated papers. Study the paper Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) so you understand what is wrong and why we are forbidden to celebrate the festivals. If anyone is found to be doing so they will be removed immediately. There will be no exceptions.

This New Moon is on the pagan 25 December and you will be expected to study the paper No. 235 to understand just how wrong it all is. God forbids this festival through Jeremiah 10:1-9.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General