Sabbath 17/08/34/120                                                                                                   

Dear Friends,

While we were in Africa Islamists began attacking the Turkana tribesmen at Isiola. Those reading the Sabbath Messages would know that we had to intervene to protect our people in 2009 and we were accorded help from the School of Artillery at Attir so that our people could camp under the safety of the armed guards at the front gate and for which we were all very thankful. On the 14th September 2011 the Local authorities at Isiola began arming the Muslim Borana. The very next day on 15 September the Borana were reported as attacking and killing the Turkana tribesmen. I immediately returned from Uganda when  the attacks started to include CCG and took the matter up with the Human Rights Commission and the authorities. Here is my letter to the President and the Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security.

4 November 2011
The Honourable Mwai Kibaki                                                                                                     
President of the Republic of Kenya

Hon. Prof. George Saitoti, MP
Minister of State for Provincial Administration & Internal Security
Republic of Kenya

Dear Sirs,

I write to you out of a position of great concern for the welfare of the Turkana and Samburu brethren in the Isiola area of Kenya and north into the Samburu lands. I was faced with requesting assistance in 2009 after some of our people were shot or maimed by Borana incursions into the Turkana lands at Isiola at Attir and Amiet and the School of Artillery provided assistance to the people by allowing them to camp near the guard house to give them protection at night from attack. Their stock was stolen and they were placed under great hardship because of the thefts and shootings etc.

Attached is a list of incidents that have occurred over 2011 that have resulted in mass stock theft and mass killings/injury of the people in the Isiola region. I visited the Turkana at Isiola over October and have been brought up to date on the happenings there. Since my visit the Borana have invaded the Turkana at Isiola and stolen large quantities of stock and robbed the Turkana and burned their houses and scattered them into emergency camps at Isiola township.

In summary I am informed and believe that Al Shabaab is operating into Kenya from Somalia. The Somali tribesmen blend into the Borana across the border into Kenya and are heavily armed.  Indeed they have been armed by the Kenyan authorities and also by the Somalis and there are approximately 200 tribesmen armed with AK47s and other police weapons and with access to grenades and RPGs.

I was also amazed to learn that the Red Cross assistance is directed to the Borana and largely to Muslims and is not available in the main to the Turkana. This can only be by misdirection at higher levels. I have reported this fact to the Australian authorities along with a request for assistance for the Turkana at Isiola to have them re-established.  We have provided some emergency assistance to the Turkana at Isiola already a week ago. They are in necessitous circumstances.

What is needed is a manned police post north of Isiola at Amiet and an increased military presence based from the School of Artillery and an adjacent Infantry unit. We are trying to develop a facility to assist the Turkana and the Samburu and some Borana but we need security from attack in order to make it work. The Turkana need to be also armed or the Borana disarmed but the re-arming of the Borana takes place from Somalia and the Turkana and Samburu will always be open to that sort of attack.

What is being done is a crime against humanity in Ethnic Cleansing on religious and tribal grounds and if not corrected will leave Kenya open to a massive internal security problem in the Isiola and Meru areas.

Also the conflict between the Samburu and the Pokot to the north is a flash point and needs attention. Although that is nowhere near the problem that the Turkana face. We request your intervention at Isiola.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General

Appended: Incidents at Isiola in 2011.


MAY  2011-Influx of pastoralist from Garbatulla District to parts of Ngaremara Location, West location, Kipsing location.
14/9/2011 – Issue of KPR Guns to some communities in NgareNdare area by Mr. Willy Rugusa (Staffing Operations Office) and Isiolo OCPD Mr. Ndumbi accompanied by Chief West location Mr. Mahat, A/chief Osman and Councilor Yerrow among others.
15 /9/2011 -An old man Mr. Paul Ikai of 55 years was killed at Kisima village while grazing and his stock of goats were driven away.  The names of culprits are well known.
28/9/2011 – 16 donkeys taken at gun point in Kipsing Location.
30/9/2011 -3 camels were shot and left dead in Kipsing Location.
02/10/2011 – Vandalisation of school in Kipsing Location.
-Noloroi primary school
-Ndonyo Lengala primary school
On 6th Oct 2011- A boy by the name Lojore, from Attan village was killed while grazing his animals in Nawoyatira area opposite Mugurnanyore village but no livestock taken.
On 8th Oct 2011-A Turkana man of 35 years Peter Ekwe was killed while burning charcoal in Attan area. After which some goats and donkeys were taken in the same area.
On 9th Oct 2011-Boran people of Garbatulla District (from Kulamwe & Garbaareas) decided to vacate the Attan area.
While vacating they decided to drive away around 74 goats, 22 donkeys and 2 cows. Tension rose as the Turkana community demanded their animals back. Their KPR shot in the air to avert Turkana  community as they started to identify their  animals in the Boran Flock. Three donkeys and a cow were recovered by force from the flock.
After a few minutes. Police and GSU intervened but not a single animal was recovered.
12th Oct 2011 - The same group attacked and stole animals in Daaba area (184 goats, 70 donkeys, 20 young camels)
13th Oct 2011- They came again but they were prevented. One of them was shot and another injured.
14th Oct 2011-At around 2.30am they changed route and went to the Tractor area of Ngaremara in Tigania East and shot dead seven people, three school children, two old men and two youths. OB 11/14/10/2011.
19th Oct 2011- around 20 cattle were retained in the surrounding bomas, i.e in NAPUSER-ALAMACH area. No solution was reached to return the animals though there were reports to the relevant authorities, like area chiefs and OCPD-ISIOLO.
22nd Oct 2011- there was an attack early morning in Alamach, two old men killed, a youth injured in ALAMACH village, a prominent Turkana community elder killed in Kambi Garba and his son (in form four) were burnt in their house, one and half year old child shot and burnt in Shambani and its mother and another child injured. Over 50 Houses burnt in ALAMACH, SHAMBANI, LOTIKI, ESIMIT AND KAMBI GARBA Villages.
They are:-

