Sabbath 090434120B

Dear Friends,

Today South Sudan became the 193rd country recognised by the UN and the 54th UN member state in Africa.

We extend our warm greetings to our churches in the South Sudan and we wish them well in the days ahead. May God grant them peace and bless them with prosperity and success in their lives ahead.

They have just reorganised and elected leaders and their 100 officers met together to plan for the future.

They were under the supervision of the Assistant National Coordinator for Uganda who has returned now to Uganda after observing the elections and reorganisation.

Our prayers and blessings go with them for the development of the new nation and we ask that God leads them in all that they do.

There is a great deal of development ahead and many trials and tasks for them to complete but with God’s help they will triumph and grow in the grace and knowledge of God.  They are growing as part of the Body of Christ and we all join together in their day of celebration.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General