Sabbath 20/6/34/120                                                                                                     

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath has seen many changes in Africa and matters draw on to the Feast. Next Sabbath will see me in South Africa with the brethren. The following Tuesday is the New Moon Day of Trumpets and the beginning of the Seventh Month. There are two churches of God joining us over the next two weeks. One has 15 churches to be inducted and the reorganisations of another similar number of churches.

I would like to see the inductions done and the matters reorganised so that when I get there I am able to concentrate on speaking with the brethren in the various countries of East and Central Africa. I wish all members to be totally familiar with The Statement of Beliefs of the Christian Faith A1 when I get there. We have much to discuss and we have much to teach and there are basics that must be understood and agreed.

We will all be very relieved to know that the great fire of the Sinai slum area in Nairobi did no substantial damage. Although it saw the home of an uncle of one of our coordinators wiped out, we did not see any CCG members lose their homes or become injured in the fire. Praise be to God for that mercy.

There will also be a meeting of five Nairobi church regions undertaken in Nairobi before we leave for the interior regions and on into TZ and Uganda and to meet with the Coordinators of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, CAR, Congo DR, Rwanda, and Burundi.

We also hope to open the tailoring school in Nairobi while I am there. We will also send the shoe making and tent-making teams of TZ and Kenya to Kampala after the Feast. 

Our work is growing and we are making progress on a steady basis.

Please work with each other so that we are able to help one another overcome the difficulties that we face. The economic problems in the developed world will spread and make things difficult for the developing world also.

Do not be discouraged. Keep working to develop your food production projects also. This is the month of the Feast coming up and we are commanded to eat the fat and drink the sweet. We should all be saving our second tithes for the feast period. All our males are commanded to be there and we must not come empty handed. It will be important for you all to study the paper Tithing (No. 161) so you understand what is required.

Remember that in the Body of Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek; neither Luo or Kikuyu or any tribe of any nation, but all are of Christ.

Read the parable of the Good Samaritan to see how we are to love one another.

Look forward to our positive growth in the Faith and in the Holy Spirit. I look forward to seeing many of you soon and regret that I am unable to see you all.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General