23rd Oct 2011-an ex soldier Sgt APOO was killed at a Police barrier on the Isiolo-Marsabit highway. Till now his body not yet recovered.
-Another man by the name CHUUTE was killed and his body dumped in a culvert between SHAMBANI and KAMBI GARBA.
24th Oct 2011-Two Women by the names 1. CHRISTINE AKADELI, 2. SABINA NATOME were forced out of FR. WAMBUAS vehicle and were seriously beaten and injured between Game and Kilimani village, this was done by villagers from Kilimani by what is believed to be a revenge attack.
25/OCT/2011-A woman by the name NABENYO TAKWO was injured by a knife and her child thrown in the river, they were rescued from their screams and were taken to Isiolo General Hospital.
26/OCT/2011- A woman called JUMAPILI LOWAPERE was injured several times by knife wounds and is still recovering at Isiolo General Hospital. Incident between Game and KILIMANI village still believed to be revenge.
Another man MR. PAUL EKITELA was injured by gun shot at Shambani- Kambi Garba Bridge, and was taken to Isiolo General Hospital. 

The recovery of the stock and the arrest of the perpetrators are not being affected and requires outside intervention, investigation and prosecution.                                       


The next letter was an update two days later.

6 November 2011
The Honourable Mwai Kibaki                                                                                                     
President of the Republic of Kenya

Hon. Prof. George Saitoti, MP
Minister of State for Provincial Administration & Internal Security
Republic of Kenya

Dear Sirs

Further to my letter of 4 November 2011 and my email of today’s date I provide further information regarding the situation In Isiola. It is alleged that a meeting took place on Friday between the Borana and the police at Isiola. An “arrangement” was reportedly made with the police who proceeded to take action against the Turkana leaders Joseph Samal Lomwa and Paul Mero.  Mr. Mero was not able to be arrested as he was and is out of the location, but Mr. Joseph Samal Lomwa was arrested and taken from Isiola to Subuiga Police Station in Bwri District of Meru County where we understand he was subject to interrogation and is being held. I intend speaking about this matter with his attorney Dr Ekuru Aukot who we understand was the Director of the Commission for the Kenyan Constitution and is an eminent lawyer.

We are also led to believe that the grounds for his detention were that he and Mr. Mero are being accused of instigating violence against the Borana. The fact that no Borana have been killed and the deaths and injuries, burnings and stock thefts are of the Turkana shows the claims to be without foundation and the charges baseless.   The fact that Mr. Lomwa was the narrowly defeated candidate in the last election throws rather serious light on these charges. The Turkana simply did not have the funds to challenge the result at the last election. They will not let it stand at this election.

Reportedly, within close proximity of the arrest, and after the “discussions” the criminals killed another Turkana man, a Mr. Ngasike Nyoikeni and kidnapped his daughter and stole his stock.  We are informed that the crimes were reported to the Regional Commissioner for Police at Isiola by Councillor Ekuam. However, despite the serious nature of the crimes and urgency of saving the girl no action was taken by any of the Isiola police. She is still held by the criminals and is in severe danger.

As I stated in the email I only provided a list of atrocities in one area. There have been two types of insecurity in the Isiola area:-

1.Persons from the Rift valley are raiding livestock from Isiolo communities i.e from all the tribes with livestock.

2. Some criminals from Cushite communities (i.e. the Boran of Garbatulla and Somali clans of the Burat sub-location) are turning against the Turkana community of Isiolo West sub-location and Ngaremara location.

The chronology provided is not exhaustive. Only one area, which was the most affected, was included. Isiola at Attir and Amiet have been burned out robbed and scattered as have many areas. This conflict was evident in 2009 to my direct knowledge. I have given instructions to document the atrocities and we will place the matters before the Human Rights Commission and the authorities.

