Sabbath 28/5/34/120

Dear Friends,

September 20 2011 is now looming as a day of crisis for Israel and peace in the Middle East. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has requested the UN to make formal recognition of the State of Palestine by the UN.  The anti-Israel sentiment on the floor of the UN among these Islamic and African states is simply toxic. Durban I and Durban II proved that the UN is an Israeli hate forum and Durban III will be the same or worse and needs to be boycotted by all genuine democratic free people. The Bundestag has been urged by its own members to boycott Durban III, but may not do so.

The Australian Foreign Minister seems to be urging abstention regarding this new state while the Prime Minister will not support the vote. Australia must vote no. Palestinian number crunchers have come up with 120 states in support of them. They will become the 194th member state if they are admitted.

It will get through the UN General Assembly but fortunately the UN Security Council still has control with the power of veto firmly in the hands of the US. The fact that the Lebanon has chairmanship of the Security Council when it replaces India next month is being used by the Palestinians to push the agenda. This is the same Lebanon that refused to support a condemnation of Syria for massacring its own civilians over the last couple of months. They are model citizens of reason and justice are they not?

It should not get through because it will not produce peace. We are all committed to a two state solution in the democratic countries. So also are the majority of Israelis committed to the formation of a Palestinian state. That two state solution must include the right of Israel to live in peace within its own borders and these fundamentalist bigots particularly in Gaza among Hamas and in Lebanon in Hezbollah and in Iran are committed to its destruction and genocide. The UN is constantly bashing Israel on the floor of the Assembly and its resolutions are documents of hate and genocide against Israel.

Our support for the two state solution is based on the proposition that the decision is bilateral based on agreement as to sustainable viable borders and national entities. The Palestinian demand via the UN is a unilateral demand in spite of what Abbas says. The Palestinians are already planning and organising worldwide protests to coincide with the 20 September vote. The demonstrations in Palestine itself will degenerate into another disaster and massive unrest.

I can think of no better way to plunge the Middle East into total thermonuclear war. These people are indeed mad. How this disaster will play itself out will be explained from the New Moon. The Australian Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, in spite of known support for Israel, wants to abstain to appease the Arab bloc so that they will support his bid to get Australia a temporary seat on the Security Council which it has not had since 1986. We all learned with Neville Chamberlain that appeasement with dictators and madmen does not work. Sooner or later they have to be confronted and fought.

The morality and integrity of Australia is needed at the UN and in the Security Council but it cannot be bought with the sacrifice of Israel on the altar of hate in the UN.  Israel is correct to act against Hamas and the attacks on it and the UN will do nothing but plunge the world into chaos with this anti-Israel sentiment and the Internationalist Socialist anti-Israel movement as seen in the Russian and the “Green” movement will do nothing to further peace, as we shall see very soon.

The vote will pass the UN floor but to become full members of the UN it has to pass the Security Council and the US has pledged to veto it. That will result in it becoming a non-member state which is an upgrade on its observer status but it will not confer full membership on it. To become a full member it requires a two thirds majority of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly. Fortunately there seems to be at least one third of the member states with some sanity and forward thinking left.

If Abbas wants simply to achieve this upgrade he could have done better by simply reaching agreement and not polarising the other states. However, that is not the aim as we will soon see. It is Polyanna stuff to hope this will reinvigorate the stalled peace process in Israel.  Note also that the homicidal attacks in Southern Israel were retaliated on and the heads of the organisation of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks were dead within 24 hours. The attacks were made using Bedouin with Egyptian citizenship. Why? To set Israel and Egypt at war again. Yet it is Israel that is criticised. Watch this incendiary bomb continue to ignite. These terrorists will continue lighting fuses until it explodes and they die with it. Their theology and that of the Trinitarian Christians holds that they are all going to die and go to heaven and their enemies are going to hell. What happens to the planet is irrelevant. The madness is totally contrary to the Bible and the Koran but that does not seem to matter to either side.

The politics in the Middle East is playing out in accordance with Bible prophecy and we will see what is to happen very soon with this current Arab unrest. The strategy will be to excite unrest among the Palestinians and create a destabilised Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood exploiting that situation in concert with Hamas at Gaza to precipitate total war in the Middle East against Israel.

The West must not be a party to that and NATO will be left with no option but to intervene. These mindless anti-Israeli Greens would be encouraged by such actions in their anti-Israeli sentiment and then fall to pieces when confronted with the results of what they have helped to bring about.  We will have to pick up the pieces. It will be the same everywhere all over the western world. The so-called “Greens” in Australia have turned their anti-Israeli sentiment in Australia in to a public attack on a Jewish owned chain of chocolate shops across Australia under the Max Brenner label.

They are reportedly due in court after allegedly breaching bail conditions after the melee on 1 July outside the Max Brenner store in Melbourne. These anti-Israelites are exposed by one of their chants which runs: “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!” They take this from Hamas which calls for the genocide of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. They have no such problems when these fundamentalists are there killing their own people in Egypt, Lybia or Syria.

The Bible however has something else to say about what is to happen and we will deal with that on the New Moon. Scripture cannot be broken (Jn. 10:34-36).

The resolution will pass on 20 September and be vetoed in the Security Council and the resulting disaffection will precipitate conflict and riots in Palestine on 21 September and onwards until the region has to be occupied.

Let us watch as Scripture unfolds and the full horrors of the Middle East wars unfold.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General