Sabbath 19/11/33/120

Dear Friends,

Most of us are often disturbed and saddened by the conduct of the so-called democratic societies especially in the USA where the conduct of the religious has taken on that of the political system. Under the guise of “Freedom of Speech” the people of the US have taken abuse and incitement to hate to a whole new level where what is, in normal daily activities and under common law in most countries, regarded as criminal defamation is claimed to be freedom of speech.

We have seen people in the US conduct campaigns of defamation that would have landed them in prison in other countries. They seem to have few principles or ethical values and the worst are the so-called religious minded. What is not realised in the US is that the society is comprised of many types of people and many of them are not all that mentally stable.

The US is a great nation that was built on violence and wrested from the original populations by force. It was the actions of the English in the French/English wars that enabled the US to expand as it did. Napoleon could simply not afford to fight wars at home and in the Continental US and so he sold the lands of the Louisiana purchase to the US basically for peanuts.

The right to bear arms has seen the violence of the US become entrenched in the society. The failure to control defamation in the US and the reversal of the onus of proof has seen the US society become a violent nation. With the progress of wars from the War of Independence onwards through 1812 to the Alamo, the Civil War, which was the first of the modern wars, the Spanish American War, on into WWI and WWII, and into the Korean and Vietnam wars and on into Iraq 1 and 2 and soon into Iran, it has become the most militaristic society on the face of the earth.

It has failed to address the real issues facing its people and has rarely resolved a situation on its merits; and its political structure has collapsed upon itself in a sense of worthless self loathing. It has replaced what it once regarded as real and purposeful political debate with ad hominem attacks on individuals that neither address issues on their merits, nor determine genuine long term policy on the merits of those issues.

American politicians sold their nation out to a cartel of European based bankers under the Act of Congress, passed over the Christmas break, that created the Federal Reserve in 1913. It was a criminal conspiracy that should be undone and the proceeds of that criminal conspiracy seized as the profits of crime and reallocated into a national banking structure. The problem is that the political structure in the US knows that it has sold its own people out and has collapsed into this hysterical braying that hurls abuse at anyone trying to seriously analyse and correct the errors. Ad hominem attacks have become the order of the day.

The result of this disillusioned ethical collapse of the political system has polarised the nation into an irrational abusive hysteria that is incapable of correcting the unbelievable corruption of the banking and pharmaceutical lobby systems to the point that the American people are completely controlled by their corrupt systems from the Military-Industrial complex to banking, to health, to agriculture, and to the law. Education is being “dumbed down” to the point that the people can no longer see through the increasingly controlled media. 

When Daniel Ellsberg of the RAND Corporation, released the Pentagon papers in 1971 there were enough independent newspapers (17) to take on the establishment and prove that the administration under the presidents from Truman to Nixon were liars and cheats and had mislead the congress and the American people involving them in continuous war under false pretences right up to that time in Vietnam and Indo-China.

Instead of learning from this action of a brave and dedicated man and a more or less free press the US system took steps to centralise the media under some five corporations and close down informed public debate in the US. The congress not only let them, they assisted the administration to do it. They stifled informed public debate in the US and turned a once great country into a fascist quasi-dictatorship that is now on the road to an inevitable civil war and for which the Administration seems to be planning. George Orwell’s 1984 is not happening in the UK as he wrote. It is happening from the USA and is spreading right around the world.  

The politicians know, deep down, how bad it is. The congress interrogation of the Federal Reserve audit officers showed just with what contempt the Federal Reserve viewed the Congress and its investigative powers. The “Fed,” that somehow lost perhaps 9 Trillion or even more, could not account for the two trillion for which they were asked to account. The interrogation videos are on the internet and show just how powerless they were and how they had no resolve to bring the “Fed” to account.

The politicians are filled with a sense of shame and self loathing that makes them cover up their criminal negligence and betrayal of the US people. They cover it with attacks on the two, red and blue, paper tigers of the system that purports to be a democracy when it is anything but a properly functioning democracy.

The “Religion Business” is just as corrupt and hypocritical. It has adopted the political system’s methods of ad hominem attack and controlled hysteria. Moreover, the US people do not seem capable of exposing it or even seeing through it; although, there is a grass roots reaction coming. The people are becoming more and more aware and the backlash may well come. However, the administration is moving more and more to control the populace and the race is to enslave them before they can react. It may be too little too late.

An example of the outlandish exploitation of the American people by the rich and quasi-criminal classes is to be seen in the banking mortgage farce as reviewed in the video at: These activities were permitted because the banking system runs America and the people are unable to direct their congress or control the blatant rorts that are destroying it.

The British Commonwealth and American people are being destroyed by the banking system operated out of London and New York. In the end the New World Order will enslave the people and the traitors think that they will run the system. The end will be a disaster.

People are looking at the recent events in the US with the shootings of the Federal Court judge and the Congresswoman and others in Arizona.

Journalists are pointing at the woman Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and its rhetoric for the inflammatory speech that allegedly spurred this young man on to shoot the people in Tuscon AZ. The deliberate vilification and diatribe that polarises society and debate make a civilised society impossible. The abusive claims by both sides of politics are serious and often straight out false. The so-called Christian ministry in the US even attacked the funeral service in Tuscon. Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son, attacked the Native American who prayed to Father Sky and Mother earth. He himself attacks Muslims and Hindus and complained that:
“Even in our government today, you can’t pray to Jesus in many public meetings. You can pray to God or a god. You can mention Buddha or the name of Muhammad, but you can’t pray to Jesus Christ.”

