Dear Friends,

This is the Thirteenth Month of the 33rd Year and is thus an intercalary month. The seasons are identified by the lunar months and the intercalary years indicate that the seasons are later. In the Northern Hemisphere it indicates that the Spring will be later. In the Southern Hemisphere it indicates that there will be what is termed an Indian Summer where the Autumn is more lengthy and the frosts come later and the winter can be short and sharp or a weepy winter with a later grain harvest in the Spring. 

In the tropics it can also mean that the rains will come later and in Africa it did just that in the month of March and started at the end of March. We should all be aware of the Temple Calendar and what is required of us in dealing with the weather and the seasons. The year 2011 from April 2011 to 1 Abib 2012 is the Double Harvest Year of the Calendar for the Sabbath Year of the year 2012/13.

All of CCG are reminded that this year is a double harvest year and you are all expected to sow and prepare for 2012.  God will make sure all who are keeping his laws and His system will be given the double harvest so that they are prepared for the Sabbath Year. Make sure that you keep the laws of God and you will be protected and kept from harm.

All of the CCG conferences are to assist in bringing the church and the harvests to maximum potential.

Coordinators are to ensure that all seed banks are maintained and used properly. Where possible all brethren are to assist in the provision of seeds and fertilisers to those who are to grow the harvests. All people who grow food are to ensure that the correct tithes are saved and provided.

If you have not been tithing you will face the wrath of God because you are robbing God and not tithing correctly (Mal. 3:7-12). Our job is to turn to God and the sign of this is the tithe to God. 

Those who are able are requested to assist those who are less able.

All nations are to give as they are able and to reflect on what they have done in regard to the tithe. If you have not tithed then repent.

Help with the seed and the fertiliser. Also use green manuring to assist in the fertility of the soil.

People in developed nations are asked to assist with the seed banks and fertiliser in the developing nations.

Things are getting tougher all around the world and we should all remember to assist one another and pray for each other. Do what we can to help one another. This year ahead is a very serious time and 2012 will be even more serious. Pray for the church and our brethren.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General