Sabbath 14/5/34/120B

Dear Friends,

This is a short update on the developments in the CCG in Africa. The losses in the CCG schools and stores in the Uganda markets are being replaced by loans and by gifts. We have the tailoring schools now being upgraded with new machines. The shoe-making and tent-making schools have been donated enough funds to re-establish them and to commence a training branch in Kenya also. These additional funds came from the US and we greatly appreciate the generosity of the brethren there.

The sewing schools were replaced by Ugandan church areas in the west and the seamstress operators in the north of Uganda. The Congo DR gave two machines and the Malaysians gave enough for eight machines and we are able to get the school running again. South Africa donated enough for seven machines in Nairobi and the shoe-making and tent-making facilities will be established also. Australia helped with the other costs in Kenya. South Africa also helped with the copier to the Congo via Uganda for the inductions there.                                                                       

A series of churches joined us this week in Western Kenya and at Mombasa. A group from Nairobi from the former UCG structure asked to join us this week and were pleasantly surprised to see how many of their old friends were in CCG.

There is a new seminar in the north in Isiolo and people are coming from the north as far as the Samburu.

The drought in the Horn is the worst in 60 years. The corruption in the authorities and aid structures is killing many. The Islamist factions are having to face a few harsh realities. The Red Cross is also complaining that the non-combatant nature of the medical facilities is being completely eroded and the medical assistance put at serious risk.

Once again thank you for all the assistance you have all sent to the areas needing assistance. It has been generously given and in a true spirit of brotherly love and concern.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General