Now fancy that. You can pray to God but not Jesus Christ. The Protestant Confessions of the English Speaking people and the major confessions of the faith never prayed to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ told them how to pray and it was never to be to him.  The entire Churches of God groups would be incensed if someone offered a prayer to Christ, although this rot from the US Antinomian system is undermining both the Churches of God and the protestant confessions of faith. Muslims and Protestant Christians both pray to God and not to Christ or Muhammad or anyone else.  What is even more important is that when Christ returns he will deal with these people like Graham for doing exactly that. All prayer is to God in the name of Christ. Vehement rhetoric does not make it theologically correct, or even politically correct.

The Republicans and Democrats both use their militaristic violent rhetoric. Obama said of the republicans in the election campaign that “if they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun.”

Often the rhetoric of the right has been ultra-libertarian low tax small government from the very first Tea Party itself at Boston in the American Revolution. Violence in rhetoric has become endemic to political and religious debate in the US. However, the evidence points to the fact that the major political assassinations in the US were not caused by rhetoric but by bankers trying to seize and retain control of the financial reins of power in the US. Mental instability has not helped in such situations.

Bertrand Russell once summarised this sort of behaviour: "We have two kinds of morality side by side; one which we preach but do not practise and another which we practise but seldom preach."

The great tragedy is that this form of rhetoric is now standard for the US and is increasing in Australia and elsewhere. People, especially the unstable, are easily spurred to violence through this form of inflammatory speech. It is not only permitted, it is now given legal protection, so that forums are being set up with impunity. The result is that this type of abuse and harassment are now commonplace over the internet. Google in the US is an enabler for this abuse. It has to be stopped.

John Stuart Mill made a clear distinction between speech and incitement to violence. For Mill, free speech didn't extend to rabble-rousers claiming corn dealers starved the poor while standing before an angry mob, ready to explode, outside the house of a corn dealer. It is clear that form of speech is incitement to violence. In the same way the incitement to violence against Wikileaks by urging that Julian Assange be shot as a terrorist is a crime and needs to be treated as a crime. Those that make this suggestion, and there were a number in the US in the last weeks that did so, should be imprisoned for long periods. There are many of the mentally unstable that may take this suggestion by these so-called responsible people seriously and carry it out.  The climate of violence in the US has resulted in war crimes on a large scale never before tolerated by our people.

It is true that democracy is a completely unworkable form of government but it is better than all the others we have tried to date. It has to be fostered by the individuals within the society that are self disciplined and governed by ethics and a sense of obligation to the society as a whole. Debate must be passionate and spirited but confined to the issues. Muslims have to realise also that the terms moderate and fundamentalist are going to be applied to Islam because they are clear divisions within Islam that the fanatics among the Imams and Muslims have created. So also the same is true of the irrational clerics of US evangelist Christianity.

Politicians should choose their words carefully and debate the merits of issues not attack people or incite violence. We should be aware that mental illness is common in society and we should be very careful of how we incite people by the way we speak. Ad hominem inflammatory speech is an incitement to violence. 

The fascinating thing about this form of behaviour is that the so-called religious are the worst at it. Anyone who questions the US view of religious history is attacked without regard to the facts involved by the uninformed. Anyone who denies the Trinity, or declares heretical the Binitarian system, that was the origin of the Trinitarian system is subject to vitriolic attack. To declare their doctrines to be derived from the Binitarian paganism of the gods Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Baal and Mithra of the Sun and mystery cults, is to be declared a cult. The modern Antinomian religious system of the US is hand in hand with its corrupt political system and will destroy the society if it is allowed to do so.

This view is spreading like a cancer throughout the world. There is no real rational analysis of issues. There is no absolute truth and the Churches of God derived from Armstrongism are a nest of the same ad hominem unethical misrepresentation of truth. The West and fundamentalist Islam are leading us back into the Dark Ages although the Taliban are moderating their position on women for political reasons. The Religion of Evolution is also leading the rush into deception and darkness under the guise of science and light. The self interested banking system is feeding off a society that is seeing its social efforts and achievements plundered by individuals. As Rome went so will the system that has replaced it.

The bankers that caused the massive collapse in the West are being paid bonuses in the millions. The CEO of the Lloyds group that had to be bailed out of the collapse with tax-payers money was reportedly paid some three million pounds in bonuses this year. The government has the power to stop it and they do not act because they are part of the system that is rorting the helpless within it. 

The vehement rhetoric is used to disguise these behind the scenes frauds and corruption.

Our enemies are also comprised of those within us, not those without.  The banks need to be nationalised and placed under a strict control with a low interest mortgage for all home owners on their residential mortgage. The stock market needs to be controlled and ownership of national resources by international corporations needs to be strictly controlled or prohibited. In the Millennial system we will provide housing without usury at all.

Above all, individuals need to take responsibility for their government. Control by a two party system that allows rorts and the exploitation by banks, pharmaceutical corporations and the chemical and military-industrial complex has to be stamped out.

Usury is a biblical crime against the laws of God. The rorts and deaths caused by the pharmaceutical corporations and the agricultural destruction caused by the chemical giants are crimes and have to be controlled.

The theory of obligation is the key to equity in society. As they do it to your brother, so they do it to you.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General