Sabbath 5/11/33/120B                                                                                                  

Dear Friends,

In continuing with the second element of the identification of the one true Church of God free of the errors of the Jewish Hillel Calendar and the Ditheist/Binitarian system we note the steady process in the search.

Note the diametric opposite regarding the claims of the SDAs and the JWs yet the SDAs do not obey the full structure of the Ten Commandments anyway. Look at the way this intellectual problem presents itself.

The writer in Eastern Europe continues:
“In 2005-2010 years:  Seventh-day Adventists assert that it is right to keep the ten commandments, Sabbath, food law and pay tithe. And Jehovah’s witnesses assert that Christ had abolished all of them. Both showed me texts in Bible – confirming their statements. And I hesitated long time, which of them is true. Then I had understood that every text in Bible I mustn’t consider separately, but in relation with other corresponding texts and then make a decision. And I had done so.

The main role in that was played by the text in Matthew 5:17,18. And in common, it isn’t normal that God (Who doesn’t change) had abolished these rules. So then I had contact only with the Seventh-day Adventists, and since 2006 year I keep Sabbath, ten commandment and food law. They called me to enter into their church, but I didn’t want to join them until I would agree with the rest of their doctrines.

I continued Bible studying and compared their doctrines with the Bible. And I didn’t agree with them in that, as they assert, that after Christ’s coming the earth will be empty (without people) for 1000 years, and that in 1844 the haven’s sanctuary had been cleaned (Based on Daniel 8:13,14). Because it is written in Bible, that after Christ’s coming for 1000 years His elect will rule on the earth [Rev 20:1-15]. Whom then will they rule over, if the earth will be empty? And in Daniel 8:14 is said not about the heaven’s sanctuary but about God’s people, that is clear from Daniel 8:13. They also [now] believe in a trinity, but at that time I hesitated to make any decision about it.

All of that was enough for me not to join them. And so I stayed alone. I didn’t find God’s church in Georgia.

Then I decided to continue my searching on the Internet. I looked for catalogs of churches in Russian and paid attention to name “Church of God (7th day)” (because I already believed in keeping of 7th day). I had opened this site. It was the site of Church of God (7th day) in Ukraine and I began to read papers in it. I had found that this church believes in those doctrines, which I already believed, and they rightly explain the 1000-years period when Christ and His elect will rule over the earth and don’t have the false doctrine about 1844 year as Seventh-day Adventists. I had found that all their doctrines correspond with the Bible. I emailed them and then was in correspondence with them. They also assert a Unitarian God, but I couldn’t make [a] final decision [on] that and so I abstained from entering into their church until this doctrine would be clear for me.

From their papers I had also been convinced that the true church of God has the name “Church of God”. And I thought – maybe exist other churches with phrase “church of God” in their names, and maybe not Church of God (7th day) is true, but anyone of them, and I began to look for such churches in Russian catalogs of churches.”

You will note the search went from the elimination of the JWs due to faulty theology to the study of the SDAs and their further elimination through faulty theology.

It is significant that the COG (SD) in the Ukraine was investigated and rejected. That organisation has the original correct doctrines of the Churches of God before the WCG system in accordance with the Caldwell conference except for their failure to keep the Fourth Commandment in its entirety with the Sabbaths, New Moons and Feasts. Their other major flaw in doctrines is that they do not drink wine at all, and their insistence on drinking grape juice at the Passover is the major heresy that resulted in their rejection from induction into the CCG. Christ is adamant that unless you eat the body and drink the blood of Christ you have no part in him. It is thus impossible to enter the Church of God anywhere refusing wine at the Passover. Grape juice is not an acceptable substitute in any form and do not believe anyone who says it is. If you believe them then they will cost you your position in the kingdom of God.

This organisation in the Ukraine has attempted to join us at least twice to our certain knowledge and has been refused permission because of this heresy and has attempted to overcome the matter by what we consider to be ruse. It is the only COG (SD) of which we know that refuses wine at the Passover and is in heresy because of the practice.  

Perhaps they will repent and then they can be brought into the faith correctly. It is such a critical issue and cannot be compromised. The Churches of God have never accepted such a heresy over the two millennia and never will do so.

We will deal with the process of the rejection of the Armstrong systems with its errors of the Ditheist Godhead and the Jewish Hillel Calendar and its Babylonian intercalation and postponements later.

The amalgamation of all these groups from the beginning of the Sardis Era to the Laodicean is occurring now. The Sardis system is dead and is now being stripped and dispersed and will be dealt with by God in the immediate future. The heresies regarding the nature of God are endemic in the Churches of God from the US. The very heresy that penetrated and destroyed the Churches of God from the Sun Cults and the worship of the gods Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Baal and Mithra and their Binitarian structure, which their devotees brought into Christianity from Rome from 170 CE, is the very thing that has destroyed the Churches of God in and from the USA.

Pray that God opens the eyes of these fractured offshoots in the US and British Commonwealth.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General