Sabbath 2/9/34/120

Dear Friends,

Today the Sabbath follows the New Moon and the Church is now developing the programs for the build up to the Passover of 2012 which is a Sabbath Year.

We are trying to establish Kenya on a sound footing with many new inductions and new programs being developed. We have made many representations to the Kenyan authorities regarding the atrocities committed in the Isiola area and they are sending in an army contingent to establish order and to disarm the criminal elements that were behind the atrocities. Some of the Muslim elements and a number linked with Al Shabaab in Somalia that were behind the atrocities did not think it fair that they were being exposed and subject to such action and external pressure.

The simple answer is if you do not wish to face the music don’t kill women and kids and old men or anyone else for that matter. 

The long process of rebuilding is before us and the areas of Isiola at Arimet and Attir have to be rebuilt by the church there. There are many areas that need rebuilding but these are CCG areas and we will concentrate on them.

Fortunately we have been fairly blessed in other areas and things are more or less stable except in Nairobi.  The major evictions of the slum areas of Nairobi saw some of our people affected and we are resettling them into the Kisii of the Trans Mara and also hopefully to be assisted among the Luhya and Kuria tribes and into the Kalenjin lands with some Luo also. Whilst I was there we were fortunate enough to meet the chiefs and elders of the Kisii and also the councillors and elders of the Turkana. They have promised us lands to be allocated to CCG for development purposes for education and other employment projects for the welfare of their people.

The task at Isiola is a tough one as we have to reconstruct the burnt out and looted houses there and replace the stolen items from food to livestock and personal possessions. Fortunately CCG did not have the people killed there that we saw in the other groups. We have seen many bodies of old men and children. One child was 18 months old and was shot and thrown into the burning house to be incinerated with its mother. How is God glorified in any of that insanity? George Onyango, the Senior Coordinator for CCG Kenya, is off to Isiola again this coming week to take some supplies up to them. Soon he and Moses Lomongo have to go further north to the Sudan border and into Ethiopia to induct more of the Turkana and Samburu.

It is raining now all over Kenya and they are trying to get some more food crops in to harvest for supplies. Seed and fertiliser are needed.      

We are also inducting more churches in the Mombasa area. We have a number of competent leaders now and we are trying to establish areas in seven different locations from the North of Kenya to the Tanzanian border. Let us hope we can continue working productively.

Development projects are increasing elsewhere and we now have a number of cybercafés in the Congo DR which is not only paying for our inductions there and assisting the travel and printing costs but it is also assisting in the educational development by making the computers available to the schools so the children can be trained in IT skills. The schools there do not have computers themselves so we can assist them.

Each of our churches should think of their own long term development. Do not ask for money for transient things. You had to survive before CCG so get on with life and develop your own skills at food production and income generation.

Help one another. When one is in need then do what you can to help them. Each church is to help one another. Each nation is to help the other. Only then can we develop and improve overall.

Love one another and thereby show that you love God. God is Love and the laws of God stem from His very nature.  We can understand this from the Laws of God. Look at the paper Love and the Structure of the Law (No. 200). If we have no love we are clanging gongs or cymbals, as 1Corinthians 13 tells us.

Pray for one another and see what we can do to help one another.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General