Special Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

Our senior Coordinator for the Eastern Congo Mudimba Muhindo has asked for prayers for the Beni area of the Congo DR.

He asks: Pray for us. More than 90,000 people here in the Beni territory in North Kivu Province-Eastern Congo have been forced to flee their homes. Most of the villages of Beni territory have left their homes. He says the dispossession was caused by the conflict between the national army, or FARDC, and fighters associated with the Ugandan rebel group known as the Allied Democratic Forces-National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (ADF-NALU) in the Beni territory in North Kivu province. He says that our CCG members are requesting prayers. We have many people now who have fled their homes and are dispossessed. Our people are staying without assistance and the rebels are killing civilians and burning vehicles and destroying villages.  

Travel is difficult, but all CCG able bodied persons are requested to assist in the construction of dwellings for our dispossessed people and also our people are requested to set an example and provide whatever assistance they can to their neighbours that are also dispossessed. Priority of assistance is to go to the aged and infirm and to the families with infants.

Pray for the soldiers in the conflict on both sides. Pray that they are able to be restored to their homes and lands and the conflict is resolved. It is our task to be peace makers and leaders in God’s work and examples to all men.

Remember that this is the month of Ab and that since the 10th of Ab we have had massive disasters everywhere. Pray for the people of Pakistan and the floods they are having there. Well over 1000 people have died and more are being found daily. A million have been dispossessed and more rains are expected. The crops have been planted and are shot and the floods have destroyed much of them.

Pray they are able to avoid the problems of contaminated water such as Cholera and Dysentery.

In Kenya 40,000 police have been stationed in the Rift Valley because of the serious concerns and pressure being put on the citizens to vote yes in the referendum to amend the constitution. Much of the conflict comes from the plan to virtually allow abortion on demand and to change the land ownership clauses under the constitution. A 65% yes vote is required to pass the amendment and it is doubted that will be achieved. There is great fear for the proper democratic process and for the safety of the people.

Please also pray for peace in the Middle East. War is imminent in the Middle East with Iran and Israel. I will write a brief on it this Sabbath and detail the problems and likely events. The New Moon message will carry the theme also. There is likely to be a unilateral action by Israel to conduct pre-emptive strikes against Iran and the US is assisting in intelligence gathering operations.  The decisions are being considered now and should Israel consider that Iran is posing an unacceptable threat they will launch a first strike attack on Iran. This may happen at any time soon.

Pray for peace.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General