Feast of Tabernacles 15/7/33/120

Dear Friends,

This is the Feast of Tabernacles of 2010.  Last year we had many thousands baptized into the Body of Christ and undertaking their first Feast with the Church of God. At that Feast the new ones met people from all walks of life. CCG is now made up of people from dozens of denominations. Some of our people were ministers of different churches and some of them were former bishops of those churches and all of them were re-baptised into the Body of Christ.

The miracle of the inductions of 2009 continued; not only unabated, but also at an increasing speed that doubles every six months. Our ministers state openly that they have never seen anything like the evangelism that is happening in CCG over the last two years. Our induction rates are now reaching 20,000 people per week. Statistically our rates of induction are now at a rate that will equal one million people per annum. By the Reading of the Law in 2012 at this exponential rate we should reach four million baptised adults not including children.

For most of you keeping the Feast will be a new experience. For all of you keeping the Feast in Booths will be a new experience.

For all of you outside of the US you will find people from many of the Churches of God have joined together and settled their issues on doctrine and have become united as one people settled on one set of true doctrines.

This year before Trumpets we commenced the Portuguese work on a large scale. They were impressed that they were reading the true doctrines of the original Church of God of the First Century. So also were the people in the Congo amazed that they were not only being given the true doctrines for free but they were being educated on them for nothing also. Up until now they had to pay for them and pay to be educated. The Bible commands us to buy the truth but sell it not and we obey the commands of God. It is our duty, every one of us, to help our brothers and sisters to be educated in the faith.

Just as it was last year before tabernacles it has continued but more exponentially. Churches have continued to be formed from the Seventh Day Baptist union in many countries and joined with Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) and Church of God (Seventh Day) and the COG (General Conference) and many offshoots of the Churches of God from the WCG system. There are many of you from the UCG, LCG, PCG and RCG systems and many other smaller ex-WCG organisations. Many of you have been trained to be RC priests and Anglican ministers and all the Episcopalian type sub-structures of the Anglican system. Many are from other Protestant and Pentecostal organisations. God is joining all these fragmented structures that have formed over the last few hundred years.

You all have one thing in common. You have been put together by the Holy Spirit in one mind and one spirit to be of like mind in the one administration serving the one Lord Jesus Christ in the worship of the One True God.

As we said last year, after that Feast there was to be another phase of the work undertaken where the sheep will continue to be joined together and torn out of the hands of the shepherds and reorganised so that they can be judged on how they treat each other. God is judging sheep on sheep and from the goats. There will be four church systems dealt with in the Last Days. The Thyatiran system will be asked nothing further as it has already played its part and endured much persecution among its people. It will simply be judged on how it treats its own people in its own areas.

The Sardis system is dead and as a system does not enter the Kingdom of God. Its people are the ones torn out of the hands of the shepherds. Those left are not part of the Philadelphian system. Each of the faithful remnant is placed in the Church of the Philadelphians which is the church of Brotherly Love, and they deal with and support each other in these days ahead. The Second Great Commandment is the rule and measuring rod of the Philadelphians. The church of the Laodiceans is likewise spewed out of God’s mouth. They think that they are rich but do not understand that they are poor, pitiable, blind and naked.

It happened over the last twelve months just as stated and almost all of the Sabbath systems in Africa were joined to CCG and many others brought into the Sabbath system in the multiple thousands. The other systems continued to be broken down and the South American system was torn out of the hands of the North American offshoots and will continue to be broken down over the next year.

The Philadelphians are given an open door and a little strength. It is they that do the work in the Last Days and unite the brethren under sound doctrine in brotherly love. That aspect is explained in the paper The Pillars of Philadelphia (No.283).

Make friends at this Feast and prepare for the days ahead and the task of spreading the gospel of the Kingdom of God, so that the end may come.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come (Mat. 24:14).

Each of you is being judged by how you treat one another. From the New Moon of the Eighth Month the Churches of God will continue to be consolidated and the sheep gathered and measured.

Those of you that are new to the faith rejoice that God has called you at this stage and that the wages are the same no matter when it was that you were called into the faith and made a labourer in the harvest.

Remember that Christ said that the gates of Hades, or the grave, or death could not prevail against God’s Church.

Satan will throw everything he can against us but he will not prevail, as Christ will return to save we who eagerly await him.

Never before have God’s people been grouped and tested on the issues of sound doctrine and brotherly love and that time is now here.

Last Feast there were new papers dealing with the concepts of the Law and the Testimony and the organisational structure that will take us into the Kingdom in the First Resurrection. The New people are to continue now in study and work together.

Do not be discouraged as that is Satan’s greatest weapon.

Do not judge one another. Love one another and support the work of God.

As we said last year, the harvest is here and the fields are white. We grow and we are given more labourers and we grow again helped by the new workers. It is an exciting time. More than we have ever seen.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General