Pentecost 34/120

Dear Friends,                                                                                                   
We are now at the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost. In 2005, the last Sabbath year, we went through a series of messages dealing with the defence of the church and of each other in the faith. After the Reading of the Law in that year we saw a series of attacks on the church. By the 7th of Abib the following year we were free of internal problems and we set to about developing the message of the church and increased even further what we had been able to accomplish.

It was in 2005 that we also began the growth in Africa in earnest by planting the seeds there and letting God do the growth and the development.  What we have encountered now in this sixth year of the Sabbath Cycle is a repeat of the dreadful double dealing and dishonesty among the ministry that we encountered in 2005/6 in CCG although this time it seems to be confined to Africa.

In 2005 the corrupt ministry were exposed and removed or not even let be part of us. This year it is being exposed and dealt with on a fairly clear cut basis.  Some of it is allegedly being paid for by other Churches of God behind the scenes to minimise CCG growth and take over the membership by paying the ministry. As I explained in the New Moon message that is not the way God is working now and what they will end up with is a group of dishonest phonies that they bought for hire and the real and genuine brethren will be torn out of their hands.

We will deal with those people and the US/UK based groups that are allegedly trying to undermine CCG will be exposed and brought to account.

We are to support and develop one another without respect of persons and without fraud and dishonesty in the administration. We are the Body of Christ and we follow the Commandments of God and the Testimony or Faith of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).

Hold fast to your calling and do not throw the faith away. We are all brethren and we are to support one another and we are not to make merchandise of each other.

As was written in 2005 what makes us a body is the Holy Spirit. That Spirit was given on this day and we commemorate that fact each year.

It is the Holy Spirit that guides us and binds us together. It makes us a body and enables us to have a relationship with God and to have eternal life.

Too often we overlook the fact that it is the Holy Spirit that does the work among us all in the Church. It fills us all, binds us all and directs us all.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of power and of a sound mind. Through its power we are able to achieve all things. That power is a spirit of love that makes us all into beings capable of becoming elohim or gods. That procedure is outlined in the work The Elect as Elohim (No. 1).

It often sounds strange to Trinitarians, who confine God to three beings, to be told that God is an extended being who is extending Himself to encompass all humanity. In the end, every person who has ever lived, who is a descendant of Adam and part of the creation without the corruption of the fallen host, will become an elohim or god.

The word “elohim” is a plural word that encompasses single entities and a plurality as gods and extends to cover the entire Host of the Sons of God and will extend to humans also as sons of God.

This future that is being extended to all mankind is a very exciting prospect. In the end, every person will be given the opportunity to obey God and to participate in His plan.

We have emphasised again and again the requirement that we have to show love of one another, to one another. Perhaps some of us think that we overemphasise the fact. However, it is on that fact that we are identified and on that basis that we are judged in our ability to be part of the Temple of God.

Each person walks with God and Jesus Christ. Christ is their head and God is the head of Christ. Each person has direct communication with God, and no one can take that away from each one of us except ourselves. We allow Satan to interfere with our relationship. He has no power over us except that which we grant through our own weakness and as allowed by God.

In this Feast we come together for two days. It does not seem a long time and is soon gone, but the brethren come together to reinforce the Holy Spirit at this time. It is every bit as important as the other two feasts of longer duration. Often the brethren tend to diminish the importance of the offerings at this time also and tend to give slightly less. Sometimes that is because they are unsure of Tabernacles and how much they will have left to get there and to stay for the duration of the longer feast. However, remember during this Feast the importance of the work that has to be done. Remember also your brothers and sisters who are not as blessed as you have been in worldly terms. Give as you can to assist us to help them.

Cast your bread upon the waters and it will come back after many days.

Also the Word of God does not return empty. As we work, so too is the Holy Spirit able to reach those destined to be called. We have to work to enable others to be called. By our diligence they are able to see and to hear and understand. Often, when their eyes are opened, they are then faced with a search for the faith and the true Church of God (see also the paper The Holy Spirit (No. 117)).

Recently a man who had been baptised for many years came to us and said that the fallout from the destruction of the Churches of God over the last twenty years had discouraged him. He was academically qualified. He said: “I know that CCG is speaking the truth and is doing so in an academically correct manner. I really have no option, knowing what I know. I cannot sit at home and do nothing. I have an obligation to support you;” or words to that effect. He knew that somewhere Christ was working and he had an obligation to find and to support that work, or he would be judged as burying his talent. From what the Spirit had shown him, the faith was being preached in CCG out of all the Churches of God he had seen and with which he had contact.

Often we get emails of congratulations for making the work available to the home churches. Yet many of them do not see the real and serious obligation placed on all of us to support the work.

The Holy Spirit could no doubt go and convert the entire world and crush the demons in a moment. Indeed, we might be completely superfluous to the work. But God has not chosen to do it that way. He has chosen to give each of us a grain of mustard seed and to use us to build that edifice using the gifts of the Spirit as He has given us those gifts. We are used to work and to train each other as He has chosen to call us and give us the Holy Spirit. He did not make the Spirit available to the world for four thousand years of the creation. Only with the advent of the Messiah did He make it available to us, and then only on a limited basis. It seems to be arbitrary and perhaps elitist, but that is what He has chosen to do, and who are we to complain or question it?

We should be grateful that we are given to understand. We should also be careful that we do not murmur in what we have to do. In loving one another, we also should show respect to one another. We should esteem others better than ourselves. Give thanks in all things and rejoice in all things.

We see the sacrifice of the brethren first hand in the administration. Often the brethren do not see just how much some of us do, and often we underestimate what is done for us by others in the Church.

Often we do not see and appreciate the effort and value of the prayers of the brethren. Much of the work of God is done on the knees of aging widows and widowers with scant funds. What is esteemed as foolishness by the world is deemed of power in the Holy Spirit. The demons know who we are and long to look into what is revealed to and through us.

Give thanks for the work and the workers we have been given. Ask God to add to us that we might accomplish more in accordance with His plan.

Do not be dismayed by the fact that we are small and have a little strength. We will be made pillars in the Temple of our God. Love one another and use this Pentecost to reinforce our relationships. Renew the Holy Spirit in power and strength through our love of God and our love of one another.

Make sure your place is firm in the Churches of God and the Body of Christ. Pray for its strength and development. Let no one make merchandise of you and follow no corrupt officers and those who preach for hire and use you to obtain a wage.

Consolidate the church this Pentecost and do not be mislead and deceived by those who would misuse you and take you from the body.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General