There have been some interventions here and there with the Internal Security team and some measures have been put in place for which we are truly grateful. The people there have no physical power to deal with this, as the Turkana are largely unarmed. They, and the Samburu, are peaceful and loyal citizens of Kenya who have long standing tenure in the area.

So far since 14 September 2011 more than 16 lives have been lost, bodies disposed of, more than 58 homes were burnt completely, large numbers of animals were taken by force, some people are missing, some kidnapped and there are around 10 gunshot injuries so far. There is an incident virtually daily.

I have written to The Honourable M. A. Kuti the member for Isiola and Minister for Livestock Development concerning these matters but have not received a reply.

This is an outrageous situation. From the detail provided to me and which I provided to you it is obvious that the Borana began killing Turkana herdsmen the very day following their arming by the local Kenya police and authorities. I have provided the names of those people responsible. We believe this also has a religious basis and a political basis emanating from Al Shabaab in Somalia and through Isiola and Meru Counties. The actions against the Turkana appear religiously and politically motivated.

It is also obvious that the local police are making what appears to be no discernable effort to recover kidnapped victims, investigate the murders, recover the livestock or arrest the people shooting the Turkana. I also find it amazing to have it reported to me that a former soldier and senior NCO was shot in the location of a police road block and his body simply disappeared and has not been recovered. I also note that the police have reportedly been on the site when some of the thefts and violence were underway and to date have taken no action to arrest the perpetrators or recover the stock. Indeed on one occasion I am informed they prevented the recovery of the stolen stock. It is obvious that an investigation into corruption in Isiola needs to be undertaken soonest.

We request your urgent assistance. There must be a sufficient force sent there to restore order and to investigate the actions and arrest and prosecute the perpetrators and stamp out this corruption at all levels.

I write to you out of concern for Kenya and its security and for the welfare of the Turkana who are being oppressed unjustly.

This is a crime against humanity as I have stated before and there is an obligation to address it.

We have reported this matter to the Human Rights Commission of Kenya and also to the UN Commissioner for Human Rights at Geneva. We will seek support in aid for the Turkana and the Samburu at an international level.

We await your response.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General
I had sent my letter to the president to Mr Kuti. A few days afterwards I received a reply from Mr. M. A. Kuti who denied that the Borana were responsible and instead blamed the Turkana. Based on our conversation I wrote to him as follows.

Dear Mr. Kuti MP and Minister for Livestock Development

Dear Sir

I appreciated our extensive conversation this evening.

To capitulate: We need to have it documented as to exactly who was killed or shot or injured on what dates and to what extent.

What houses were burned down and what people were kidnapped. What is being done to restore them.

You say you are a Borana and that the Borana are being attacked. Indeed these officers of the Turkana have been arrested allegedly because an agreement was reached that the first tribe to initiate hostilities would be prosecuted.

As we agreed: you will provide a detailed list of the casualties and dates of the conflict there in Isiola and Meru.

We will determine from the data the casualties of the Borana and the Turkana and Meru and others.

It is important that we get to the bottom of this conflict and resolve it.

I have agreed that we will send officers on site to determine the facts of the matter once you have provided the details of the casualties and the injuries and thefts as far as you know. I will ask the HRC to do the same.

I will ask the Turkana and the Meru to do the same and then we will determine what is true and what needs to be done immediately.

I will involve the HR commission and the other parties so that we get the full facts.

I also ask that you show good faith by getting Joseph Samal released and that the arrest orders against the Turkana officers are dropped.  Only in that way can we proceed in good faith and in peace.

Let us continue in our conversation and emails in a spirit of good faith and brotherhood.

My only concern is to advance the cause of peace and good will in Kenya and Africa generally.



Wade Cox
Coordinator General
Christian Churches of God

On 10 November the Human Rights Commission Kenya sent an investigation team into Isiola to investigate the charges. Previously a Turkana leader Mr Joseph Samal Lomwa was reportedly arrested for “inciting violence between the Turkana and the Borana.” Cr. Paul Mero and other leaders of the Turkana had warrants issued for their arrest also. A meeting took place 10 November under the Director of the Regional Councill who is a Pokot and representations were made. Cr. Mero informed me that he had gone to Nairobi to make the representations to the Human Rights Commission. At 1 PM on that day a CCG officer returned to his village with his people. At 3 PM that day the Borana allegedly attacked the village after their return and murdered two children. The police were called but they did not follow the Borana to arrest them.

We have reported the matter to the authorities at all levels including the UN Commissioner at Geneva and we requested urgent help. We have little doubt that Al Shabaab is using the Kenyan Muslims to incite Ethnic Cleansing progressively among the tribes on a religious and tribal basis. It is the Turkana now, it will be the Samburu next and then the Meru and Pokot.

We request your prayers and assistance.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General