Sabbath 10/12/33/120

Dear Friends

The sequence of the naming of the weeks of the Omer Count as identified in the Samaritan calendar is able to be applied to the last or 120th Jubilee as follows.

1. 1978-1984 "Week of the crossing of the (Red) Sea" (Exodus 14:26-15:21);

2. 1985-1991 "Week of the changing of the water of marah" [bitterness] (Exodus 15:22-26);

3. 1992-1998 "Week of elim, where they found twelve water springs and seventy palm trees" (Exodus 15:27-16.3);

4. 1999-2005 "Week of the manna, which fell down upon them from heaven in the desert" (Exodus 16.4-36);

5. 2006-2012 "Week of the welling out of water from the rock" (Exodus 17.1-7);

6.  2013-2019 "Week of the battles against 'Amaleq" (Exodus 17.8-17);

7. 2020-2026 "Week of standing at Mt. Sinai" (Exodus 19.1 ff.).

(cf. Sylvia Powels, The Samaritans, edited by Alan Crown).

The text above is taken from the paper The Omer Count to Pentecost (No. 173).
50th day/year is the Jubilee year of 2027 as mirrored by Pentecost with Pentecost representing the Jubilee year

  1. 1978-1984 “Week of the crossing of the Red Sea”

From the First year of the Jubilee, and the example of the crossing of the Red Sea, we begin to see the identification and the calling out of God’s people from the world in preparation for this final phase of the Churches of God. The Sabbath system became Trinitarian in its major offshoot from this first year. It had been penetrated by the system of the Triune God in Rome over the decades from 1931 to 1978. So also had the ministry of the other Churches of God been penetrated by these heretical elements. 

  1. 1985—1991 "Week of the changing of the Water of Bitterness or Marah"


The cleansing of the Water of Marah saw the Churches of God change hands and their ministry were thrown into chaos.  By 1987 we saw the Church prepared to be measured and that began in the third year of the cycle in 1987. By 1991 the church had reached its final point and the ministry had failed. The brethren were to be judged and scattered over the next phase, and many simply torn to ribbons by that failed ministry.

  1. 1992-1998 Week of elim

This week was to signify the separation of the Church leadership and the Council of the elohim. The lampstand was to be taken from the Sardis Church system. The final and demarcation of the Sardis system was identified by their own ministry in selecting the name “Living” to identify the final church of that system and its ministry (cf. Rev. 3:1). So also was the Laodicean system dealt with and their system began to be removed.

1995 saw the medium of evangelisation change to the Internet. 

In 1998 the Reading of the Law of God in the Sabbath Year was read for the first time in centuries as the Temple calendar and the Jubilee system had been Restored in the churches of God officially from 1994.

  1. 1999-2005 Week of the manna

1999-2005. From the Reading of the Law, God began to produce the bread of heaven to the church in great quantity and separated those in the churches of God based on how those people used it and behaved.

In 2005 the Law of God was read again for the second time in centuries. The witness was taken to Africa more systematically and God began to deal with it in force.

  1. 2006-2012 "Week of the welling out of water from the rock"

This year saw a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit in ways never before seen in the church of God in history. The increase in prophetic understanding was spread around the world. From the Third year as usual the changes and growth was established and the Third year increase was prayed for and received. From the Fourth year the growth began from the South and Africa became a massive centre of the Churches of God and the consolidation from all the Churches of God was undertaken as well as that of the entire Sabbath-keeping system.   The calling of many nations is now underway.

In this year the massive upheavals are continuing and increasing and 2012 will be the Third Reading of the Law and a pivotal year in the conflicts.

  1. 2013-2019 "Week of the battles against 'Amaleq"

This year will see the wars of Amalek develop full scale and the Churches of God and the Chosen people will be engaged in pitched battles and conflict both spiritual and physical with those that seek to destroy them.

In this period we expect to see the Witness of God and the return of the Messiah for the Fourth Reading of the Law and the last great battles of Armageddon or Meggido and the wrath of God.

Satan is placed in the Bottomless Pit of Tartaros. His religious system is destroyed.

  1. 2020-2026 "Week of standing at Mt. Sinai"

This week is the last period of the consolidation of the saints waiting on the Messiah as they did at Sinai when they spoke to him face to face and they had their leaders appointed over the tribes and the Council of the Elders of Israel were appointed. They were given the law progressively and their leaders were educated over the six months from Abib to Elul, where Moses went up the mountain six time to converse with Christ (see the paper The Ascents of Moses (No, 70).  In the Seventh month they kept the feast and in this seventh Year the Trumpet is blown for the atonement of the Sabbath year and the Jubilee year begins and the restoration of all things is accomplished.

In 2028 the Millennium begins and all people are back in their inheritance and the world is run by Christ and the Saints from Jerusalem for the next 1000 years.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General